Thursday, April 24

Free Nino Brown!

Actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced to the maximum 3 years in prison for some how forgetting to pay his taxes for the past 8 years. Evidently Wes had been ducking and dodging Uncle Sam, running from the IRS like Willie Mayes Hayes, and owing $15 million in back taxes in a fraud operation in which he concealed millions offshore, falsely applied for tax refunds and bombarded the Internal Revenue Service with frivolous correspondence that threatened government employees, railed about extortion and used twisted legal interpretations to back his claim that taxation was unlawful. Come on, Wes, you should have just stormed the IRS office like you was Blade, wielding 2 big ass swords, wearing a leather trench coat, and busting some of those fly ass karate moves on tax agents, that would have got your point across. But like my man Sidney Deane once said, "either you smoke or get smoked. And you got smoked."

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