Tuesday, September 30

[NEW] DJ Babu (ft. Bishop Lamont) - "My Opinion"

"This is my opinion, but in fact, it's really fact/
it's just that some wack ass n*ggas is too dumb to know that/
Records aren't selling, the beats ain't bangin/
Turn on Power, what the f*ck is ya'll playing?!!?"

Shiiiiiit, this might be my new anthem. New heat from DJ Babu's upcoming album, Duck Season. Bishop Lamont represents the real on this one.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Babu (ft. Bishop Lamont) - "My Opinion"

[NEW] Scarface - "Emeritus"

I love Scarface. He and the Geto Boys single handedly put Houston on the map in the rap game. This dude is a legend, and doesn't get his deserved respect. This is the title track off his upcoming (and last) solo album, Emeritus (due out 12/2). For those of you not up on your Latin, the word "Emeritus" is an adjective that is given to a person of importance, like a bishop or professor) when they retire. Perfect title.

DOWNLOAD: Scarface - "Emeritus"

Q-Tip Live @ The Knitting Factory NYC

Wait til "Scenario" comes on...trust me. In-sane.

Monday, September 29

Artist of the Week: People Under The Stairs

Los Angeles hip-hop representers and lifelong B-Boys, The People Under The Stairs, are the Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. They have a brand new album dropping (today) titled Fun DMC. Thes One and Double K came through the HHO Lounge to talk about their funky new party rockin' album.

As an added bonus, check out these other clips. In the first one, Thes and Double K talk about how they met and started the group. In the second one, they talk about their loyal fans like you.

As ANOTHER added bonus, download a couple tracks from their new album, and then go out and buy that joint. This ain't a welfare line!

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD - P.U.T.S. - "The Wiz"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD - P.U.T.S. - "Step Bacc"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD - P.U.T.S. - "The Grind"

[VIDEO] Opio (ft. Del & Guilty Simpson) - "Some Superfly Shit" (Remix)

This is the remix to one of my favorite songs on Opio's latest effort, Vulture's Wisdom Vol. 1. This one features Del the Funky Homosapien and Guilty Simpson. Goddamn that bassline is funky.

Here's the original...
DOWNLOAD: Opio - "Some Superfly Shit"

[VIDEO] New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson & Newman) - "2 It"

The homie Shawn Jackson and Newman from Giant Panda are New Jack Hustle. Get it? Newman and Jackson. New-Jack. Yeah, I know you can see it. Newman on the beats, Jackson on the raps.

This is their first video. Epileptics prone to seizures should not watch this. If you don't fall into that category, then you should watch. And watch now.

[NEW] David Banner - "When You Hear What I Have To Say"

David-David, David Banner.

New joint from the political and conscience side of David Banner. I like that he isn't afraid to speak his mind.

DOWNLOAD: David Banner - "When You Hear What I Have To Say"

Best Graffiti Ever.

Steal from the rich, give to the poor. Graffiti artist "ABOVE" strikes again with this social commentary piece in Portugal. The dope thing about it is how he incorporated that homeless lady who must sit there damn near everyday. It's impact is a million times more powerful with her there.

Graffiti art with a message >>> Graffiti for no reason

Obama on Soul Train?

Haha...I doubt it. But if he was on the Train, I could see him dancing like that. You know, not really dancin' dancing, but stylin all the same.

Give it to me...

[VIDEO] Torae - "Switch"

I'm feeling this video, it kind of has a Scenario steez to it, which one of my favorite all time videos. I've always said if I ever become a rapper, I would re-create that video shot for shot. I have to say, I've seen some pretty above-decent music videos lately, it seems like the resurgence in hip-hop music as of late isn't limited to just the music. G'yeah.

Aside from the video, the song is dope as well. Black Milk produced the track and it's a good one. Torae is an emcee from Brooklyn, and his album Daily Conversation is in stores now, featuring produced from DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and aforementioned Black Milk. Give it a spin...

[NEW] Q-Tip (ft. D' Angelo) - "I Believe"

Woah, a D'Angelo spotting! Here is a joint from Q-Tip off his upcoming album, The Renaissance (dropping Nov 4). I might be wrong, but I remember hearing this track a while back, but the mp3 just became available, so go tell your friends.

Above is the official artwork for his new album. I like.

DOWNLOAD: Q-Tip (ft. D' Angelo) - "I Believe"

HIp Hop Official Nominated.

I usually don't give in to shameless self promotion, but I'm pretty excited about this (so please excuse the ego trip). The mobile and broadband channel that I produce for, Hip Hop Official, has been nominated for a Mobile Excellence Award for Best Mobile Music programming. This is the inaugural and industry first, mobile entertainment awards program. The MEA’s recognize all walks of the mobile technology, content and entertainment.

The Awards will take place on Monday, October 27th, 2008 at Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica, California. I'll keep you posted on whether or not we bring home the gold.

Shout out to everyone who watches, promotes, and enjoys our content. Thank you...

This feels appropriate

[VIDEO] Ludacris - "Undisputed" (ft. Floyd Mayweather)

No, Floyd doesn't rap. He just gives a pep-talk.

"Swagger Like Us - Part 2" Confirmed.

...starring Jay-Z, Nas, Andre 300, and Young Jeezy. One of these things is not like the other (sorry Jeezy).

So Lowkey from You Heard That New has confirmed that Jay-Z next and last Def Jam album, Blueprint 3, will be hitting stores on December 2 and Jeezy, Nas and Andre 3000 have already layed verses for Swagger Like Us Pt. 2.

I have a feeling this will be better than the original, and I guarantee you Andre will have the best verse. Then Jay, because there's no way he's letting Nas outshine him on his own shit. All i know, is that there better be no auto-tune on this.

[VIDEO] People Under the Stairs - "The Wiz"

Dope new video from L.A.'s own, People Under the Stairs. This joint appears on their new album, Fun DMC, which drops tomorrow. I'm loving the vibe of this here music video, it makes me want to call my travel agent and book a flight to Australia.

BTW, the People Under the Stairs are the HHO Artist of the Week, stay tuned for that interview very soon.

Friday, September 26

Shad - "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home"

This is one of the flyest videos I've seen in a minute, especially since "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" is one of the best shows of all time. Video is on point.

I just heard about this cat, Shad. Dude is mad clever, and wouldn't chu know, he's from Canadia, ay. His second album, The Old Prince, received a Juno Award nomination for Rap Recording of the Year in 2008, and was nominated for the third annual Polaris Music Prize, which is a big deal to our friendly neighbors to the North.

Diz Gibran - "Smooth Criminal" [LIVE]

Diz came threw the spot to throw down a live performance for Hip Hop Official. You know the drill. L.A. in the building.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran - "Smooth Criminal" (mp3)

Buckshot Hospitalized.

Damn. Buckshot from the legendary Brooklyn trio Black Moon was hospitalized after returning home from tour in Europe. The emcee and co-founder of Duck Down Records was undergoing a series of seizures, according to a statement from the label. Get well soon, homie.

In tribute...
DOWNLOAD: Black Moon - "Buck Em Down"

[VIDEO] Adam Tensta - "Dopeboy" (ft. Eboi)

"Do I look like I sell drugs?"

I can't even tell you how many times I've asked somebody that question. Even when I was selling drugs. This is a Dope video. Dude is outta Sweden, don't front on overseas talent. Europe has always had a dope electro-vibe to them.

So, I'm a little late on this kid Adam Tensta, but I'm probably still ahead of 90% of the general public in this country. Evidently, he's kind of a big deal in Sweden. He's a Swedish Grammy winner, and biggest thing to come out of that country since ABBA, Dolph Lundgren and the Swedish Bikini Team.

Time to take notice.

DJ Revolution "King of Decks" Release Party

DJ Revolution threw a dope release party in Hollywood for his album King of the Decks. Cats like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dilated Peoples, Pac Div, Crooked I, and Strong Arm Steady all rocked the stage. We also talked to Rev about his new album, and the importance of the DeeJay in hip-hop. Believe That.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: DJ Revolution - "King of The Decks" (ft. Sean Price & Tash)
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: DJ Revolution - "Do You Thing" (ft. Guilty Simpson & Royce Da 5'9")

Thursday, September 25

FRESH Kicks Friday.

Air Jordan 1 Phat Low - BLK/CEMENT - $95

Jordan Low Retro 1 Velrco - RED - $95

adidas Honja Y-3 Hi - $250

YMC Patent Leather Hi Top - $180


I like to give you guys a taste of some of the records your favorite hip-hop songs sampled. Nothing but D. Originals.

DOWNLOAD: Barry White - "Playing Your Game, Baby"

[VIDEO] The Knux - "Bang! Bang!"

Greatest Porno Ever.

I saw this on Kanye's blog. Classic. This is Suitable For Work (SFW) Porn.

[VIDEO] Ice Cube - "Why Me" (ft. Musiq Soulchild)


Wednesday, September 24

Public Enemy #1.

It's a debate that we've all had. From the corner, to barbershops, to schoolyard blacktops. From message boards, to house parties, to backyard BBQs. We have all argued over the greatest hip-hop song of all time.

VH1 has entered the argument and compiled its own list of the 100 greatest hip-hop songs, and Public Enemy’s black power anthem “Fight the Power” tops the list. Video Hits One will count down its list in a series of shows starting next Monday (Sept 29). The Top 5 looks like a little something like this:

(1) Public Enemy - "Fight The Power"
(2) Sugar Hill Gang - "Rapper's Delight"
(3) Dr. Dre - "Nuthin But a G-Thang"
(4) Run DMC - "Walk This Way"
(5) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 - "The Message"

Salt ’N Pepa was the only female act in the top 10, with their early hit “Push It.” Widely regarded as the one of the greatest of all time, Jay-Z didn’t make the top 10. Neither did Nas.

Let the debate begin. But in the meantime...listen to Chuck

Fresh Gear: Lemar and Dauley

Straight outta NYC, Lemar and Dauley comes with the ill Golden Era hip-hop inspired gear. We caught up with their creative director Kareem Blair at MAGIC, and he gave us a rundown of their upcoming Winter '08 and Spring '09 collections. Don't be the last dude on the block rocking their gear.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Souls of Mischief - "93 Til Infinity"

This song needs no introduction. But I'll say this...it was done 15 years ago, and is still doper than ever. And will be dope forever. The song title is on point. no doubt. Dopeness til infinity.

Kanye + Puppets = Comedy Central.

Via Hollywood Reporter.

Comedy Central has teamed with Kanye West for a project described as hip-hop meets the Muppets. A half-hour pilot has been shot for the project, tentatively titled "Alligator Boots." It's from Jackhole Prods., the production company founded by Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel Kellison and Adam Carolla that also was behind Comedy Central's puppet-centric "Crank Yankers."

The project, which is under consideration for 2009, would feature music produced and performed by West and fellow rapper Rhymefest, both of whom are serving as executive producers on the pilot alongside Kellison. West also hosts the pilot; the idea is to have a different celebrity guest host for every episode, similar to the setup on the original "Muppet Show."

Check the preview clip...

[VIDEO] Heltah Skeltah - "Ruck N Roll"

These guys are ridiculous... ridiculously dope. New album drops Sept 30th.

[NEW] U-N-I - "Yesterday"

My bad for the delay, I should have posted this "Yesterday." New music from Y-O and Thurzday, this one appears on dubFrequency's Creme De La Creme mixtape. You might know dubFrequency for their bangin ass pool parties...I know I do.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I - "Yesterday"

Artist of the Week: Diz Gibran

Diz Gibran was crowned Hip Hop Official's Artist of the Week. You might not be familiar with Diz's music, but his impact on the culture is unmistakable. This world traveler is a true Renaissance Man: Business man, fashion guru and emcee. From the Westside of Los Angeles, Diz grew up spraying painting walls, rhyming and skateboarding. He made a splash in the L.A. underground scene through such venues as Project Blowed. From there he stepped away from music and delved into the world fashion and streetwear, making a name for himself as co-owner of the Fairfax staple skate shop, Diamond Supply Company.

He's since moved on, and his main focus is his music. And it shows. With connections to all the up and coming local L.A. talent, Diz is part of a collective called "The Great Wall" (which includes Pac Div), and he's starting to make a name for himself...

Peep the interview, and some bonus downloads below...

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran - "City Lights"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran - "Truly Yours"

Tuesday, September 23

[NEW] Madlib (ft. Talib Kweli) - "What It Do"

New hotness from one of the illest producers on the boards, featuring one of the sickest lyricists on the mic. Now, that's a formula for success.

Madlib's album WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip hit stores next Tuesday, Sept 30th. Out of the numerous albums dropping next week this is probably definitely the album I'm most looking forward to (Sorry T.I.).

DOWNLOAD: Madlib (ft. Talib Kweli) - "What It Do"

The Notorious T.E.A.S.E.R.

Here's the teaser for the upcoming Biggie Smalls biopic, Notorious.

Notice how they didn't show any acting? Not a good sign. I really don't know about this. I'm scared this movie will be horrible. I love Biggie, and want it to be amazing, but I have a feeling it's going to come off like a TV Movie of the Week...but at least the music will be good.

DISCLAIMER: This movie and it's trailer have no connection or association to/with the Notorious B.L.O.G. (TM), furthermore, neither does the movie's blogsite, www.notoriousblog.net, which is an obvious and apparent rip off of this outstanding blog.

Monday, September 22

Lupe Fiasco ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Sarah Green - "Paris, Tokyo" (Remix)

One of the best songs on Lupe's, The Cool, gets a facelift. The original had a very Tribe-ish feel to it, so it was only right to get Q-Tip to bless it.

Q-Tip>>>Lupe>>>Sarah Green>>>Pharrell.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Sarah Green - "Paris, Tokyo" (Remix)

[VIDEO] Blu & Mainframe (Johnson & Jonson) - "J & J"

Fresh video. Fresh song.

[NEW] Busta Rhymes - "Arab Money"

That's not an ignorant title or anything.

This is supposedly Busta's teh new single off his new album for new new label Universal Motown. For those of you not knowing, he was recently dropped from Interscope - probably because he creates more hype than actual record sales. His new album is titled, B.O.M.B. (Back On My Bullshit), and when he says "Bullshit" - I hope he's referring to wearing funny hats and pointing at the camera while roaring on record, as opposed to, you know, getting arrested...again.

DOWNLOAD: Busta Rhymes - "Arab Money"

The Renewed Mind Is They Key.

This is my new shit. This video comes from The Way International -- "a worldwide, nondenominational Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry" from Ohio. They also happen to have a hit record in the making.

Don't front on the dancing preacher...wait for his dance solo towards the end. Trust me.

[VIDEO] Kidz In The Hall - "Love Hangover" (ft. Estelle)


Interesting facts about this video:

(1) It was shot at Zune L.A., which seems to be the new video hot spot lately.
(2) I have the straw porkpie hat that Double O is rocking.
(3) My boy Ashton has the purple argyle sweater that Naledge is rocking.
(4) Everyone can relate to this song.
(5) I love Estelle's voice.

Planet Asia & MJ Muggs Live on HHO.

In case you missed the live webcast with Planet Asia & DJ Muggs performing on Hip Hop Official, here's your late pass. The Cali duo performed 3 songs from their new album, Pain Language. This was the first time they performed any of these songs live...so this in your extra-exclusive exclusive. The title track, "Pain Language" is the above video, 2 others are below.

"That's What It Is"

"Lions In The Forest"

Run DMC nominated for Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

Congrats to Rev Run, Darryl Mac, and Jam Master Jay (RIP). They are true pioneers of hip-hop. Good to see them get their well deserved shine.

The 1980s rap act, along with Metallica and Bobby Womack are among the nine nominees for next year’s hall of fame class, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced Monday. The other nominees are guitarist Jeff Beck, singer Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, War, The Stooges, and disco and R&B group Chic.

Artists become eligible for the Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first single or album. The five leading vote-getters will be announced in January and inducted April 4, 2009, in Cleveland.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five opened the door for rap at the Rock Hall as the first hip-hop act to be inducted in 2007. Run DMC looks to be the second.

Looks like they weren't lying when they claimed to be the "King of Rock"

Friday, September 19

Murs Rock The Vote PSA

Listen and learn.

Murs encourages you to register to vote and get out to the polls on November 4th! Register to vote at www.mursmusic.com or www.rockthevote.com. If Jeezy can do it, so can you.

Diddy's Full of Shit.

Celebrities, they're just like us!

Puff got caught slipping, and stepped in a steaming pile of dog crap on the streets of New York. This is funny on so many levels. I wouldn't be surprised if Puff hires 2 big dudes to carry his ass around now like that Chappelle skit.

But on the real-to-real, who lets their dog shit on a sidewalk and not pick it up? Is that's what's hot in the streets right now?

One Block Radius studio tour.

The guys from One Block Radius let us inside their personal studio, affectionately called The Dump.

Q-Tip Interview.

Q-Tip on Streetsweepers Radio (Sirius). He talks about hip-hop. The music part.

Jean Grae Selling Verses on Craigslist.

Act now, you can get your own Jean Grae 16 bars for $800!

The Brooklyn femcee is actually selling her lip services (not that kind of service) on Craiglist...

So.. you got beats?? cd's?? envelopes?? yousendit?? protools?
Whatever you got I'll try and find a way to work with it.

I work fast, so you'll have em fast.

16's for $800 (cause 8's half of 16..ooh math! math yo!) and yeah..we can negotiate.
Maybe you want a hook.. or 8 bars. or an into.. or outro.. whatever.
Figured we'd take advantage of our online community, since some of us may not get the chance to meet in person.
Kinda stick it to the man too. Who doesn't like that?

Here's the link to the original post.

When Booty Shaking Goes Wrong.

Careful ladies...the Booty Shake is a powerful thing, and deadly when in the wrong hands.

I Have Some 19 Year Old "Friends."

I spotted this at the homie E-Dub's crib. SHM. Somehow R.Kelly made himself look even worse in this interview with BET. Toure asked him point blank if he liked underage girls. His answers are extremely sketchy, at best. "Now, what exactly do you mean when you say teenage?"

But come on, we've all known Kells was up to something...I mean, just look at his song titles...

"Seems Like You're Ready" (really? sounds like something you say to a virgin)
"I Like The Crotch On You" (classy)
"You Remind Me Of Something" (yeah, an underaged girl)
"Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)" (because if they know, I'm going to jail)
"If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time" (then you would be even younger!)
"Like A Real Freak" (no kidding...you pissed on a girl)
"Don't You Say No" (or else I'll make you say yes)
"All I Really Want" (is a young girl)
"It's Your Birthday" (now that you're 18, you're officially too old for me)
"Feelin' On Your Booty" (more class)
"I Surrender" (because they got me on tape)

[NEW] Wale - I Will (ft. Xscape)

Who are these people?

I've been waiting for an excuse to post that photo, and here it is. Wale drops a new joint addressing his hometown, DC. This one features Xscape on the hook...yes, that Xscape.

DOWNLOAD: Wale - I Will (ft. Xscape)

Swagger Like Puff.

You knew it was coming. Puff puts on his best Lil Wayne impersonation and gives his take on the hottest song in the streets, "Swagger Like Us" -- courtesy of his now legendary Diddy blogs.

Three things we learned from this video fuckery:

(1) Puff loves attention.
(2) Puff eats cereal with Orange Juice, not milk.
(3) Puff is loaded, but not rich enough to have someone pour his cereal for him.
(4) "This is not a remix, it's the truth."
(5) Autotune needs to die.
(6) The word "Swagger" needs to die.
(7) Puff still loves attention.

Thursday, September 18

Camp Lo - Lumdi

I love Camp Lo. There's no else quit like these dudes. I mean, who in their right mind thinks of lyrics like this:

Cassanova brown levitatin jiggy in dashikis
En la hotter Car-54, chasin diamond runners
Headin ice bound, every chiller diamond convention
Harlem buck strut, freezin world heights, Hollywood
Madame Butterfly let me in your house of pleasure
From the knuckle swat, shadowboxing, catchin black eyed blues

I mean, does that even rhyme? I don't understand 85% of the shit they say, but I love em. They're one of the most original groups in hip-hop. Yeah, I said it.

DJ Hero?

The makers of the extremely popular Guitar Hero game, are hoping they can duplicate that success with DJ Hero. Activision is hard at work on DJ Hero, a music rhythm game that will let gamers scratch to the beat of popular mash-ups with a laptop turntable peripheral. The game, which has been in development for nearly two years, is expected to hit shelves next summer and will likely include the ability to use Guitar Hero guitars for versus mode face-offs.

The controller, key to the game's success, has been through nearly a half-dozen revisions. In the latest version, the device looks like a simplified DJ deck. There is a platter for scratching which will act like the strum toggle on a Guitar Hero guitar. Above the platter are three buttons for sampling. The controller also includes a cross fader and a sound effects dial which will act like the whammy bar in Guitar Hero. (No pitch control?)

This could be the dopest thing ever, or the worst thing ever. I mean, I've rocked out to Guitar Hero many-a-times. That shit is fun as hell and I don't even get down with Rock music like that...so if they can flip this with some CLASSIC hip hop tracks (No Soulja Boy), I may never leave the house again.


It's that time again. Check out some of these recently released mixtapes from some of your favorite rappers so you can be hip to to what the streets are talking about. Because you never want to be THAT guy.

Royce The 5'9" - Bar Exam 2


People Under The Stairs - Funner Than Leather


Fashawn - One Shot One Kill


Charles Hamilton & DJ Skee - And Then They Played Dilla


DJ Warrior, Mick Boogie, & Rapper Big Pooh - Rapper's Delight


Wednesday, September 17

DJ Muggs & Planet Asia LIVE Webcast on HHO.

it went down today, if you missed it you can check out the replay HERE.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Tha Alkaholiks - "All NIght"

This is one of my favorite tracks off the Liks album Likwidation (one of the most slept on hip hop crews of all time). This was my shit in 1997. E-Swift concocted a sick-dope beat using a sample of Steve Wonder's "Too High."

I still don't know why people ever talk about the Liks when it comes to L.A. hip hop. Best believe you'll see more of them on this blog.

Artist of the Week: Roscoe Umali

The freshest Filipino, Roscoe Umali is the Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. For those of you not familiar, Roscoe is the independent artist with the most spins on westcoast radio. That's no small feat. He just released a new mixtape called I Love My DJs: Vol 2 which features the likes of Talib Kweli, E-40, Crooked I, and Rick Ross.

Honey Dips: Natasha

Bikinis and rocks.

Tuesday, September 16

Redman Live in ATL.

Rockin with a live band. Yessir.

Hip Hop Official x Planet Asia x DJ Muggs

This Thursday, Hip Hop Official is proud to present a live webcast with Pain Language (aka Planet Asia + MJ Muggs). We'll be conducting a live interview, and they'll perform a couple songs. We'll also have a live chat room popping off so you can go on there and ask the fellas your own questions, and we'll ask them on air.

It's coming to you all the way live at 3PM ET/12PM PT @ www.hiphopofficial.com/live.

New Love Lockdown.

Kanye says:

Your prayers have been answered!! There's a new version of love Love Lockdown coming. We used new taiko drums and I re-sung it...

Here's the newer artwork with perfected type 4 all design snobs lol...

Sidebar... if you don't like autotune... too bad cause I love it and have been using it since the College Dropout!!

[sarcasm] Great...more autotune. Just what I was hoping for.[/sarcasm]

Anyway...Kanye released a new version of his song "Love Lockdown", and I will say this: It sounds a million times better. It's mixed and mastered, and sonically much more impressive. He added more Taiko drums, and some synth sounds. The beat is pretty dope. But on the flipside, I'm still not into Kanye's singing. Even though I'm not a fan, it's much more listen-able.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" (Re-mastered)

Monday, September 15

Nate Dogg Suffers Stroke.

While details are sketchy, sources stated that the rapper is in serious condition due to the stroke, which is his second in a year. At the moment, the famed singer is in the hospital and cannot breathe on his own.

In May, rumors surfaced that Nate Dogg had died as a result of the stroke, but those were obviously not true. The first stroke left Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Hale, partially paralyzed on the left side of his body, although his brain didn’t suffer any major damage from incident.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his fam. Get better soon.

Friday, September 12

Jay Electronica - "Dimethyltryptamine" + "Victory In My Clutches" [LIVE]

Jay Electronica rips 2 songs for the crowd: "Dimethyltryptamine" + "Victory Is In My Clutches." This guy is talented. You can tell he's still new to performing live, but he has a dope flow and stage presence.

If you're not up on Jay Electronica, go here. You won't be disappointed.

As an added bonus, here are mp3 versions of the 2 songs he performed:

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica - "Dimethyltryptamine"
DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica - "Victory Is In My Clutches"

If you don't know, now you know..."

Thursday, September 11

Fresh Gear: UNDRCRWN

Check out basketball-inspired, Philly-based streetwear company UNDRCRWN, and their new Winter/Spring line for 2009. Their Obama O-face shirt is killin it.

For more info, check out www.undrcrwn.com

Kanye Arrested.

I bet you never thought you'd see the day, but Mr. West was arrested this morning at LAX airport and booked on charges of battery and felony vandalism. A photographer was trying to take pics of Yeezy in the American Airlines terminal, and he wasn't feeling that idea.
He gabbed the camera and smashed it on the ground.

A TMZ camera man was filming the whole thing, when Don C try to grab that camera. The police stepped in Kanye was taken into custody and held on $20,000 bail. I'm sure he can pay that.

[VIDEO] Q-Tip - "Gettin Up"

I posted the unofficial version earlier, but this is the official joint. I love this song right now. It's from Tip's upcoming album, The Renaissance, hitting iPods November 4th (aka Election Day, mark your calendars).

I'm always a fan of "one-take" style videos, but why is Q-Tip dressed like Andre 3000?

[VIDEO] Ludacris - "What Them Girls Want" (feat. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett)

New video from Luda.

Useless tidbit 1: This was shot at Zune L.A. house, the same place as Kardinal Offishall's "Set It Off" video, and this event who had this guy and this guy in the house.

Useless tidbit 2
: I know because I was there.

Wednesday, September 10

A Rap Battle Gone Wrong (Translated)

Just your run of the mill rap battle that end in an all-out brawl, but this time it's translated for you non-ebonic speaking folks. Very helpful and highly informative.

[NEW] Jadakiss - "Who Run This" (feat. Jay-Z)

Something new from Al Queda Jada. I don't know why it says featuring Jay-Z, he only talks on the track. Not even a hook, nothing. But I guess it's a good marketing tool, because you're about to click the link

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss - "Who Run This"

The BOBO came through with this. I thank them, and you should too.

What's My Name?

Young Snoop + Old Arsenio = Timeless Classic.

P.S. Peep Dre doing his thing on the turntables. "Hellllllll Yeeeeeeah" (c) Dr. Dre

Tuesday, September 9

Kanye's New Album.

Will be called 808's and Heartbreak. It will be released December 16th. It will feature his new song "Love Lockdown" which he premiered on the VMAs this past Sunday. Kanye says it's his favorite song of his (which song isn't?). He said he wrote the song "a week and a half ago. It's my favorite song 2 date!! Go where your heart takes you...."

I'm still on the fence about this new song until I hear the CD quality version. And I can't stand the auto-tune effect. It needs to stop.

On a side note: I think Kanye might be depressed about Alexis or something. This song is mad emo. His album has the word "heartbreak" in the title. What's going on? I'm worried about you, Yeezy.

T.I. (feat. Rihanna) - "Live Your Life"

Here's the new song from T.I. featuring Rihanna, aka that song they performed together at the 2008 MTV VMAs. You know, the song where Rihanna was wearing that leather vest with no shirt on underneath. Oh yeah, that one.

It's produced by Just Blaze and appears on T.I.'s upcoming album, Paper Trail, which drops Sept 30th. I think it's dedicated to the haters.

DOWNLOAD: T.I. (feat. Rihanna) - "Live Your Life"

[NEW] Pacific Division - "Wake Up"

Earlier today, we dropped the new Pac Div video. Now, we're dropping the new Pac Div song. First, these cats are taking over the industry. Now, I think they're hacking this blog. I need to change the password again.

Regardless, this song is dope. It's produced by Haircut from Now On and the Lab Techs. His unique production game is on lock and I'm definitely feeling his electro-synth beats. Shout out to the A-Side Worldwide.

DOWNLOAD: Pacific Division - "Wake Up" (produced by Haircut)

MF Doom Returns.

MF Doom is dropping the "MF" in his name, and is also dropping a new album. And it's coming October 21. The album titled Born Into This, will feature production from J Dilla and Danger Mouse, as well as guest appearances from Raekwon and Ghostface. It's his first album in over 3 years. He's probably been hard at work in this studio, that's why he's been missing all those concert dates. Right.

[NEW] Big Boi - "Dubbz"

Daddy Fat Sacks, B-I-G, B-O-I, it's that same muthafucka that took them knuckles to your eye. He's dropping a new solo album soon, and here's a song from said album. It's called "Dubbz" and it's probably about riding on rims. *Shrugs*

I'm an OutKast fan forever, but this isn't my favorite offering from Antwan Patton. It's a little too "trendy" for me, if that makes sense. It sounds like an random Atlanta rapper, as opposed to Big Boi. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this leakage was somebody else's track that Big Boi appeared on. Whatever. So much for selling it...

DOWNLOAD: Big Boi - "Dubbz"