Friday, October 31

LeBron is a Pimp.

Business LeBron and Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussy Cay Dolls smooth it out and slow it down, in this new Nike spot called After Six. Don't you wish every women reacted that way to new Nikes?

"You got me smiling, I don't smile."

Haha, sounds like something I would say.

If Mos Def Were President...

High fives are at a all time high. I love the National Jam Master jay Day.

FCC Fridays.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, The FCC (Fresh Coast Collective) is a collection of equally minded blogs representing for the westcoast. If you havent't checked out their sites, you should be everyday. There's a fresh mix of dopeness floating around there. Here's a rundown of what went down on their sites this past week...


+DNEZ drops his street album, exclusively at Eazee St.
+ECCO is the first nightclub to go green.
+Diz Gibran revists a Issac Hayes classic.

KNOWxONE'S Business

+Kanye West - "Go Hard" (Remix ft. T-Pain & Twista)
+Obama, Biden, Palin, and McCain star in "Top Gov"
+KNOWxONE's Business Official Mixtape (featuring music from Kanye, Cool Kids, and Santogold)

What Eye Thought

+Common performs live in the ATL.
+Spittin in an alley with Tunji, Convinced, El Prez, and Grizz.
+The Last Dragon Remake? Ah Hell Naw!

[NEW] Ghostface - "Computer Love"

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. I wonder if this off Ghost's upcoming R&B album. Oh, you didn't know Tony Starks was putting out an R&B album? Yuuuup, HHO is in the know.

Ghostface + 70's R&B tracks = Classic.

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface - "Computer Love"

Happy Hieroween.

Can Opio and The Architect escape the clutches of a haunted San Francisco mansion? Armed with only an ounce of weed, bare fists, and plenty of braggadocio, the emcee and producer find themselves up against it in this special "Hieroween" video, "Vampire Hunters In The Valley Of Death." Watch as Opio takes on a possessed deer, proving that even feral beasts and ghouls don't possess the skills to mess with the Souls of Mischief emcee.

Daily Dopeness: Minds Playing Tricks On Me

"This year Halloween fell on a weekend..."

Staying in the spirit of the holiday, today's Dopeness is everybody's favorite Halloween hood tale as told by Scarface, WIlly D, and Bushwick Bill a.k.a. The Geto Boys. This is one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time, and chilling stories of paranoia, depression, and schizophrenia are unforgettable. Happy Halloween.

DOWNLOAD: Geto Boys - "Minds Playing Tricks On Me"

Until tomorrow...

M1 from dead prez Interview.

M1 from the dead prez talks about politricks and the new dead prez album, The Information Age. Because what you don't know can hurt you.

Black Eyed Peas Interview

B.E.P. (minus Fergie) talk about the rumors of their break-up and their new album/sound. Don't front, you liked the Black Eyed Peas at one point in your life. I know I did.

Thursday, October 30

[VIDEO] Dres - "The Choice Is Yours" (OBAMA REMIX)

Dres from the Black Sheep revisits his classic to show his support for "that one"

Go Vote on Nov 4th.

Daily Dopeness: Silent Treatment

People forget how long the Roots have been in the game. The greatest hip-hop band of all time dropped a classic album back in 1994 with Do You Want More ??!? and opened the gates for their organic hip-hop jazz sound. Many people thought it was their first album, but their hard to find, independent album Organix was actually their official debut. Even though "Proceed" put me on to the The Roots, "Silent Treatment" always stood as one of my favorite album cuts. The laid back vibe is perfect for me today...

DOWNLOAD: The Roots - "Silent Treatment"

Until tomorrow...

You Can Vote However You Like

The kids from the Ron Clark Academy perform "You Can Vote However You Like," a take on TI's "Whatever You Like". Watch the chubby white kid get down and do his thing. You can't miss him.

Jay-Z: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered.

This is a documentary from Alan Yentob, a British jounralist who followed Jay-Z around for six months leading up to his show at Glastonbury. Very insightful with some dope behind the scenes footage. This is a must watch for any Jigga fan.

Doug E. Fresh x Yo-Yo x Raekwon Dance-Off.

Who knew Yo-Yo had it in her?

Common Interview on Okayplayer TV

Shout out to Tunji who produced this. Common talks about his new album and the new sound, as well as reppin Chicago to the fullest.

Wednesday, October 29

Convinced - "Refreshing" [THE ALBUM]

This is an FCC exclusive. Convinced has finally dropped his long awaited album. And you can have it here for FREE. That's right, it will cost you exaclty $0 dollars. Enjoy this album. It will make you remember why you fell in love with hip-hop. The title speaks for itself, it's so Refreshing.

DOWNLOAD: Convinced - "Refreshing" [THE ALBUM]

Daily Dopeness: Just Another Case

Another street classic from under appreciated and rarely mentioned hip hop group, Cru. What the hell happened to these guys? They dropped one album and disappeared from the face of the earth. Maybe it's because nobody bought the shit except for me. When ever I ask anybody about their album, they stare at me with a retarded look like I'm the idiot.

Regardless, the album is pretty dope, and this song is even doper. It features the legendary Slick Rick and one of the smoothest sample flips I can remember. You can't front on this song. If you haven't heard Cru's first and only album, Da Dirty 30, you're missing out. It was criminally slept on and features some real fresh music that nobody has seemed to have heard. Don't be that guy. Know the Ledge.

DOWNLOAD: Cru - "Just Another Case"

Until tomorrow...

Ill J on VIMBY

J Dilla’s lil bro Illa J holds it down for Detroit and keeps the legacy alive. VIMBY goes behind-the-scenes of his new music video single “R U Listenin.” His album Yancy Boys drops this Tuesday, Nov 4th. It features Illa J rhyming and singing over unheard Dilla beats from 1995-1998. I've heard it and it's nice.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Pharcyde - "Drop"

This is one of the greatest videos of all time. In fact, it might be the best. Shot backwards and then played in reverse? Who thinks of that? Director and creative genius Spike Jonz that's who. And I can't forget J Dilla on the beat. How could this not be classic?

Spittin in the Alley.

Now this is what a real cypher is. Cats standing around on the block trading verses back and forth. No rehearsals, no practice, just off the cuff rhyme spitting. Watch as Tunji (from Inverse), Convinced, El PRezx, and Grizz Pro get down in some grimey alley next to some trash cans. Hell yeah. That's hip-hop.

Part 2:

Hip Hop Rocks The Vote - Part 3

Young Jeezy, Chino XL, and Kidz In The Hall talk about issues that matter most to them in this upcoming presidential election. Make sure you vote on Tuesday, Nov 4th! No joke, it's one of the most important days of you entire life.

Lil Wayne - Mr. Carter [LIVE]

Weezy F. Baby gets down at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans.

Tuesday, October 28

M.O.P. Sues WWE Wrestler John Cena.

Excuse the cheesy pun, but M.O.P. and WWE superstar John Cena are getting to rumble in court. Lil' Fame and Billy Danze are claiming that Cena's song, "The Time Is Now," borrows from their hit "Ante Up." Yes, I'm just as shocked as you that a wrestler has a rap song. In a federal lawsuit, they claim WWE's lawyers actually found some person to sign off on the license who was just a lowly receptionist and didn't actually have authority to do so. See, I always knew the WWE was fake.

This must be the first time a rapper ever sued somebody else for copyright infringement, it's usually hip-hop on the end of this shit stick. The big issues comes down to one non-English line -- "BRRR Abado -- that appears in the the beginning of the M.O.P. song, and in Cena's song three times. The lawsuit asks for destruction of Cena's song and $150K from the defendants. Time for Cena to Ante Up. Sorry, last pun.

[VIDEO] Pace Won & Mr. Green - "Children Sing"

How did I miss this one? Pace Won from D12 fame and Mr. Green put out an album together called, The Only Color That Matters Is Green. This song is evidently on that album. The beat is bananas. I'm lovin the vocal chops. Yup yup.

Daily Dopeness: Blowing Down

To this day, the Digable Planets are one of the most underrated hip hop groups of all time, and I dare you to argue with me. Their laid back, jazz-influenced style remains one of my favorites. They were the epitome of cool in the 1990s. in fact, you felt cooler just listening to them. Call them contemporary beatniks, if you will. Their album, Blowing Down, is still one of my favorites til this day, and I keep it in constant rotation. it's perfect for lazy Sundays or cruising in the whip on a sunny day with the windows down.

DOWNLOAD: Digable Planets - "Blowing Down"

[NEW] Buff1 - "What Does Hipster Mean?"

A question for the ages. Can somebody please tell me? Buff 1 explores the notion of the ever growing Hipsterism. We all know it when we see it, but nobody can actually pinpoint a true meaning.

This song goes out to all of you reading this while wearing your tight purple jeans, $200 Nikes, Hundreds hat, Cazal sunglasses, and scarf around your neck...but I ain't hating...

DOWNLOAD: Buff1 - "What Does Hipster Mean?"

T.I. on Chelsea Lately

More proof that rappers love white women...and white women love rappers. This is actually a pretty funny interview.

[VIDEO] Evidence - "The Layover'

Here's the first video from Ev's new project, The Layover EP, which drops Nov 25. Evidently, Evidence shot 5 evocative videos in one eventful week and eventually we'll get to see every one of them.

[NEW] AZ - "Magic Hour" (ft. CL Smooth)

This is a pleasant surprise. I've been a fan of AZ since I first heard his acrobatic smooth flow when he appeared side by side with Nas on "Life's A Bitch", so I always love when he drops new music. But when he teams up with a legend like CL Smooth? That's like a 2 for 1 sale. Except it's free.

Apparently, AZ is dropping not one, but two compilation albums in November. Anthology (B-sides & Unreleased) drops on November 18, and it also appears like he's going to follow in Nas's footsteps and drop his own Lost Tapes albums called Final Call: The Lost Tapes on November 11. It looks like Christmas is coming early for AZ fans.

DOWNLOAD: AZ - "Magic Hour" (ft. CL Smooth)

Jay-Z + Coldplay = Viva La Hova

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban present Viva La Hova, a mash up of Jay-Z and Coldplay songs for you to bump this fine fall evening. This feels like something you put on when it's cold outside, and you're sitting by the fire drinking a class of top shelf cognac. You know, some Hugh Hefner shit.


1) Intro (produced by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban)
2) Public Speeding (produced by Cookin' Soul)
3) Know My Place (produced by The Amps)
4) Never Changing (produced by nVMe)
5) Miss Trouble (produced by Judah)
6) Back At My Place (produced by Remot)
7) No Love Coming Home (produced by The Kickdrums)
8) Lost Part 1 (produced by Coldplay)
9) A Spy's Prayer (produced by nVMe)
10) Science Is Ignorant (produced by Gooch)
11) The Reverse Fix (produced by Mick Boogie & nVMe)
12) Hola Blanco (produced by Garbs Infinite)
13) Take The Hill (produced by nVMe)
14) Lost Part 2 (remixed by Mick Boogie)
15) Cold Success (produced by 9th Wonder)
16) What If We Cry? (produced by Remot)
17) Beach Chair (produced by Coldplay)
18) Falling In Shadows (produced by 6th Sense)
19) Life of Clocks (produced by Terry Urban)
20) X-Y-Z (produced by Hasan Insane)

Hip Hop Official on Android.

That's right folks, you can get our content on the new Google-phone, the G1 Android (coming soon to your iPhone as well). Check out this review and video from on our brand new application.

Artist of the Week: Adam Tensta

Straight out of Tensta, Sweden comes the upbeat, high energy music of Adam Tensta. With an electro-inspired hip hop sound, he's looking to take the US by storm. He dropped his debut album, It's a Tensta Thing back in '07, copped a Swedish Grammy for for best Dance/Hip Hop/Soul album in '08 and is ready to smash in the US in '09. Don't say I didn't warn you.

After the video, check out a couple of his most bangingest tracks...yeah, I just said "bangingest"...

DOWNLOAD: Adam Tensta - "My Cool"
DOWNLOAD: Adam Tensta - "Dopeboy"

[VIDEO] Convinced - "Miss Memory"

Here it is...a cool, slightly transformed, just a little bit of a break from the norm. It's time for the world premier of the "Miss Memory" video that fellow FFC conglomerate E-Dub just dropped for his boy Convinced. This is a dope video, dope song, and dope vibe. Enjoy.

His album, Refreshing, drops tomorrow.

Monday, October 27

In The Studio with the RZA.

Wu-Tang architect, The RZA aka Bobby Digital lets you inside his studio, and explains the meaning of "Bong Bong." Koneechiwa, bitches.

[VIDEO] Heltah Skeltah - "So Damn Tuff"

Ah yeah, new video from Helthah Skeltah featuring Buckshot and Ruste Juxx. They're taking it back to that '95 Duck Down grimey sound with this shit. This song is from their album, D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team), which is in stores now and only $7 at Best Buy for a limited time. Yes, I said $7 bucks....that's cheaper than your lunch, homie. Support that good music.

[NEW] Black Milk - "Losing Out" (ft. Royce Da 5'9")

This beat is crazy. Black Milk does his thing with Royce Da 5'9" over this head banger. Milk has really stepped his drum programming game up. Black Milk's album, Tronic, hits stores tomorrow. I've heard it, and I must say it provides more heat for your ears than earmuffs. Go cop that.

DOWNLOAD: Black Milk - "Losing Out" (ft. Royce Da 5'9")

Back In Days, On the Boulevard of Linden.

I know Q-Tip/Tribe have been all over this blog lately, but come on, it's Tribe. Besides, I couldn't pass this up. This is crazy. Tribe performing with a live band on Dennis Miller Live circa '93 or so judging by Dennis Miller's mullet. If you notice, Phife is missing, that's because he was rushed to hospital right before the show due to his struggle with diabetes. Phife has been dealing with this sickness for 15 years, thank god he is finally getting the medical attention he deserves.

At the end of the performance, Tip is heckled by an audience member, and Dennis Miller represents. That's ill, son.

Below is a video of them performing "Can i Kick It?"

courtesy of the MOD

Weezy Avoids Questions Like The Plague.

Lil Wayne dodges questions like they are bullets in this paparazzi firing squad. I don't blame him, especially when they include questions about kissing other men, his lip ring, his sexuality, and what happened that one day in Compton. Weezy loves the Paparazzi.

The Knux.

And now for something a little different. The Knux have a new album dropping tomorrow called, Remind Me In 3 Days... and it's mad fresh. These dudes are different -- Hip-Hop, but different. The brothers, Krispy Kream and Rah Almillio, are originally New Orleans and moved to Los Angeles having being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Now in Hollywood, their unique sound has evolved and they've developed a solid fan base of hipsters, beatheads, and those in the know. Don't be left out.

DOWNLOAD: The Knux - "Fire"
DOWNLOAD: The Knux - "Life In A Cage (Eclectic)"
DOWNLOAD: The Knux - "The True"

[NEW] Q-Tip - "I Believe" (ft. D'Angelo)

I posted a different version of this earlier, but evidently this is the actual album version. It's a little different, so it's definitely worth a listen. The Renaissance hits stores Nov 4th.

DOWNLOAD: Q-Tip - "I Believe" (ft. D'Angelo)

Daily Dopeness: Trife Life

This is hands down one of my favorite albums of all time, and I'm not even a huge fan of drug talk and street rap. But this album is different. The vividly painted imagery of Queens, dark street narratives laced over the beautifully ugly and grimy Havoc produced beats make this one of the most dynamic albums I've ever heard. It was damn near the only CD I listened to the summer of 1995. You can put it on and go from song 1-16 like nothing. I rarely skip a track on this one which is rare in itself. Here's one of my favorites from this album, featuring P and Havoc at the height of their storytelling. Nothing like some Mobb Deep on Monday to start your week off right.

DOWNLOAD: Mobb Deep - "Trife Life"

Until tomorrow...

Convinced: The Weekend Update

I may stop blogging on the weekend, but that doesn't stop Convinced from dropping his daily Go Hard freestyles. Here's your weekend update:

DOWNLOAD: Convinced - "Do It For The People" (Day 31)
DOWNLOAD: Convinced - "King Me" (Day 32)

50 Cent Talks 808’s And Heartbreak.

This dude is hilarious.

Saturday, October 25

[NEW] Q-Tip - "We Fight/Love" (ft. Ralphael Saadiq)

Interest title on this one...sounds like every relationship I've been in...ha. Q-Tip teams up with Raphael Saadiq for this cut off his upcoming album, The Renaissance, which hits stores November 4th (Election Day). I'm really excited about this album.

DOWNLOAD: Q-Tip - "We Fight/Love" (ft. Ralphael Saadiq)

Phife Receives Kidney Transplant.

This is great news. Phife Dawg's long battle with diabetes took an amazing turn for the better when he finally received a kidney transplant on Friday. The new kidney comes after a 2 year waiting period in which he endured severe health problems and intense dialysis treatment. Phife was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1990 in which he admitting to not taking care of himself and eating the worst possible foods, including indulging in sugar and alcohol.

"Drink a lot of soda, so they call me Dr. Pepper" (c) Phife.

The fight continued for over 12 years when 2002, he was hospitalized after his condition continued to worsen. Now with a new kidney, Phife’s illness is said to hopefully improve dramatically, giving the legendary Tribe member renewed physical energy, which is a true blessing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Phife and his family, and look for the upcoming fund raisinng event HHO is planning with Guerilla Untion to help raise money and awareness for kidney disease.

Friday, October 24

Daily Dopeness: Hip-Hop Saved My Life

This was easily one of the stand out tracks on a very strong album from Cool Hand Lu. The message alone is enough to move you. Lupe at his finest.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco - "Hip-Hop Saved My Life"

[NEW] Mos Def - "Life In Marvelous Times"

New music from Dante. This is the first single from Mos Def's new album, Ecstatic, (supposedly) dropping November 25. This one is banging. Mos goes in. When he wants to, he's one of the berst emcees in the game, you know when he's not too busy acting in random movies. Maybe this will help trigger that next Blackstar album. Maybe.

DOWNLOAD: Mos Def - "Life In Marvelous Times"

Courtesy of OnSmash.

Notorious Extended Trailer.

"It was all a dream..."

Here's the extended trailer for the upcoming Biggie Smalls biopic, Notorious. This might be better than I thought...

Diz Gibran - "Stereo" [LIVE]

Live from the HHO Lounge, the homie and Great Wall representer, Diz Gibran, performs his bangin future classic, "Stereo."

L.A. in the building.

Thursday, October 23

Sade x Paul Nice: Blends

Maaaaa, I love me some Sade. Fellow FCC member, KNOWxONE sent this super dope, highly limited time link over and I had to post it. Limited time link? will only be available for 3 days! It's a mix of highly beautiful Sade songs blended with some of your favorite hip hop tracks. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Jump on this now or you'll be mad at yourself that you didn't. Perfect Sunday music.



01. Intro
02. Keep Looking
03. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
04. I Couldn’t Love You More
05. Jezebel
06. Cherish The Dre
07. Immigrant
08. No Ordinary Love
09. Sweetest Taboo
10. Never As Good As The First Time
11. Hang On To Your Love
12. Nothing Can Come Between Us
13. Kiss Of Life
14. War Of The Hearts
15. By Your Side
16. Bonus Track

Obama vs. McCain Dance-Off.

This actually happened.

Planet Asia's Birthday Party.

The homie Tunji from Inverse just shot me this flyer. Tonight is Planet Asia's birthday party and it's going down tonight at Busby's East in Los Angeles. It's going to be off the hook, featuring performances from Strong Arm Steady as well as Planet Asia and Muggs. If you ever wanted to attend a rap star's birthparty, here's your chance.

Johnson & Jonson/New Jack Hustle Live @ Fat Beats

For all my NY cats, Johnson & Jonson (Blu & Mainframe) and New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson & Newman) will be doing a live in-store at Fat Beats NY. No cover. Word on the streets is they might have an open bar. Ah shit.

L.A. to N.Y....We connect like JFK to LAX.

Convinced: Go Hard Freestyle #29

I already told you about Convinced and his appetite for one a day freestyles. Well, he's currently at 29 and still going strong. No longer is it the Refreshing freestyle countdown. It's 28 days later so say hello to the Go Hard freestyle countdown. Act like you know...

DOWNLOAD: Convinced - Go Hard Freestyle #29

Nunchunk Baseball.

This is off the hook. Michaelangelo has nothing on this dude. A Japanese master heads down to the local batting cages to knock some balls outta the park using his trusty nunchucks. Afterwards, he celebrates by poppin some bottles using said nunchucks.

See, this is why I always wanted to be a ninja when I was a kid.

[VIDEO] The Foreign Exchange - "Daykeeper"

Phonte from Little Brother and Nicolay from the Netherlands connected once again to bring you another Foreign Exchange album, Leave It All Behind. This is the first video for the first single. Powerful visuals to match a heartfelt song...

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: The Foreign Exchange - "Daykeeper"

Hip Hop Rocks The Vote - Part 2

Part 2 of our three part series in which Hip Hop Rocks the Vote. In this segment rappers De La Soul, M1 from from dead prez, Jay Electronica, and Kidz In The Hall speak on stigma of voting and why it must change. Yes We Can.

Daily Dopeness: SpottieoOttieDopaliscious.

Outkast's catalog is so thick, it's hard to pick just one track, but this track always standouts to me for some reason. On one hand, it sort of marks the identity change of Outkast - from the legendary Southernplayalistic/Atliens 'Kast to the popular new Speakerboxx/Love Below 'Kast. Personally, I prefer the former. Outkast's first three albums rival only Tribe's first three albums as my favorite catalog from any group. That's how good Outkast's first three albums were. So this song kind of marks the end of Era for me. Tear.

What makes this song so dope to me is the fact that it's not really a rap song. There's no rhyming. It's over 7 minutes long. There's no actually hook. On paper, it doesn't even appear to be a good song. But that's the beauty of this track. It feels bigger than life.

Instead of their usually complex rhyme schemes and clever wordplay, Andre and Big shift into a slow mo, spoken-word, story telling mode -- in which Andre descibes through vivid detail his experience in an Atlanta nightclub, and Big Boi recounts beautifully the night he met his baby momma. The driving bassline creates a loungy, almost spacey vibe. The pulsating and infectious horns act as the break between verses and carry the song triumphantly. The crisp drums provide a slightly subtle offbeat Southern bounce. But it all blends perfectly, let the liquor tell it.

DOWNLOAD: Outkast - "SpottieoOttieDopaliscious"

Diddy To Be The Pope For Halloween.

No, seriously. The guy behind Bad Boy and Sean John equates himself to the holiest man on the planet. Here's the proof:

"I'm going to be the Pope," he told us, stone-faced. We laughed and laughed, but it suddenly became very obvious that he was, in fact, completely serious: "Yes, I already bought the costume," he said. "The robe and the hat. I got it from a secondhand costume store in Los Angeles."

Somebody call the Department of Homeland Security. This guy is out of control.

Story and photo courtesy of Vulture.

Wednesday, October 22

Love Sessions.

Questlove, Travis McCoy and some sexy ass models walk the catwalk for the LRG/Factory Girl Fashion Show all to raise voters awareness. Welcome to Love Sessions

[NEW] DNEZ - "Shagg"

Speaking of the Pharcyde, you gotta peep this one...

DNEZ dropps a brand new leak from his upcoming album, The Features. The album will drop exclusively on fellow FCC member, Eazee Street on Halloween, 10/31 at 10:31 AM. Get it? Of course you do.


Daily Dopeness: On The DL.

Sure, "Ya Mama" was the first single. Yes, we can all relate to "Otha Fish". Of course, "Passin My Bye" is one of the greatest songs of all time. But "On the DL" is my shit. The bouncy drums, smooth bassline, and Stanley Cowell finger piano sample make this track one of the standout songs on one of the best westcoast albums of all time. Yeah, I said it.

DOWNLOAD: The Pharcyde - "On The DL"

[VIDEO] RZA as Bobby Digital - "Drama"

The RZA gets his Bobby Digital on in this new video for "Drama" featuring Thea and Monk...and funny thing about this video shoot, I was there.

Shout out to Rage and Todd A. who directed this joint.

Watch Your Back.

The homie E-Dub just hit me off with an exclusive (DOPE) new Nike commerical from up and coming director Fredo Tavar. He's the vision behind a couple of fresh looking music videos, so remember the name, you're going to see more of it.

This commercial reminds me of my life. Any true sneakerhead can relate...Fun Knee.

Watch you back...

Westcoast Wednesday.

DJ Quik - "Tonite"

Classic Los Angeles music, and it still sounds as good today as it did in 1991. This song makes me want to drink a 40 oz. right now for breakfast.

"Just a day in the life of a player named Quik."

Tuesday, October 21

Puffy Buys ENYCE.

Diddy is at it again. Today he expanded his clothing empire with the purchase of fashion brand Enyce from Liz Claiborne, Inc. No word on how many Benji's it cost him. Puff says he plans to expand Enyce’s popularity through the cutting-edge marketing that’s made his various brands a success.

“We’re going to retool and make it completely different from our Sean John line, which is still the mothership brand,” Combs stated. “But with respect to the economic conditions many face, this offers us the opportunity to supply a quality fashion brand at a lower price point.”

I think I might still have some Enyce cargo pants that I bought in '99. Maybe I should break em out in celebration. On second thought...

[NEW] Evidence (Ft. Phonte, Blu, & - "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

Now this is a collection of artists right here. Different styles, different flows, one mission. And I don't even mind on this one, as he sticks strictly to hook duties. Well played, Ev.

Side note: Blu is making a strong case for Rookie of the Year. This dude's skill is top notch, and he comes with a very effortless multi-syllable flow. I've heard him rhyme slow, I've heard him rhyme quick. I've never heard him come weak.

DOWNLOAD: Evidence (Ft. Phonte, Blu, & - For Whom The Bells Tolls

Daily Dopeness: Get Dis Money.

Jay Dee at his finest...

Interesting story about this song, from T3 of Slum:

We would always hear stuff in progress, like for “Get Dis Money” there’s a lot of little intricate stuff in the background of that song that didn’t happen until the last two weeks before the album had to be turned in. A little singing here, a little sound effects and all that. The drum programming on “Get Dis Money” is a little off. Dilla didn’t like to use a metronome or whatever, so some would be slightly off beat, but on purpose. It’s just the way his ear was, crazy.

What’s funny about “Get Dis Money” is that Baatin wrote three verses before we liked one, me and Dilla was being real hard on his rhyme. If you listen to Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Baatin don’t talk about the topic at all. It ended up being like we was doing it on purpose, but originally it was not on purpose. Dilla was more upset than anybody about staying on topic. I think our fans have grown to love that about Baatin, but at the time it was frustrating. He would just talk about anything. The song is about getting money and the pursuit of it, a real simple concept, and Baatin would just start talking bout his family and then go over here and over there…you ain’t know where he’s going! Even with three verses, Dilla still took out a part of his rhyme on the final version, Dilla kind of faded him out on the end of that song."

DOWNLOAD: Slum Village - "Get Dis Money"

Until tomorrow...

[VIDEO] New Jack Hustle - "New Shades"

Fresh new video from New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson + Newman). I'm feeling the video. It's mad simple, but really matches the song steez. New Jack Hustle's album, Soundcheck, is in stores today. Do yourself a favor...yup, go cop it.

Shout out to the home Shawn Jackson who is our Artist of the Week.

Monday, October 20

[NEW] Q-Tip - "Move"

Ah Q-Tip. I posted the MJ inspired video for this joint last week, and this is the mp3 version. This one is a head-nodding, finger-snapping, foot tapping good time. The Renaissance hits stores Nov 4th.

DOWNLOAD: Q-Tip - "Move"

[NEW] Kanye West - "Heartless"

I posted the unmastered version of this song last week, but this is the officially official version straight from 808's & HeartBreak. Beware: This one is catchy as fuck.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West - "Heartless"

Artist of the Week: Shawn Jackson

L.A. emcee, and one of my current favorite rhymes spitters, Shawn Jackson, is the Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. His debut album, First Of All... was released a few months back, and it has stayed in my current rotation. "Feelin' Jack" is one of the tightest songs of the year, no doubt. In this interview Shawn talks about his album, his music, and why he chose the name Shawn Jackson instead of something whack like MC Supaduper. After the video, download some Jack tracks. You'll thank me later.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Shawn Jackson - "Feelin' Jack"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Shawn Jackson - "Go There With You"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Shawn Jackson - "Fix Your Face"

Jay-Z Live At the Palladium.

Hova gets down in Hollywood, performing live at the Palladium in Los Angeles. He runs through a medley of songs including: "Can I Live", "Lucifer", and "Blue Magic"

It's good to see DJ AM alive and well, rocking the decks of Jigga on stage.

Daily Dopeness: Verbal Intercourse

I'm starting a new section of this blog, called the Daily Dopeness. Everyday I'm going to post one of my favorite songs for your downloading pleasure. Since most of the stuff I post here is new music, this feature will be music that is already out. Typically from the Golden Era, but I'll also throw in some new stuff. But regardless, it will all make you head nod. So Stay Tuned.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon (ft. Nas) - "Verbal Intercourse"

Until tomorrow...

The Wreck Crew.

The homie E-Dub put me on to a new group that he is managing. Meet the Wreck Crew, a wild group reppin' sunny Los Angeles. Stay tuned for them and stay updated at their blog. They gotta Bunch of new shit dropping soon...including their latest single, "I Dump" in which they devise their plan for shitting on the industry. Look out below.

DOWNLOAD: Wreck Crew - "I Dump"

Lil Wayne To Re-Release Carter III...with all new songs.

Why? Because he's a martian, that's why....

MTV is reporting that Weezy is hard at work on this new old album:

...the tireless New Orleans mic fiend says he's dropping a new version of the album with all brand-new songs: He said clearly that the record is not — repeat not — Tha Carter IV.

In the article he also mentions that he is also having his first son. Congrats to Weezy. But wow, I can't imagine that dude raising a child. Lord help us. I wonder if his "dad" Baby will babysit.

[NEW] Sam Scarfo ft. Ghostface - "Jesus Loves You"

"This I know..."

I've never heard of Sam Scarfo, but I've heard of Ghostface, and I heard this song, and it's pretty dope. Driving bassline, soul sample, vicious flows. Sounds like a recipe for success.

DOWNLOAD: Sam Scarfo ft. Ghostface - "Jesus Loves You"

Kanye in Big Boy's Neighborhood.

Yeezy stopped by Power 106 FM in Los Angeles to talk to Big Boy about his new album and why he is singing now and not rapping. It makes sense when I hear him say it actually. He also talks about how he picked the first single. You can thank MTV for that one.

He also plays a brand new record for you. It's called "Coldest Winter" and it's dedicated to his mother, Donda (R.I.P.).

Friday, October 17

Shawn Jackson - Exclusive Live Performance

Funny story about this performance...Shawn Jack was scehduled for an interview, was having car troubles, so he was running late. He had a crazy hectic day, so he forgot to bring his instrumentals to perform "Feeling Jack" and "Go There With You"

So luckily, House Shoes had some beats on him, so we just threw one on and let Shawn do his thing. What transpired was this never seen before, heard before, that uncut raw. I think it turned out pretty dope.

Shawn Jackson on the spit. House Shoes on the beat.

Freestyle Friday.

R.I.P. Big Proof.

Cypress HIll Being Sued.

Recent VH1 Hip Hop Honorees, Cypress Hill, are being sued by soul singer Syl Johnson, claiming that Cypress illegal used a sample from his song, "Is It Because I'm Black." That's the name of the song, not the reason they stole it. Syl is suing the stoned trio for $25 million dollars for using the sample in their song "Lock Down."

I'm guessing B.Real & Co. was too high to remember to pay the royalties. I'm sure it wasn't done intentionally.

Do you think Johnson has a case? Listen for yourself...

Cypress Hill - "Lock Down"

Syl Johnson - "Is It Because I'm Black"

Jay-Z Wants You To Vote.

...For who is up to you.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Coldplay ft. Jay-Z - "Lost" (Remix)

Thursday, October 16

Kanye is Heartless.

Well, his new single leaked track is at least. Here's the latest hotness to be floating around the internets and causing websites to shut down. Good thing traffic here stays minimal...ha. The Meek Shall Inherit the Internet.

This is the unmastered version, kinda like an escaped slave. So the quality isn't up to par with most of the stuff you hear here. Here, here. I actually like this song, a lot in fact, which is surprising to everyone including me considering I wasn't a fan on "Love Lockdown" at all.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West - Heartless (Unmastered version)

Bishop Lamont Interview.

Of the the best out the west, BIshop Lamont talks to Hip Hop Official about how he met Dr. Dre and the state of westcoast hip hop. Chu'uch.

PREVIOUSLY: Bishop Lamont - "Grow Up" [LIVE]

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Ah Shit. New Emimem. I'm so glad to hear this...Hip-Hop needs him.

Drug references, crudeness, multi-syllables wordplay, chain saw noises, the whole's all in here.

DOWNLOAD: Emimem - "I'm Having a Relapse"

Wednesday, October 15

The Common (Sense) Demo Tape.

This is truly a gem. This is the actual tape that got Common into the Source's Unsigned Hype column back in 1992. This has been conformed by NO I.D. himself (aka Common's producer)

DOWNLOAD: The Common (Sense) Demo Tape

Download a 4 hour mix of Biggie Smalls.

Seriously. Do it. You cant' go wrong. It's Biggie. He's the King of New York. This is the 10th anniversary of his death tribute.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Hosted By Juan Epstein. Mixed by Mister you know it's good.

Bishop Lamont - "Grow Up" [LIVE]

Bishop Lamont came through the Hip Hop Official offices to drop an exclusive performance on his new single "Grow Up" live from the HHO Lounge.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Bishop Lamont - "Grow Up"

Know The Ledge: WKCR 88.9 FM

Here's a little history lesson for ya'll. For those of you not knowing...take an inside look to the Greatest radio show of all time, hosted by Bobbito Garcia and DJ Stretch Armstrong in New York. This underground college radio show ran from 1990 - 1998 and broke some of the biggest rap acts of all time. Yes, even you Nas.

This was was radio was still listenable. Shout out to Tony J. for the link. Check him out as well as his group Dynamite Jive.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Da Lench Mob - Guerillas In Da Mist

"Swinging on a vine/ suckin on a piece of swine..."

Ice Cube = G.O.A.T. Westcoast artist

Tuesday, October 14

[VIDEO] Q-Tip - "Move"

New Q-Tip video in the vein of Michael's "Rock WIth You" video. Directed by Rik Cordero aka The New Hype WIlliams (T.N.H.W.)

Oh yeah, the song is dope too.

Monday, October 13

Hip Hop Rocks the Vote - Part 1

Hip Hop Official teams up with Rock The Vote to talk to you favorite rap artists in the game about the impact of the upcoming election and the importance of voting. Remember to get off your ass on November 4th and get your voice heard.


On The Run: Large Professor.

Shani Kulture links up with Large Professor for a dope interview in Queens, NY. For those of you not knowing, Large Pro a.k.a. Xtra P, is the man behind timeless classics in this game, and was the first to put Nas on. Recognize.

We On The Run!

Wednesday, October 8

[VIDEO] U-N-I - "Soul Hop"

Thurz sent us this video last week, and I've been looking forward to sharing it with you since then. It debuted on MTV2 today, so hopefully this the masses can finally get caught up on what the blogs have been talking about for a minute. These dudes deserve some shine.

[VIDEO] Large Professor - "Hot, Sizzling, Scorching, Torchin, Blazin"

New video form the Largo Pro, this one of is new album Main Source. Is that Latarian Milton? I'm just saying...

Tuesday, October 7

Rick Ross FINALLY Admits to Being Correctional Officer.

File this under: It's About Fucking Time. For months, Rick Ross vehemently denied being a Florida state correctional officer after photos surfaced of him in his officer uniform sporting a 1991 flat top.

"Online hackers put my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples' body," said Ross. "If this shit was real don't you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything? Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake."

More specifics? Like dates and everything? Funny you should ask. The Smoking Gun released these measly specifics like his application form, payment stubs, and discharge papers - proving he was a Florida C.O. for 18 months.. Ross continued to deny allegations, claiming he was never a cop, and that his past that he rapped about was tied to the streets and selling more powder than Johnson & Johnson. And we continued to not believe a word he said. Rappers tell stories. That's what they do.

But no, Ross would own up to anything, until now. In the latest issue of Don Diva magazine, the Florida emcee changes course regarding his pre-rap career. "Yes, it's me," Ross tells Don Diva. "I never tried to hide my past."

Never tried to hide his past? I cant tell if this dude is delusional or full of shit. Why would he come out and admit this now? Why not do it when it first became public? Own up to it, and move on. But you made yourself look like a complete moron by denying, denying, denying, then when nobody believed you, finally admitting it to a magazine that nobody reads and hoping nobody would notice. In fact, why even admit it all together? Just continue to lie about it and believe your own lies? Whatever, the people who like him are going to continue to like him, and the people that don't will continue not to. Me, I'll continue to not give a fuck...

[NEW] U-N-I - "Stakes Is High" Revisted (Part 1)

The homies Y-O and Thurz team up with producer 6th Sense to remake one of the most classic classics in hip hop history, De La Soul;s "Stakes Is High" which was produced by the late great Jay Dee. This one is from Mick Boogie's mixtape, Honor Roll, in which hip-hop's current crop of talent remakes legendary hip hop songs of the artists honored by VH1's Hip Hop Honors. You can (and should) download that mixtape here.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I - "Stakes Is High" Revisted (Part 1)

R.I.P. J Dilal