Friday, February 27

What Ever Happened To: Ill Al Skratch?

On this edition of Forgotten Fridays we reminisce over you, Ill Al Skratch. The New York duo (Ill & DJ Al Skratch) first hit the scene in 1994 with their single, the underground hit "Where My Homiez (Creep With Me)". Looking back now, it's a pretty ironic and fitting song title, considering we have no idea where they are anymore. They followed up with their second single, the smoothed out "I'll Take Her" (above) which actually featured Brian McKnight. This was the jam back then, and both songs still get necks moving. Classic 90's New York shit.

Ill & Al made a pretty decent imprint on the hip hop community. They released 2 albums. They were featured on multiple soundtracks. They even did a song with a skinny Shaq. But where are they now? They haven't released an album since 1997. Their last appearance was in 2002 on an unofficial release from Nice and Smooth called "Dr. Feelgood." They said they plan on recording again once they can "make it pop-off exactly the way they want it to."

If anyone has any more info regarding the whereabouts of Ill Al Skratch, please contact us immediately. We need your help.

Thank you,
Hip Hop Official: Finding rappers who the masses have forgotten.

[NEW] Pacific Division - "Pac Div"

Here's a self titled joint from Pac DIv's upcoming mixtape, Church League Champions. I played on a church league basketball team once. We were bad. Not even Jesus could help us win a game.

[DOWNLOAD: Pacific Division - "Pac Div" ]

Wale - "Chillin" [LIVE]

So I was at this show, and it was bananas papayas. Wale rocked with, like a, 47 piece band or something. He tore the building down too. Everybody left highly impressed. Here's the performance of his second single "Chillin" at the Kay Club in Los Angeles. The song appears on his upcoming album and is produced by Cool and Dre.

[VIDEO] Cam'ron - "I Used to Get It In Ohio"

That's funny, because I used to get it in Idaho.

Thursday, February 26

Asher Roth Loves Hip Hop Too.

HHO sits down with everybody's new favorite frat party rocker, Asher Roth, to talk about his love for hip-hop, how he got introduced to the culture, and Jay-Z's influence on his career. Not only does Asher love college, he loves Hip Hop (Official).

[VIDEO] TiRon ft. Ayomari - "3 Drink Minimum"

This video is dope. Reminds me of some old school early 90's type stuff. Like when videos were fun, and rapper didn't take themselves too seriously. Remember that?

Soles 4 Souls Party ft. U-N-I

The homies Thurz and YO will be settin if off at this event on Friday. Come through, donate some kicks and celebrate.

[VIDEO] Young Jeezy - "Circulate"

Jeezy basically made a 3 minute and 46 second commercial for Belvedere Vodka. Thanks. But this song is pretty dope, and Don Cannon killed the beat. However, in my humble and slightly biased opinion, Dilla flipped this classic Billy Paul sample better. So did 9th Wonder.

Vimby and Uponthingz Present : The New Classics Mixtape

Mario from VIMBY and Cook Classics put together a pretty dope mixtape for ya'll to ride to. They premiered the stream last week, and here's the official download. It features the likes of Pac Div, Sean P, and U-N-I, as well as some BONUS TRACKS from Diz Gibran, Fashawn, and the now legendary "Mass Appeal 2009 Remix."


Common x Ludacris x Hip Hop 101

HHO recaps the Hip Hop 101 show that went down in Los Angeles last Saturday. It featured performances from Common, Ludacris, and Janelle Monae. Dope show. Shitty venue. Sorry to all the peeps that were on our list and couldn't get in because of the bullshit. We sponsored the event, and they weren't trying to let US in. Fuck the dumb.

[VIDEO] Jadakiss - "Can't Stop Me"

Directed by Marc Klasfield. Shot in Downtown L.A. and Chinatown. Staring Asians, Europeans, Latinos, and Black people. Jada doesn't discriminate.

TiRon - "Ketchup" (Mixtape)

TiRon drops his latest mixtape Ketchup in order for you to Catch Up. This is a collection of songs new and old so that you, the audience, can get a good sense of the talent this kid possesses. It features a handful of people you would find on this blog, including the likes of Pac Div, Blu, Buff 1, Tunji, and Ayomari.


Simply Sade.

As the night begins to settle, it's time slow down a bit, here on the Late Night edition of the Notorious B.L.O.G. Relax and unwind, as we turn the lights down, and the sexiness up with some lover's rock from sultry songtress, Ms. Sade Adu. Here's an oldie but goodie from the original Smooth Operator herself, remixed by the Neptunes. Sway to the subtle smoothness that is Sade. If you're not a fan of this woman, there is something seriously wrong with your ear drums.

[DOWNLOAD: Sade - "By Your Side" (Neptunes Remix)]

Wednesday, February 25

FCC Presents: DJ Spintelect - "The Terminator Mixtape: Rise Of The Mc's "

*hands in late pass*

My apologies to Spin for lagging on posting this joint. If you're not familiar with DJ Spintelect, he's the resident FCC disc jockey. And you know how the FCC rolls. Nothing but the finest talent, so his resume is guaranteed legit. Download this one and see for yourself. I'm gonna stop talking because a dope mixtape is worth a 1000 words.


[VIDEO] Jamie Foxx (ft. T-Pain) - "Blame It"

This is video has the greatest cameos of all time. Hands down. Unless you're getting Al Pacino, Gandhi, and Jesus in your video, you're not topping this one. It features cameos from Ron Howard, Quincy Jones, Forest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cedric The Entertainer, Morris Chesnut, Rebecca Romain Stamos, Tatyana Ali, Bill Bellamy, a Panda and of course...Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by Hype Williams.

I'm not even a fan, but I've watched this 6 times already. Ron Howard? Seriously? Incredible.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Mack 10 (ft. Tha Dogg Pound) - "Nothin' But The Cavi Hit"

Yo, I went to Inglewood one time, and Mack 10 never fronted me a sack. I waited around for hours. WTF, dog.

But for real. this is the best song Mack 10 ever appeared on. True story. Hearing this again reminds me how dope Kurupt really was. This shit still bangs. Who produced it? They need a raise. This song completely held down my senior year in high school. Another true story.

Take a picture, trick.

[NEW] Reflectional Eternal - "Internet Connection" (ft. Bootsy Collins)

Say Word? Brand new music from Talib and Hi-Tekl! And they got Bootsy Collins on this shit too? This is shit is fonky, son. And catchy. Not in a bad way. Trust. Props to Tunji who just shot this over.

[DOWNLOAD: Reflectional Eternal - "Internet Connection" (ft. Bootsy Collins)]

LMAO at Hi-Tek shouting out Twitter at the end.

*Inside the Blogger's Studio: I was looking for a dope photo of Reflection Eternal, and was having a difficult time finding something so I went to Flickr and searched for "Reflection Eternal" and some interesting ass photographs came up. Check em out if you're into that sort of thing.

Kanye West - "Stronger" [Live on VH1 Storytellers]

Remember when this song was the hottest shit ever way back in 2007? Kanye does. He revisits it live for his upcoming episode ofVH1 Storytellers which premiers Feb 28th. Say what you want about Kanye, but his energy and enthusiasm are top notch. I like the organic nature of this performance, as Yeezy calls out changes to the band.

Artist of the Week: Cook Classics.

Step inside the lab with up and coming L.A. producer, and the man behind the VIMBY New Classics mixtape, Cook Classics. This dude has heatrocks for real. He stays on his grind, and is truly one of the hardest working cats in LA right now. He's really making a name for himself as one of the freshest and most talented producers in the game. He's worked with acts like Pac Div, U-N-I, Inverse, Shawn Jackson, and even Diamond D. He was even kind enough to invite us to the secret location that is the Beat Locker for this interview. What up, Cook.

Check the interview to get to know him, then check his myspace page.

Tuesday, February 24

Run DMC on Reading Rainbow.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. Yesterday I find Levar Burton on Twitter, and now this? Talk about childhood memories, get your reminisce on with me. It's like I hopped in a Delorean and set the flux capacitor to 1986. On the real, I used to look FORWARD to this show, and always got mad geeked when that gangster ass psychedelic theme song started.

(Fun fact: Did you know Chaka Khan sang the OG theme song? Seriously. This show was fucking epic. That's like Alicia Keys lacing the intro for Dora the Explorer.)

Reading Rainbow was way iller than the crap they have on TV for kids nowadays. That's all mind control, brain washing and flashing lights. It's designed to keep your children QUIET and glued to the TV so you don't have to babysit them. No wonder kids grow up with ADD and inability to think for themselves. There's a reason they're called television "programs." They're conditioning these kids to be sheep.

TiRon ft. Ayomari - "Sydney" [Live]

These two Cali emcees perform their song about the dreaded "Friend Zone." Don't get caught in it! This joint is produced by Cook Classics.

I got enough friends.

[NEW] Cam'ron - "I Used To Get It In Ohio"

Miss Info dropped this exclusive Cam'ron Giles joint after Funk Flex premiered it on the radio. The video for this one drops tomorrow. Looks like Cam is back in your life, like it or not. Don't front, you like it. Pause.

[DOWNLOAD] Cam'ron - "I Used To Get It In Ohio"

Hip Hop Official...With Wale: Part 2

We pick up where we left off in Part 1. This time around, we follow the DC native around in the streets of Hollywood from his in store appearance at Huf on Fairfax to his block rocking performance at the Key Club. This is HHO Exclusive Access, baby. Check the resume.

[NEW] Diz Gibran - "Stereo"

New Dizzy! This one appears on the VIMBY Mixtape that dropped last week as a stream, and drops Wednesday as a download. Bet your bottom dollar you'll be able to download that joint right here. This is one of my fav Diz tracks. If you're wondering why it sounds familiar, it's because you heard Diz perform it live for HHO first. That's right, we stay breaking new artists. Call us the new Unsigned Hype.

[DOWNLOAD] Diz Gibran - "Stereo"

[NEW] T.I. - "Get That Money"

32 days and counting...

T.I. is putting out that free music while he's still a free man. Here's a new T.I.P. joint from Trap-A-Holic’s Gone Til’ November mixtape. For some reason this is called "Do It To It" on the mixtape. I know, don't ask.

[DOWNLOAD] T.I. - "Get That Money"

[NEW] DOOM - "Lightworks" (prod by J Dilla)

Doom might have dropped the MF, but he's still dropping that MF'ing heat. Here he goes in over a tasty Dilla Donut of the same name. This one will appear on DOOM's upcoming album, Born Like This.

[DOWNLOAD] DOOM - "Lightworks" (prod by J Dilla)

And because it's new music Tuesday, here's another bonus download for you, which also happens to appear on the same album.

DOOM - "That's That"

Blacksmith TV: Talib @ Rock the Bells: Part 2

This is Episode 4 of Blacksmith TV. If you missed Ep 3, get your late pass here. If you already saw it, then sit back and relax and watch Talib as he arrives just in time for his Rock The Bells performance in NYC. Kweli puts together his set at the last minute, links up with Mos Def to run through a couple of Black Star songs, and recounts the story of the amazing dinner he had the first time he met the mighty Mos Def.

Make sure to check out the Blacksmith website.

Hustler Watch: Drake.

Eighty81 links up with multi-talented Toronto emcee/singer/actor Drake to talk about what makes him tick. If you haven't downloaded his latest mixtape, put down that Nyquil, get up off that Serta, and stop sleeping.

[NEW] T-Pain ft. Kanye West - "Flight School"

Wow. I would have never imagined I'd enjoying hearing two guys with fake voices on the same track. Talk about auto-tune overload. But hold up, wait (c) Nate Dogg.

This song is motherfucking crack bananas. The vibe is undeniable. T-Pain keeps is low key (thank God), and Yeezy ditches the auto-tune for his verse (thank Jeebus) but still rocks it on the hook. But here's the works in the right atmosphere and on the right track. They nailed this one like Jesus. And I'm hard to please.

[DOWNLOAD] T-Pain ft. Kanye West - "Flight School"

This one falls out of the sky courtesy of Splash who's been on his Robin Hood grind as of late. Pay your respect.

Monday, February 23

Suite For Ma Dukes (Finale & Encore)

Don't even get me started at how mad I am for missing this. I had passes for this and was looking forward to it all week. My migraine had other ideas. Here is video from the J Dilla tribute last night called "Suite For Ma Dukes" in which a 40 piece orchestra played Jay Dee music all night. For the encore, Pos from De La and Talib did "Stakes Is High" and they go into "Fall In Love" and "The Official." What an amazing event.

N.O.R.E. Arrested in Fatburger.

Details are still shaky, but supposedly Noreaga punched somebody is the face and then threw a cup of yellow liquid on the dude. I hope it was lemonade, Nore, and not some R. Kelly type of shit going down. This is how it jumped off according to the Miami Herald:

Victor Santiago, who also goes by stage names N.O.R.E. or Noreaga, was arrested by Miami Beach police after he got into a fight with a man at Fatburger, a South Beach restaurant located at 947 Washington Ave., police said.

According to the police report, Santiago and three other men walked into Fatburger yelling loudly. On their way in, the rapper ripped one of the restaurant’s flower bouquets out of its place. Santiago then offered a man a cup of yellow liquid — when the man refused, Santiago threw it at him.

”Do you know who I am?” Santiago yelled, according to the report.

The rapper then punched the man in the face three times, police said.

I love when famous people say "Do you know who I am" when they get in trouble. Best excuse ever. Nore says no flowers were involved, and is going to reveal his side of the story tonight. And also revealed that he was there to order a Veggie burger. Because, you know, he's on a diet.

Letters to Cam.

Now that Killa Cam’s back in the limelight, the guys at It's the Real, though it was time for him to answer the tough questions that have been everyone’s mind...and per usual, Cam pulls no punches.

Year of the 9th.

As in Wonder. The homies over at Broccoli City take us into the studio with 9th Wonder and Pac Div. Check the video.

Lupe Fiasco's Award Tour.

Yes, it's an ironic blog title, considering he probably never listened to that song. (Sorry Lupe, I'll never let that go). The USA Network Name Lupe a winner of their first-ever Character Approved Award (designed to honor individuals from a cross-section of creative disciplines who are positively influencing American culture). Check out this dope interview as it gives you some insight into who he is.

"If I sell a million records, and there's a lie on every single song...then I've told a million lies."

Hear that Officer Ricky?

Friday, February 20

Hip Hop Official...With Wale: Part 1.

We got to follow Wale around the night he performed at the Key Club in Hollywood. This is exclusive access. It was so dope that we turned it into a 2 part interview. Here's the first part, as we ride with him from sound check to an in-store appearance at HUF skateshop on Fairfax. He talks about his love for Los Angeles and his upcoming album. We also learn that real gangsters roll Priuses.

Check for Part 2 next week.

"A Suite For Ma Dukes" Recording Session.

On Sunday, a 36-piece orchestra will interpreting the music of J Dilla in a tribute called "A Suite For Ma Dukes." This is video of their first recording session where they play one of my favorite Jay Dee tracks of all time, Slum Village's "Fall in Love."

I will be at the event on Sunday, and will report back with a review and hopefully photos. If you're going to be there, hit me up.

Thursday, February 19

[VIDEO] Kid CuDi - "Day N Nite"

"The lonely stoner likes to free his mind at night."

It's been a long time coming [||] but this video turned out pretty dope. It will be interesting to see how the masses take to CuDi. He's a little out there eclectic, but has Kanye and the G.O.O.D. family backing him. I hope the world doesn't expect every CuDi song to sound like this because it won't. Expect less rap, but more singing and harmonies. Don't say I didn't warn you.

[NEW] Colin Munroe - "Lost Cause" (88-Keys "Cause N Effect" Remix)

The homie 88-Keys reworks Colin's track off his I'm the Unsung Hero mixtape. This is a fresh little remix. It's always a good thing when 2 musically talented guys combine efforts. It's like the complete opposite of any DJ Khaled remix.

[DOWNLOAD: Colin Munroe - "Lost Cause" (88-Keys "Cause N Effect" Remix)]

[NEW] Pacific Division - "Mayor"

If you've seen Pac Div live, you already know this joint. It tears the house down every time. The song everyone's heard, but nobody had finally drops on the masses. I know ya'll are excited. I am too.

*Does The Mayor" dance*

[ DOWNLOAD: Pacific Division - "Mayor"]

[VIDEO] Rick Ross - “Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly”

Ross heads to NYC to add visuals to the 50 Cent diss record he dropped. This beef just wont go away. For all the money Ross claims to have, he sure makes some low budget ass music videos. Holler at HHO for some production value. Bawse.

[VIDEO] Gang Starr - "Skillz"

I need some Primo in my life today.

Mighty Healthy: Spring 09 Preview

Get an exclusive sneak peak at the fresh new collection dropping in March from the street wear brand Mighty Healthy.

J. Dilla x Obey “A Personal Appreciation” Print

As many of you know, J. Dilla’s mother “Ma Dukes” Yancey is now suffering from Lupus, the same disease that took her son's life in 2006. Her condition has recently become more severe and now friends are asking for your help. Previous fund raising efforts were seen through a shirt via Stones Throw and artist Parra. Shepard Fairey and Brian Cross (B+) have linked up to help the cause with a special print of J. Dilla based on a 2003 photograph taken by B+. In a limited run of 400, the prints will release on February 20th at a retail price of $55 USD (18 in x 24 in).

Via Hypebeast.


Want to win a free pair (2) of tickets to see Ludacris and Common rock live at the Hip Hop 101 Music & Arts Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday 2/12? Of course you do! It's simple. Here's what you need to do...

1) If you don't already have it, get Hip Hop Official on your cell phone. There's a channel buyer on the top right of this page. Enter your carrier, phone model, and number, and we'll send you all the info. So easy a caveman could do it. (or on the iPhone, it's in the App Store. On the G1 Android, it's in the Android Marketplace. On V-Cast, it's in V-Cast Video Section, under Music)

2) Launch your Hip Hop Official application, and scroll over to the "MUSIC VIDEO" section.

3) Watch the Common - "Go" live performance.

4) Tell us what shirt Common is wearing. Don't need the brand name, or sizing info, just describe it to us so we know you watched the video.

5) Email your answer to BEFORE THURSDAY 2/19. Include your full name, age, phone number and email address. If you forget to do this, we will forget to call you a winner. You must have a valid ID to win and gain entrance to show.

6) FOUR (4) WINNERS will be randomly selected from all the correct entries, and will be notified via email at the end of the day THURSDAY. L.A. RESIDENTS ONLY! One pair per person.

7) Go to the show, enjoy yourself, and tell your friends about Hip Hop Official.

Wednesday, February 18

BREAKING NEWS: "President" Replaces the "N-Word."

Well, that's what my presidents told me, anyway.

Kid CuDi Goes to Dave & Buster's.

...on Complex Magazine's dollar. They took some photos and asked some questions. They might even appear in their Feb/March 2009 issue. You can relive the whole experience by watching this video.

BONUS: CuDi freestyle with DJ Reflex

Westcoast Wednesday.

Today is Andre Young's 44th birthday, so it's only right we pay homage on this edition of Westcoast Wednesday. Hell yeaaaaaaaaaah (c) Dr. Dre.

[VIDEO] Young Jeezy - "Welcome Back"

Nothing like some cocaine raps in the morning...

Tuesday, February 17

Murs x Rick Ross x 50 Cent

The biggest Bawse hopped on a Murs track to continue his ongoing beef with 50 Cent. Murs was flattered, so It was only right he return the favor.

[VIDEO] Kanye West - "Welcome to Heartbreak" (ft. Kid CuDi)

There's a lot going on here.

Friday, February 13

50 Cent starring in "Pimpin' Curly" Episode 2.

Looks like Curtis has a new alter ego.

Drake - "So Far Gone" (Mixtape)

Mad heads have been waiting for this to drop, including yours truly. Drake has been building a steady buzz as one of the next from the crop of talented emcees to blow up. To be honest, I don't know too much about this. I know he's from Canada. I know he was on the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation. I know he's been working and touring with Lil Wayne. I know he just signed to Interscope. I've only heard a couple of is tracks, but am interested to see what the hype is all about. Rock with me.


[VIDEO] Black Milk feat. Royce Da 5'9 - "Losing Out"

The second single from Black Milk's second album, Tronic, features fellow Detroit native Royce Da 5'9.

Thursday, February 12

Keys to the City w/ U-N-I

"Step on my shoes and I will kill you."

In the latest edition of imeem's Keys To the City, U-N-I goes sneaker shopping at Undefeated (Santa Monica! Not the OG store, but the mad underrated one). I love kicks. So much. I'm gonna go cop some new joints tomorrow.

The Jim Jones Experience - Part 2.

Even if you're not a fan of Jim Jones, you need to watch this for the sheer comedy alone. Trust me. Jimmy's also higher than Redman on an airplane. In part 2, Capo talks about his upcoming album and the state of the game. Hilarity ensues.

Wednesday, February 11

[VIDEO] Evidence (ft. Phonte, Blu & - "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

Dope finished product. Good to see Ev getting that MTV love. [||] If you want to see how the video was made go here and then here. And then come back here to watch the video again.

D-Nice Presents True Hip Hop Stories: Buckshot.

Black Moon's front man talks about his life in hip-hop. Sometimes the best interviews are the most straight forward. I love these D-Nice features because of the simplicity. He proves that sometimes less is more. Simplicity is the key to life, ya'll.

Westcoast Wednesday.

E-40 & The Click - "Captain Save A Hoe."

...Ah is a, ah is a, Should I save her?

Black Starr Live @ House of Blues.

Mos + Talib in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, February 10

Slum Village.

Raise It Up.


Fall In Love.

Get Dis Money.



Busta Rhymes + J Dilla = Dillagence. (MIXTAPE)

Another oldie but goodie as Dilla Day rolls on. The king of mashup mixtapes, Mick Boogie, put this out a while back and it features Busta spitting fire over some classic Dilla beats. And I figured, this sounds as good now as it did back the, so today is a perfect day as any to re-up it. TURN IT UP!


Shout out to the dope boyz for bringing this back to life and reminding me to post it.

Thank You Jay Dee, Act 2 (Mixed by J. Rocc)

This is my favorite of all Dilla tribute mixes. When it comes to Jay Dee mixes, 2 cats stand above the rest. (1) Houseshoes. (2) J. Rocc. Not knocking anybody else, but these dudes are the Official. This classic mix is from 2007, and Stones Throw offered it up as a free podcast, and now it's yours. Please enjoy this, it's a wonderful presentation of Dilla's timeless and classic music. Words cannot really describe how dope Dilla truly was, and how much he gave to our lives.


Dilla Lives.

Alchemist Talks Production.

ALC sits down with XLR8R TV to talk about his approach to beat making, where he draws his inspiration from, and how a little white dude from Beverly Hills got tight with Mobb Deep. This dude is one of my favorite beat makers as of late. i won't front. His beats are fairly basic (no shot), but there's an aura about them. A vibe that grabs you. His beats are majestic.

Dilla Keeps Shining.

A Classic HHO tribute to J DIlla from 2007. Cats like Talib, Pharoahe Monche, Phife share their memories of the late great J Dilla. As most of you already know, today marks the 3 year anniversary of his passing, so we continue to celebrate his life+music. I have some more Dilla gems on the way later today, I've just been mad busy so I'm laggin. Fear not.

Q-Tip & J.Period - "The [Abstract] Best" (Mixtape)

J. Period presents the Best of Q-Tip album featuring remixes and fresh renditions of some of your favorite songs. It's essentially hip hop classic after hip hop classic. Did I mention it's 49 tracks? I've been bumping this all day, now it's your turn.


Kanye Defends His Manhood.

MTV's Sway asks Yeezy about the shots he takes from the media, bloggers, and hip hop community about his choices in wardrobe, and the speculation that he might be a homersexual. It's sad really that this dude has to defend what he wears. Last time I checked, wardrobe doesn't dictate dopeness. If you're gonna to hate on Yeezy, hate on his choice for using auto-tune on 46 straight songs. That's the real wackness here. That and his haircut.

Artist of the Week: Young De.

Repping Philly, down with Cypress Hill. Young De is making a name for himself in these LA streets. Check him out on the upcoming B-Real album, Smoke N Mirrors as well as the new Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins album. His mixtape with Cashis is hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and called, Homeland Security. He talks about his background and what it's like being signed by Kurupt, Xzibit, and B-Real... which ain't half bad

[VIDEO] J Dilla - "Won't Do"

In memory of James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla. (1974 - 2006)

Monday, February 9

[NEW] 2Pac ft. Boot Camp Clik - "Initiated"

I swear, sometimes I have no idea where this stuff comes from. It's like the Heavens open up and drop gold plated diamonds wrapped in cashmere from the sky. Duckdown just unearthed this gem of a Tupac song featuring the mighty Boot Camp Clik. It's always dope to hear new Pac records.

DOWNLOAD: 2Pac ft. Boot Camp Clik - "Initiated"

[NEW] Blu - "Amnesia"

Another day, another Blu gem. This one comes to you via his Myspace by way of the 2 dope boyz. Blu has the old timely, 40's swinging jazz swag on lock. Ya'll can't touch that.

DOWNLOAD: Blu - "Amnesia"

[NEW] DIZ Gibran - "Once Again"

Here's somme new fire from the homie Diz Gibran, produced by Moonshine. This one will appear on his upcoming mixtape presented by Crooks N Castles. I'm still upset I missed his show at the Spliff last Friday night. That's life as an HHO producer!

I found this joint at the FCC stomping grounds run by Eazee. Act like you know.

DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran - "Once Again"

[VIDEO] Shawn Chrystopher - (I’m Not Your) N.I.G.G.E.R.

The Inglewood native goes over Nas's instrumental and puts his own spin on the song title. Here are the accompanying visuals to go with it. Here's what Shawn has to say about it:

“I really hope people enjoy this video. It seems Black History Month really doesn’t mean that much to us anymore, and though I won’t be able to change it single-handedly, I would however like to draw some attention to show everyone, especially my fellow artists, where exactly we came from.

I watch Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled” religiously and realize that a lot of the Black musicians today take their notoriety and success as something that is owed to them. I really hope after watching this video, that mindset changes; for the better.”

Detroit Love Dilla.

Jay Dee week rolls on here as we present an HHO Tribute to Dilla. Here Detroit emcees talk about what Jay Dee meant to their city and hip hop as a whole. RIP James Dewitt Yancey (1974 - 2006). Your life and legacy live on.

[VIDEO] Strong Arm Steady ft. Chace Infinite, Planet Asia and Affion Crockett - "Black History"

In honor of Black History Month, Blacksmith Music presents the latest video from Strong Arm Steady, "Black History," featuring guest verses from Chace Infinite, Planet Asia and Affion Crockett (yes, dude can spit!). Directed by the Image Addikts. This song is taken from SAS' latest mixtape, Clinton Sparks & Talib Kweli Present: Strong Arm Steady - Gang Mentality

Courtesy of

50 Talks Kanye.

I'm sorry. Curtis is getting major run on this blog, but he's too funny not to. I can't help it. This guy is a genius at keeping his name relevant. I'm not mad. Here he talks about Kanye's mullet and ummm, sexual orientation.

[VIDEO] Asher Roth - "I Love College"

So do I, do I.

50 CENT starring in "Pimpin' Curly"

50 responds to Rick Ross, Foxy Brown, and Pimpin Ken. 50 is hilarious. I take back anything negative I ever said about this guy. He earned points for this shit right here.

For those of you keeping score at home, Current Beef Scoreboard:

50 Cent: 4, Rick Rosss: 0.

Friday, February 6

Jaylib Live 2004.

Gems keep falling from the heavens. Stones Throw just threw up an mp3 of Jaylib's (J Dilla x Madlib) first live performance ever. If that's not enough, they are joined by special guest star, Common. Wow. Talk about historic. Here's the back story on the show, via J. Rocc, the man who was DJing the show:

This is the first show we ever did. It was a party for the release of the Madvillain LP. We didn't practice for the show... or any of them for that matter. I would ask them what they wanted to perform then they would go, “I don't make up the set list”... hahaha.

Well, thank you to Madlib & the Stones Throw Family (Wolf, Jank & Egonavichi) for giving me such an experience. It was a blessing ... Getting to spin for my favorite producers. I remember getting tapes from Jake One of Slum Village and beat tapes and just geeking out with the few homies who knew what time it was. Then I'm getting to d.j. and go on tour with this dude. Man, talk about a dream come true.

This was recorded at the Henry Fonda Theater, April 4, 2004, on the first night of the Madvillain/Jaylib tour for Madvillainy. Madlib & J. Rocc had performed Jaylib songs live, but this was the first show with J. Dilla, who had just moved to Los Angeles and joined the tour without being announced on the flyers. Another unannounced guest late into the set was Common. The voices you hear are B+ & Melo-D, who recorded this set.

DOWNLOAD: Jaylib Live (2004) @ The Henry Fonda Theater

And while you're listening to this hip hop delicacy, head over to the Stone Throw page to see some photos from the event. Including backstage photos and live on stage.

Dilla Week continues...

[VIDEO] DJ Revolution - "Man or Machine"

This. Is. Dope. DJ Revolution battles a machine for turntable supremacy. The song is from his latest album, King of the Decks, which coincidentally is one of the best albums of 2008. Mhmm, that's right.

Shout out to Duck Down for sending it over.

Daily Dopeness: E=MC2.

Dilla x Common = Legendary. Today's Dopeness comes from Dilla's posthumous album, The Shining, in which Dilla throws down one of his hardest beats ever for Common to rip apart. The dopest thing about this song, is that it's somewhat out of both of these dude's perceived character. Dilla was mostly known (to the masses) for his smoother, neo-soul beats (even though he always had slaps to rattle that trunk), and Common is mostly known for his smoother, neo-soul raps (even though he's always been a killer on the mic, ask Westside Connection). They both step out of the box for this one, creating a track that is a throwback to both of their inner beasts. It's amazing. And that sample? How the hell did he find that? Dilla is a fool for this one.

DOWNLOAD: J Dilla - "E=MC2" (ft. Common)

Dilla Week continues...

Happy Birthday Bob.

(February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981)

[VIDEO] H.O.P.E ft. Kent Jamz - "Love Lotus"

Whenever I hear someone sample or re-make a Dilla song I'm always skeptical at first. It's like instantly I go into super critique, music snob mode. But this one definitely passes that test. Los Angeles emcee, H.O.P.E. reworks one of my favorite Dilla tracks of all time ("Fall In Love") and turns it into a cool little jam. And since this is Dilla week, this gets some extra shine today.

"Don't sell...
to fall in love...."

Shout out to Meka who shot this over earlier.

B-Real Smokes More Weed Than You.

Trust me. They don't call him the Buddha Master for nothing. This is his response to Juelz Santana's smoke-a-thon challenge. I don't think anybody is outsmoking B-Real. And if anybody was going to come close it's Redman. But B-Real is next level. He's on some MacGuyver shit, inventing new ways to smoke. The claw, the joint bong, he even shows off his 8 ft. bong. No other rappers are taking 8 foot bong hits. But for real, I'm pretty sure I invented the 8 ft. bong. Seriously. I had one in college, circa 1998. Me and the homie made one in Home Depot. Even named it James Bong, Agent 008. Shit was amazing. The first night we had it, we hit 16 times. I had to sit on the top bunk while the homie lit it on the ground. One of the most amazing things I've ever created. It was legendary. Ask about me.

J Dilla MiniMegaMix by DJ Rhettmatic.

Dilla week starts early here at the Notorious B.L.O.G. and I couldn't be happier. If you know anything about me, know that Dilla was one of my favorite producers of all time. His influence and impact on hip hop is immeasurable. His birthday is this Saturday (tomorrow) Feb 7th, and all next week is going to be flooded with dope Dilla music to reflect on his life and honor his legacy. We set it off with a MiniMegaMix that DJ Rhettmatic through together as a Pre-Birthday mix called 'WHATUPDOE 09." I'll let him explain it...

Anyways, this is a mini mega mix of some of Dilla's songs & production. I originally did this as a 10 minute mix for the mixtape project that J.Rocc, Houseshoes, & myself did with Dave New York 2 years ago to help out Mrs. Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes, Dilla's incredible lady (if y'all know the name of the mix cd project, go head & get it......) So I extended this mix from 10 minutes to 35 minutes. It was pretty much impossible for me to get everything that Dilla did on this mix (he has such a big discography, it's ridiculous), especially for the fact I wanted to finish this before his birthday in such a short period of time. Of course, you'll hear some of the classic songs that Dilla has produced in the mix, but you'll also get to here some Dilla beats that you might have or have not heard before, and a live recording of Dilla performing "F*ck The Police" at one of his show in Europe (Paris, France to be exact) on his last tour ever (I was lucky & honored to be his tour dj for his last performances).

Like I said before, I don't think anyone can do a J Dilla mix as great as J.Rocco's, but here's my mix for you to download...nothing really crazy. Please feel free to share with your friends & post it up on your music blog. I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I enjoyed making this. Thanks for checkin this out.


And stayed tuned for more Dilla next week...

Where's Cam'ron?

Miss Info gets her investigative journalism and sits down with Killa Cam to talk about where the fuck he's been!??! The answer might surprise you. Word is he's dropping a new album on April 21 featuring absolutely no one from Dipset.

Evidence - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" Behind the Scenes [Part 2]

This is Part 2 of our behind the scenes look at Evidence's video for his song "For Whom The Bell Tolls." The song features, Blu, and Phonte of Little Brother. In this video, Ev and company talk about the meaning behind the song, and how t all came together. The video drops next week, so stay tuned for that, it's gonna look fresh.

Thanks to Ev, Brock, Jason, Will, Phonte, Alma and the whole Decon Records staff!

De La Soul x Nike.

Every sneakerhead knows about the De La Soul x Nike Dunk SB. Shit, I even own a (legit) pair of the high tops. Respect my fresh. But did you know they're working on an album together? True story. Let me tell you about it. HHO sits down with De La to talk about their upcoming album with Nike and how the relationship came together.

EXCLUSIVE!! (c) every mixtape Dj, ever.

P.O.S. Interview.

HHO catches up with Rhymesayers affiliate and Doomtree founder, P.O.S. to talk bout his new album Never Better (in stores now) and the current state of the hip hop industry. Hold on to your butts (c) Sam Jackson.

Pharrell Interview w/ Nylon TV

Go behind the scenes with Skateboard P at his Nylon mag photo shoot, as he talks about music, his fashion sense and his outlook on life.

Wednesday, February 4

Raise It Up For Ma' Dukes!

Stones Throw Records has linked up with artist Parra for a t-shirt collab to help raise money for the late J. Dilla's mother, Maureen Yancey a.k.a Ma' Dukes. Mrs. Yancey is currently battling Lupus, the same disease that took Dilla's life in 2006. This is for a great cause, so please help support and cop a fresh tee. I know you all love Dilla. He gave us so much, let's give back something. Go to for more info.

Evidence - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" Behind the Scenes [Part 1]

Hip Hop Official was on the set of Evidence's latest video shoot for his song "For Whom The Bell Tolls" off the Layover EP. The song features Will.I.Am, Blu, and Phonte from Little Brother. The entire video was shot at a crazy dope graveyard and mausolem in Altadena, CA and provides the perfect backdrop for the vibe of this video. I'm telling you, this place was mad spooky. I swear dead people were climbing out of the walls. I was packing garlic cloves and a wooden spike just in case something popped off. The official video is going to look amazing, but you can get a sneak peak right here.

Check for Part 2 tomorrow...

Tunji - New Classics Freestyle

Tunji (of Inverse) spits a freestyle while working in the studio with Cook Classics for the NEW CLASSICS mixtape presented by VIMBY. Tunji runs through more bars than jogging alcoholics.

True story: I'm going to interview Cook tomorrow and you'll be able to see that right here. Also got an interview with Inverse on the horizon too. Yup, it don't stop.

The Making of El Prez's "Hammerman"

You've heard the song. You've seen the live performance. Now watch how the beat was made. Produced by ChexMex. I'm not mad at his Running Man, either.

Shout out to DJRayz for the heads up.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Cypress Hill - "How I Could Just Kill A Man"

This is one is kind of ironic for Westcoast Wednesday because (a) When Cypress first came out everyone thought they were from the East Coast. (B) The video was shot in New York. But fuck it, these guys are legends in the west, I had to do it. This is one of my all time favorite Cypress tracks of all time. So Classic it's not even funny. B-Real doesn't get enough credit, his style, flow, and voice and one of a kind. Shout out to Ice Cube and Q-Tip for their cameos in the video.

All I wanted was a Pepsi.

Tuesday, February 3

[NEW] TiRon - "No Change"

The homie TiRon, who happened to be our Artist of the Week a few weeks back, drops a new track off his upcoming mixtape, Ketchup. Appropriately titled for all those of you are still sleeping on Tiron and need to..umm...catch up. Check back for that mixtape dropping next week.

DOWNLOAD: TiRon - "No Change"

Artist of the Week: Cymarshall Law.

From United Kingdom to New Jersey, check out Cymarshall Law, he's HHO's Artist of the Week. He talks about his roots, his latest album, and writing rhymes on the job.

Check out his latest album Hip Hop in The Soul in in stores now, get a sneak peak right here.

DOWNLOAD: Cymarshall Law - "Live While You Can"
DOWNLOAD: Cymarshall Law - "Love, Sex, or What"

Co$$ - Tomorrow's Yesterday (Mixtape)

Co$$ aka Cashus King drops his new mixtape today called Tomorrow's Yesterday. If you're not familiar with Co$$ this will be a good introduction. I suggest you make that acquaintance. Here, I'll help, "Hip-hop fan meet Co$$. Co$$, meet hip-hop fan.


Props to Mario @ VIMBY.

Daily Dopeness: We Gonna Make It.

I used to do this everyday, but have been slacking on my mackin, so I'm trying to kick start this again. Every day I try to post a song that I'm feeling that day, usually based on my mood. It's totally random, but always dope. Hence, the title. Today's selection comes from Jada Muah and his triumphant track about overcoming hardship, "We Gonna Make It." Produced by the Alchemist. Yessir. Ahaaaaaaaa!

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss - "We Gonna Make It"

Until tomorrow...

In the Studio with Fabolous.

The homies from Broccoli City link up with Fabolous in the recording studio for some behind the scenes footage. Broccoli is good for you.

Inverse - "So True" (EP)

Sometimes I forget stuff. True story. It's rare, but it happens. This is one of those occasions. I thought I posted this already, and never did. I thought about it. I wanted to. I don't know why I didn't. I've been listening to it all week, and realized I never posted it up. My bad. Blogger FAIL. But yo, better late than never.

You're going to like this. The homie Tunji is in a group called Inverse with his boy, Toby. They rocked the FCC show last Saturday. These cats make real good music. I wouldn't lie to you. Download this now, and enjoy it sooner than later. And don't be mad at you for holding out so long.


[NEW] De La Soul & J. Period - "Excursions 2009"

"Back in the day when I was a teenager/
Before I had status, and before I had a pager/
You could find the Abstract listening to Hip-Hop/
Pops used to say it reminded him of be-bop."

J. Period links up with De La remake a classic Tribe song. One of my favorite groups remixing another one of my favorite group's favorite songs? How can that be even remotely bad? It can't, that's how. It's better than free pancakes. (Sorry Denny's)

DOWNLOAD: De La Soul & J. Period - "Excursions 2009"

Monday, February 2

[VIDDEO] Cam'ron - "I Hate My Job" probably do too. Haaaaaaaaa.

Killa Cam returns with his first video in forever-ever. This is his first single off his new album, Crime Pays, coming soon.

[NEW] Raekwon ft. Ghostface & Method Man - "Back from the Slums"

Here's a nice little gem that is reportedly off of OB4CL2. Ghost and Meth join the Chef for this doo-wop flavored joint. The Wu proved that you can sample anything and make it fresh.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon ft. Ghostface & Method Man - "Back from the Slums" (Clean)

Link courtesy of 2dopeboyz.

50 Cent vs. Rick Ross (Round 3)

Curtis interviews Rick Ross's baby mamma and she dishes the dirt of Officer Rawse. Then 50 takes her on a shopping spree just for good measure. Because he can. If you haven't been following this beef, the current score is 3-0 in favor of 50 Cent. Fif is the king of all things beef, you can't compete with this dude when it comes to this type of fuckery. He lives for it. Officer's Ross doesn't stand a chance in hell because (a) he's a cop and (b)50 will go to any length to embarrass you. This goes beyond diss records, 50 is fucking with Ricky for fun. He's the Darth Vaider of this rap shit. I'm not a fan of 50 or Rick, but this shit is beyond entertaining.

If you're unaware where or how this started, follow along...

1. Rick made a song called "Mafia Music" is which is takes shots at Curtis.

“I love to pay ya bills, can’t wait to pay ya rent/Curtis Jackson, baby mama ain’t looking for a cent/Burn the house down, you gotta buy another/Don’t forget the gas can, jealous stupid motherfucker”

2. 50 responds with a song called "Try Me" in which he goes after Ross and DJ Khaled

3. Ricky goes on the radio to talk shit about Curtis. He basically says the "Try Me" track is garbage and gives Fifty 48 hrs to respond.

4. Curtis responds in less than 24 hours with a video blog stating he's going to "fuck up your life...for fun."

5. Ross doesn't say shit.

6. Curtis releases a animated cartoon called "Officer Ricky" taking more shots at Rawse and making people laugh in the process.

7. Ross doesn't say shit.

8. Curtis puts Ricky's baby momma in front of the camera and buys her a fur coat and some Gucci shoes.

9. ???

FCC EXCLUSIVE: FCC - "Floss Angeles" [LIVE]

Here's the first taste of the footage we shot at the FCC Lift Off show this past weekend. Hip Hop Official sponsored the event and captured all the freshness on camera. The FCC fam performs their song "Floss Angeles" live on stage. Featuring El Prez, Convinced, Dale Danja, C-San, and Chris Focus. Stayed tuned for more performances.

First thing's first, I Poppa...

Here's an ill throwback of Biggie Smalls performing "One More Chance" live at the Apollo circa 1995. Class-sick. You also get to see Puff rocking a silk shirt and doing the Diddy bop. That's always worth the price of admission. Below, you get another video of Big and Junior Mafia rocking "Playa's Anthem." And no, Lil Cease isn't being played by a 12 year old kid. And yes, Lil' Kim manages to keep her titties in her shirt.

Both videos courtesy of The Meaning of Dope.

El Prez - "Hammerman" [LIVE]

Inglewood emcee and FCC representer, El Prez, slid through the HHO studios to perform his song "Hammerman" in which he flips a classic Hammer track. Don't get it twisted, this one bangs. Off the Perfect Strangers EP, which is available for free download here.