Thursday, April 30

The Making of Liquid Swords.

Waxpoetics has a real dope article with the GZA/Genius talking about the making of his classic album, Liquid Swords. He even goes in detail about each of the 13 songs. It's a real dope read, my peoples.

The year was '95 and the first generation of Wu-Tang solo projects was gripping fans globally. And for his part, GZA never did waste ink and has shown a penchant for writing since Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and his debut, Words From The Genius. Even in a year of memorable releases, Liquid Swords' rhymes coupled with RZA's cinematic beats stood tall, furthering Wu-Tang's dominance to this day.

Thirteen years later, Liquid Swords continues to age well and is a stellar case of quality '90s hip-hop. Here for the first time ever, GZA talks about the making of the heralded classic, breaking down the album track-by-track and allowing insight into vital era in which it was made.

What was your writing process like at the time?
Real slow. I don't say slow in the sense that it necessarily took me a long time to finish what I'm writing. I mean, Raekwon and Ghostface can step in and record a song in about forty-five minutes. I on the other hand, would often go back and finish rhymes that I started. I would say I pieced things together [more] slowly then. Songs generally take me two to three days to write. Sometimes I take different sentences and put them together.

For a few tracks on the album I remember, the beat would be running and it'd be four o'clock in the afternoon. We'd be smoking and you know how weed takes its toll on you. I'd just get tired and sit in the same spot all day. I'd take a nap, hang out, nap later, woke up and finish a track. RZA would leave and go to the city to handle business. He'd come home hours later and I'd still be writing same shit I started when he left [laughs].

Check out the full article over at Waxpoetics.

And just because...

[VIDEO] Asher Roth (ft. Cee-Lo) - "Be By Myself"

Eminem's Next Video To Debut On Cinemax.

That's gotta be a first. Em's next single, the psychotic "3 A.M." will debut on Cinemax this Saturday at 10pm ET/PT. Yes, on cable. You broke muthafucka's are shit outta luck.

After you watch the trailer (above) you'll understand why. The music video for “3 a.m.,” the third track to be released from Eminem’s forthcoming album, Relapse, was directed by Syndrome. It will air just prior to Cinemax’s Saturday night pay television premiere of the horror film, The Strangers, starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman and will continue to air on the network throughout the month of May. I'm surprised it's not airing right before the late night sexy time Skinemax starts. You know what I'm talking about.

The Making of "Maybach Music 2"

The production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League talks about the making of Rick Ross's classic track and one of the best instrumentals of the year so far, "Maybach Music 2" featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain. Deep Than Rap is in stores now. BAWSE.

If you don't know the song, or haven't heard it yet, get you some:

[DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross (ft. Kanye West, T-Pain & Lil Wayne) - "Maybach Music 2"]

Throwback Thursdays.

dead prez - "Hip Hop"

Who shot Biggie Smalls?
if we don't get them, they gonna get us all...

One of the most incredible rap records ever made. And the beat is so ridiculous, Dave Chappelle used it for his entrance music. I always wondered what music I would enter to if I was a boxer, athlete or somebody who entered somewhere. This is definitely top 10. Along with Ante Up, Bring The Pain, Hit Em Up and Who Shot Ya?

Wednesday, April 29

[VIDEO] Raekwon (ft. Ghostface & Method Man) - "New Wu"

Throw your W's up.

Stones Throw Podcast 45: Bang Ya Head II

The latest Stones Throw Podcast contains 10 new tracks and assorted guest shots from MED, and is mixed by DJ Rhettmatic. you can't beat that with a bat.

DOWNLOAD the FREE MP3 on iTunes | SUBSCRIBE to the Stoneshrow Podcast

Westcoast Wednesday.

Mc Eiht - "Straight Up Menace"


[VIDEO] Mayer Hawthorne - "Just Not Gonna Work Out"

And now, for something completely different. Like I've been saying for the past few weeks...this is my new shit right now. And I don't even know why.

Talib Kweli Speaks on Idle Warship.

The BK MC talks about his side project, Idle Warship, and explains the dynamic of the group between him, Res. and Graph Noble. If you havent' seen them live, you need to re-evaluate your priorities in life. Just saying.

Speaking of Kweli, we were at the Reflection Eternal video shoot for their song "Back Again" yesterday, and will be hitting you with that footage shortly. Shout out to Todd A.

Tuesday, April 28

[NEW] Basicali - "Fuck Pluggin That Dumb Shit"

If the title doesn't grab you, the beat will. If the beat doesn't grab you, then the message will. If the message doesn't grab you, then you don't have a pulse.

The FCC presents one of L.A.'s homegrown talents, Basicali. The independent artist has been holding it down for Cali since before most of you were even listening to hip hop music. 1999. He's a staple in the L.A.'s independent music scene, and everyone and their momma seems to know him. Shit, I think even my Mom has met him. Having worked with the likes of , Basicali represents for you: the common man, woman, and child.

Here's the first track from his upcoming EP, I Choose You, presented by Acrylick Clothing, which drops May 19th for free download. Thumbs Up!

DOWNLOAD: Basicali - "Fuck Pluggin That Dumb Shit"

Follow my man Basicali on Twitter.

[NEW] Statik Selektah (ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli) - "The Thrill Is Gone"

Here's the first single from producer Statik Selektah's upcoming third album, The Hangover, featuring Styles and Talib. This is a good look, and it has an important message as well. Listen up, kiddies.

"Get your check, I can't knock that...
But it's a culture, you can't forget about that."

There's also some dope Biggie cuts on the hook. But you already knew that if you were paying attention.

[DOWNLOAD: Statik Selektah ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli - "The Thrill Is Gone"]

And wouldn't you know it, here's a nice little bundle for you that includes the Clean, Dirty, and Instrumental versions. The Maxi single is back!

The Kid Daytona - The Daytona 500 (Trailer)

The homie 6th Sense shot this over, it's a pretty dope teaser for The Kid Daytona's upcoming mixtape, The Daytona 500. He's gonna have all the producers who worked on his forthcoming studio album flip the Nautilus sample that Ghostface used for his track "Daytona 500". Then he's gonna spit to it, and put it out as a mixtape to get you ready for this upcoming album Come Fly With Me.

I'm with it.

Monday, April 27

[NEW] Method Man & Redman - "Dangerous MCs"

"Even Herbie Hancock know Red rockit"

Yessir! Meth and Red act like it's 1999, and come with some of the classic Blackout funk. Proving that they still got, they come with that same hot fire that Dylan spit. I hope this one is produced by Erick Sermon, because that's what my Spidey senses are telling me. I know that bass synth anywhere.

[DOWNLOAD] Method Man & Redman - "DANGEROUS MCs"

Courtesy of the dope boyz.

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Tech N9ne (Part 1)

One of Hip Hop's hardest working emcees, Tech N9ne, reps for Kansas City, Missouri. In fact, he basically put the city on the map. As the co-founder of Strange Music, he has become one of the most successful independent artists of all time. He's done it his way since he started, ,even when other people wouldn't take notice. They're noticing now.

He's built his name and fanbase on the strength of his high octane stage shows, which will turn any non believer into a walking disciple. Last year alone, Tech was the third highest grossing urban touring act in the country, behind 2 guys by the name of Jay-Z and Kanye West. He's official. So it's only right that he was named Hip Hop Official's Artist of the Week.

In Part 1 of this 2 part segment, Tech talks about his upcoming collabo album, called Sickology 101, which coincidentally hits stores tomorrow. He also gives you some insight to his next solo album, K.O.D. which will drop October 27th. If you've never seen Tech live before, do yourself a favor a catch him on the 2009 Rock The Bells tour this summer. HHO will be there. Will you? Peep the interview, then cop a free download from Tech's album that drops tomorrow.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Tech N9ne (ft. Crooked I & Chino XL) - "Sickology 101"

[VIDEO] cARTer - "Outta Space"

Here's a new one from Space City Houston's own, by the way of Hollywood, the big homie cARTer. Dope video.

Lupe Fiasco - "Go Go Gadget" [LIVE]

Everyone sounds better with a live band. Simple and plain. I'm still on the fence with Lupe as a live performer. I've seen him 3 times, and have yet to be impressed. My boy Koleeko even decided to throw a Midnight Marauders CD onstage when he was performing at USC last year. (If you don't understand why, go here, read the story, and then think about him throwing that CD on stage again). But watching this video, I was kind of impressed with his performance. Maybe he's grown in the past year, and realized the importance of a dynamic stage show. Or maybe my opening line is just the truth.


The Fugees - "Ready Or Die"

Alright ya'll, it's time to expand. If you're a follower or regular reader of this fantastic blog, then I'm sure you've noticed that we have our daily segments (Westcoast Wednesday, Throwback Thursdays, Forgotten Fridays) and we wanted to add another day to the roster. This time around, we decide to dedicated a day to shine some light on the beautiful side of hip hop, the ladies. From MC Lye to Lil Kim, we've had a plethora of femcees hold it down amongst the men and provide classic contributes to the this culture. All too often, they get unfairly overshadowed by their male counterparts, so starting today and continuing every Monday, we're gonna bring you a new video starring some of the dopest ladies in the game. We call it "Miss Mondays."

We set it off with probably my favorite female emcee of all time, and one of the most beautiful and angelic voices I've ever heard, the lovely Lauryn Hill. Most people recognize her for her singing, but on the real, her mic skills are far too underrated. She made The Score a classic for me. Go back and listen to it, all her verses stand out and provide the most quotables. I know she made her cheddar and fame from her singing, but I still remember her as L-Boogie from the Nappy Head crew. Come on, Lauryn, can we ever get another rap song outta you? Just one, and I'll leave you alone. You're too talented to stay in hiding.

In the Mix w/ Busta Rhymes. goes behind the scenes with Busta into Wyclef's studios to put finishing touches on his upcoming album, Back On My Bullshit, which drops May 19.

Styles P Interview.

SP The Ghost speaks on, YES, a new Lox album with Jada, Sheek, and himself. He also talks the 5 rules to success in the music industry. Relax and take notes.

Asher Roth - "La Di Da" [LIVE]

Another live performance from HHO x Asher Roth. Asleep in the Bread Aisle in stores now. I'm too tired to right anything more.

Thursday, April 23

[VIDEO] Kanye West (Ft. Young Jeezy) - "Amazin'"

Directed by Hype Williams. Shot in Hawaii. Ripped from BET. Found at The Chronicle.

And yes, some of the aerial shots amazin.

DAMN, I Wish I Was On That!!!

This is one of our newest features on Hip Hop Official. We ask some of (y)our favorite rappers if there was a particular song that when they first heard it, they were like "Daaaaaamn, I wish I was on that!" Whether you wished you could have spit a verse on it, produced it, wrote it, or just shouted out some Diddy-like adlibs in the background. What song in the history of music, do you wish you could have been a part of?

Stay tuned for more of these coming soon.

Royce Da 5'9" x DJ Premier.

Royce talks about his upcoming album that's being executive produced by some DJ named Premier. It's called Street Hop and it's due out July 7th. Wow. The more I think about it, the more I realize how bananas this shit is going to be. Actually, bananas don't due it justice. More like papayas. This shit is gonna be papayas.

Kevin Da 6'1" is excited.

[NEW] Eminem - "3 A.M."

Here we go. New single from Marshall Mathersand his upcoming album, Relapse. This one if pretty crazy. Em mentioned in his interview with Angela Yee that he tried to make his flow different on every song. This is definitely different. Shady steps inside the mind of an insane and delusional psychopath to tell the tale of his brutal serial killings. Think Buffalo Bill. Very uplifting.

He does a weird accent thing with his voice that bothered me at first, but it actually works. Especially if he's telling the story from another perspective. I had to listen to this about 5 times straight before I picked up on all the nuisances. Technically speaking, Em is still on another level. The inflections and flow are marvelous.

[DOWNLOAD: Eminem - "3 A.M."]

Courtesy of Rap Radar.

Ross vs. Roth.

Not only are they battling for album sales this week, now the Bawse and Rawth go head-to-head in a various skill-laden competitions like Chess, Beer Pong, and of course, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Bawse don't play.

Eminem Interview on Shade45.

During a recent interview on "The Morning After" on Shade 45 radio, Angela Yee pulls no punches no punches with boss, Eminem, and gets to the bottom of this recent Eminem disappearing act and what the hell he's been doing. She also gets the scoop on the upcoming album, Relapse. Highlights include, but are not limited to:

1. To avoid leaks, only Em and Dre have copies of the album.

2. The next single is called "3 AM"

3. Only Dre and 50 Cent appear on the album.

4. Em deliberately picked beats that challenged him.

5. Em is feeling music from T.I., Kanye, and Lil Wayne.

LISTEN: Eminem Interview Part 1 | Eminem Interview Part 2 | Eminem Interview Part 3 | Eminem Interview Part 4

[VIDEO] Murs - "Break Up" (The O.J. Song)

Yes, as in O.J. Simpson. We can all relate to this one. Not the O.J. part, but the breaking up part.

"Everything I do, it reminds me of you,
And everything I see, it reminds me of we.
And every time I lust, it reminds me of us,
And I wanna stay together, because I hate breaking up"

Real talk.

Reflection Eternal Interview w/

Interesting fact about this interview, they stole our Hip Hop Official footage of Reflection Eternal performing at SXSW. Once at 1:20, and again at 3:10. Thanks Curtis, I'm flattered.

[VIDEO] Kurious (ft. MC Serch & DOOM) - Benneton

Speaking of Throwback Thursdays, here's a brand new video from 3 dudes who started their rap careers 20 years ago. Kurious Jorge = 1991. MC Serch = 1989. MF DOOM aka Zev Love X = 1989.

This one appears on Kurious's new album, II. (That's 2, not 11, LL, or Pause.)

Throwback Thursdays.

Kool G. Rap (ft.Nas) - "Fast Life"

...This is one of my favorite songs from 1885, and a true slept on classic. And to top it off, this video is also incredible for multiple reasons:

1. The awful acting in the beginning. It's comedically bad. How did Nas ever end up in Belly? Didn't Hype watch this video?
2. The awkward handshake between Nas and Kool G. in the beginning. Why didn't they re-shoot that? Was that really the best take?
3. Kool G. Rap running on the treadmill in Timberland boots. And jeans.
4. Kool G. Rap's multi-syllabic rapid fire flow on his opening verse is one of the most amazing things ever. And he does it all with a lisp. Incredible.
5. Nas's opening line in his verse is one of my favorite's of all time. It's simple, but so gangster.
6. Nas looks so uninterested in being in this video. There's probably 47 other places he'd rather be at that moment in time.
7. Nas wearing his socks in a sauna.
8. The awkward "Staircase" scene where Nas and Kool G. look like they're about to get married to each other as they walk down the steps.
9. The bassline in this song is ridiculous. It melts my eardrums. In a good way.
10. The dance that the guy who sings the hook does at the end of the video. I need to add that to my arsenal.

Looking back, this might be one of the worst videos ever. Most videos are supposed to make the song better. This does the complete opposite. If you had never heard of Kool G. Rap or Nas in your entire life, and somebody made you watch this video, you would lose respect for them based on this. But in a weird way, it makes me appreciate the song even more. And you should too. So here's the downloadable version to go bump in your whip.

[DOWNLOAD: Kool G. Rap (ft.Nas) - "Fast Life"]

Wednesday, April 22

[NEW] Shawn Chrystopher - "Lethal Weapon"

The homie and Inglewood native Shawn Chrystohper delivers a new leak from his upcoming project, I.W.G.2: I Told You So, which will be sponsored by our friends at and, so you know it's Official. Check for that to drop this coming Cinco De Drinko a.k.a. May 5th.

Shawn Chrys is a talented cat, and I'm not just saying that. He's more than just a rapper, he makes dope music. He gets the Offical co-sign.

[DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher - "Lethal Weapon"]


The homie Eazee is throwing his 1 year anniversary party. And since his site started last April, and my site started last April as well, I'm gonna piggy back this party and say it's my 1 year co-anniversary. Yep, I can do that. It's FCC all day, everyday. Roll through, and catch performances from U-N-I and Chris Focus. And catch me representing for Hip Hop Official and The Notorious B.L.O.G.

The back of the club, sipping Moet is where you'll find me.

9th Wonder x Puma.

It looks like the North Cakalacka super producer 9th Wonder is getting his own signature Puma shoe. He designed the shoe himself, and put his own personal touches on it. The words "Justus League" are displayed on the side panel, while an enlarged 9 rests on the other side. His The sole is transparent and contains the North Carolina area code (919) underneath. 9th's logo appears inside the show, and the laces are tri-colored red, white, and blue. Stay tuned for release date info.

Asher Roth Drinking Game

Get Asher's party goers drunk. Read the instructions, because I tried to play without doing that and I lost in 4 seconds. The key is the SPACE bar.

And shout out to the guy in the black shirt with dreadlocks that looks like Hip Hop Official's Executive Producer, Daylan. Haha

K'Naan Hates Strip Clubs.

...but he likes making dope music. Our HHO correspondent Yasmin caught up with Somali born emcee K'Naan to talk about what inspires the message in his music and his upcoming projects. He also reveals why he doesn't like strip clubs. No, it's not the expensive ass 2 drink minimum, the shady old dudes in the back, or danger of catching an air born STD. The answer may surprise you.

H.O.P.E. - Hyphenated Life Interview (Part 1)

Up and coming Cali emcee H.O.P.E. sits down with Hyphenated Life and DJ Chuck to talk about the release of his latest project, Follow The Leader. If you haven't downloaded that one yet, stop sleeping.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Tha Alkaholiks - "DAAAAM"

..."Kick ya dopest rhyme, I'll break ya up like 3rd Bass/
I'm from the crew that sets it off by spraying beer in your face."

Here's some dope L.A. music for this beautiful Wednesday morning. Tha Liks to this day are one of my favorite L.A. based rap groups of all time. In the mid to late 90's these cats were KILLIN it. Hearing these dudes always takes me back to my high school and early college years. Their music just puts me in a good mood. They must put Prozac in it or something.

Although they never had any real commercial success, they representing for any true L.A. hip hop fan. I remember meeting these cats at an in store appearance on Melrose back in 1997. The store was packed to the ceiling. The got a lotta love for their fans and city, so I'm returning the favor.

Shout out to Xzibit for his cameo in the video.

Tuesday, April 21

[VIDEO] The Foreign Exchange - "Take Off The Blues"

Phonte. Nicolay. Darien Brockington. Good stuff. This should keep you cool on this hot ass L.A. day.

Rick Ross + The Roots on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon.

The Roots can make anybody sound dope. I'm convinced of that. They're the best thing to happen to late nights since Skinemax and the Subway that's open 24 hours a day by my pad.

The Bawse performs "Magnificent" as Black Thought and Captain Kirk fill in vocals for John Legend's part.

H.O.P.E. - "Follow The Leader" [MIXTAPE]

Compton's in the house. Up and coming emcee H.O.P.E. looks to stake his claim as one of the West's most talented and prominent emcees. He has been making quite a bit of noise for the past few months around Los Angeles, and has just dropped his latest project, Follow the Leader, which features LA artists, U-N-I, Skeme and Casey Veggies. Enjoy, and tell a friend.


Courtesy of Julien.

The Making of 3 Feet High & Rising.

It was 20 years ago. Can you believe that? Can you even fathom that? This album is older than some of you reading this right now, and it's one of the greatest albums ever.

In the springtime of 1989, three teenagers from Long Island released an album that changed hip hop history forever. You gotta remember, when they dropped this album, it was unlike anything anybody had heard in hip hop at the time. Rap music has an edge. Artists like Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Eric B & Rakim, Run DMC, and KRS-One reigned supreme. De La ushered in a new style and sound all their own called the "D.A.I.S.E.Y. Age", prompting the masses to call them "hippies" and label their music "alternative." With the success of the album and crossover hit "Me, Myself, and I", De La essentially launched a new jazz-inspired, positive-minded sound to the masses, which we all know as the Native Tongue sound. Although they weren't the first group out the gate (The Jungle Brothers were), they took the Native Tongue sound to new heights, which eventually helped birth groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah, Leaders of the New School (and Busta Rhymes) and the Jungle Brothers.

To celebrate this timeless classic, the good folks at HIPHOP.COM have a nice little feature on the making of the album. They talk to De La Soul's Posdnous and Dave (formerly Trugoy the Dove), the album's producer, their fellow LI school friend and Stetsasonic member, Prince Paul, and some of their golden age contemporaries about the making of this all-time classic. This is a must read for any hip hop fan. And yes, you have to read. It's not a YouTube video. It's not an mp3. It's an article....with words. Remember those?


[NEW] Elzhi - "Deep" (prod by Black Milk)

There's no getting around it, Elzhi raps better than you. And realistically, he probably raps better than everyone you know. No disrespect to you and yours, but some cats are just on another level. That's Elzhi.

This track is bananas. I had to listen to it 7 times before I was able to comprehend the verbal gymnastics going on here.

[DOWNLOAD: Elzhi - "Deep" (prod by Black Milk)] (Download will start when you click)

Courtesy of Hexmurda.

Monday, April 20

Artist of the Week: Kid Sister.

The Chicago hip hopstress Kid Sister is our Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. Her genre blending style is equal parts hip hop, classic Chicago house, and new wave electro, mixed together and covered in spunk. The majority of you were probably introduced this ball of energy when she hit the scene back in 2008 with her Kanye backed track "Pro Nails."

If you're one of the few who lives under a rock and are not familiar with Melissa, it's time to take notice. She linked up with the indie record label, Fool's Gold, which is run by Kanye's DJ and her current boyfriend, A-Trak. She plans on releasing her debut album, Dream Date, later this year. She talked to HHO about her upcoming album, her live shows, and what she has on tap for the rest of 2009. Here's a hint, whatever the hell she wants...Personally, I think she needs to add "Red Bull spokesperson" to her resume. After the interview, cop yourself a free download of her latest song.

[BONUS DOWNLOAD] Kid Sister - "Get Fresh"]

I Wish It Would Rain.

New shit from Mayer Hawthorne. Soul for real.

[NEW] Kid CuDi - "Daps and Pounds"

Since it's 4/20, I'm gonna keep blazing you with the new joints. Now only if you could download munchies from the internet your life would be perfect. Here's some new CuDi from the upcoming Dat Kid From Cleveland dropping soon via the homie DatNewCudi. Stay tuned his blog for all the latest Kid CuDi news. And stay tuned to this blog for life altering music and mind bending hip hop commentary. Or just for the free shit.

[DOWNLOAD: Kid CuDi - "Daps and Pounds"]

[NEW] J Dilla ft. Black Thought - "Reality Check"

Seriously. Just download this.

This is off Nature Sounds’ upcoming Jay Stay Paid project, which will be a compilation of mostly unheard and rare Dilla beats (unless you are J. Rocc) abd will be mixed by the legendary Pete Rock and executive produced by Ma Dukes, Ms. Yancey. If features an all-star cast of Dilla Friends, including Black Thought, DOOM, Raekwon, Blu, Havoc, M.O.P., and his lil brother Illa J. Get your tapedecks ready, this one drops on June 2nd.

[DOWNLOAD: J Dilla ft. Black Thought - "Reality Check"]

Courtesy of Okayplayer.

[VIDEO] Reflection Eternal - "Back Again"

[NEW] Clipse (ft. Kanye West) - "Kinda Like A Big Deal"

Cocaine raps meet heartbreak. The Clipse call on Kanye for this heavy collabo from the Clipse's forthcoming album, Til The Casket Drops. Produced by one of the most underrated dudes in hip hop, DJ Khalil.

[DOWNLOAD: Clipse (ft. Kanye West) - "Kinda Like A Big Deal"]

Courtesy of the NMC.

[NEW] Asher Roth (ft. Slick Rick) - "Y.O.U."

Here's the U.K. Bonus cut from Asher's album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, which is in stores today. I'm interested in to see how well this kid's album does, and how the masses respond to him. I can't tell. I'm so fully entrenched in the hip hop community, it's hard to get a global and mainstream view on certain artists. All I know is that this Asher Roth dude has a ton of hype built up around him, and he does have talent, and he does remind me of Eminem, and he does have commercial appeal, and he does have an angle, and he is white. So, with all those variable taken into account, all signs point to success. Let's see how this plays out. I think it all depends on his album sales, and more importantly, his second single. WHERE IS IT? We need another video, stat.

I'm probably gonna cop it just because. That's it, no reason, just because. I work for Hip Hop Official. It's my job. Plus, I can write it off, suckas.

[DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth (ft. Slick Rick) - "Y.O.U."]

Buy the album here.

Janelle Monae Interview.

Hip Hop Official sits down with Janelle for an intimate interview about boring everyday topics such as, time traveling, swimming in the Red Sea, crime fighting, making James Brown chuckle, and of course the Arch-Android. All in a days work.

If you've never seen Janelle perform live, you're missing out on a true entertainer. Her live shows are unparalleled. Check out some of our coverage of her performing at our HHO showcase in SXSW.

Janelle Monae - "Many Moons" [LIVE] | Janelle Monae - "Violet Stars, Happy Hunting" [LIVE]

Artist of the Week: PAC DIV (Part 2).

In Part 2 of our Artist of the Week interview, the Cali trio, PAC DIV, talks about their underground banger, "The Mayor" thats sweeping the nation. It's such a dope song, they even have their own dance. Think Humpty, not Souljah Boy. The fellas also let us in on their mindset when they touch the stage for a live show. If ya missed Part 1, get your late pass on. Peep the bonus download of "The Mayor" below.

[DOWNLOAD: PAC DIV - "The Mayor"]

Welcome to the Slughterhouse.

We caught up with the 4 headed monster that is Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce the 5'9") at Paid Dues to talk about the dynamic of the group, the friendly competition and how they came together like Voltron. Joey loves to fuck with his interviewers and he tried to give me some shit, but in the spirit of hip hop, I gave it right back to him. PAUSE. You can check that out in Part 2 below.

They killed it so tough at Paid Dues, they got invited back to be on Rock The Bells. Make sure you hit the festival when it comes to a town near you. Or in the case of us Angelinos, when it comes to a town 2 fucking hours outside of where you live in the middle of nowhere.

I Want To Get High.

It wouldn't be a proper 4/20 without a Cypress Hill joint. Pun intended.

Thursday, April 16

One Time For The Sunshine.

Here's a dope new video from Fusion Unltd. called "The Sun" featuring Little Brother, Nickelus F, H.O.F & Skillz. I'm diggin this one. With the spring in full effect, and summer creepin on the come up, this is perfect. It's the definition of feel good music. I mean, come on, the song is about the sun. And everybody loves the sunshine...just ask Roy Ayers.

The Dallas Austin Experience.

Hit maker Dallas speaks on his production style, and working with everyone from TLC to Madonna, to Boyz II Men to Fishbone. Don't front, you know you got down with your little Tender Roni to some Boyz II Men or TLC back in your junior high days.

But yo, Dallas isn't just doing pop records behind the scenes anymore. Did you know he co-wrote Drumline and ATL? Did you know he had his own clothing line? I bet you didn't know that he a debut solo album on the way called, 8 Daze A Weakend, which will prove to be a true musical experience. Well now you know. Check the resume, this dude has done it all and doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Asher Roth Interview.

Asher performed at our SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas last month. Before the show, he sat down with our correspondent, McKenna, to talk about his upcoming album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, which drops on...of course...4/20. He tells us not to except an album full of "I Love Colleges" and also gives us the inside scoop if where the random ass title came from. Let's just say, the moral of the story is don't take Tylenol PM during the day, kiddos.

El Prez (ft. U-N-I & Dale Danja) - "Uaintuponthis" [LIVE]

Here's an older performance of the FCC's finest getting down at the Lift Off Show a few months back. We forgot to post this up in January. Our bad. It happens. Shout out to El Prez, Thurzday, Y-O, Dale Danja, DNEZ, Spintellect, Eazee, Chris Focus, Convinced, Tunji, Inverse, E-Dub, Ophrap, Brother Dvooa, and the lovely Erica Jade. In fact, shout out to everybody in the building that night for showing love. Except the sound guy. He sucked.

Throwback Thursdays.

Keith Murray - "The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World"

...I once heard a rumor that Keith knocked out Prodigy from Mobb Deep. I also heard a rumor that he beat some kid down with a barstool once. I don't know if that's true, but I do know for a fact that Keith beats the shit outta this track right here. Classic.

Noisemakers w/ Q-Tip.

HOT 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg sits down with A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip, in his latest installment of the Noisemakers Series. Tip talks about some of influences and cats like Stevie Wonder, Quincy, and Miles Davis as inspirations. He give a play by play of his first phone call with Miles Davis. Hilarious. Tip also mentions his love for Thom Yorke and Radiohead. Tip knows his music.

Below, Kamaal talks about his first meeting with the late great J Dilla, and his first impressions of the iconic producer. Legendary stuff. Basically Tip felt the same way we all felt when we were first introduced to a Dilla beat.

Happy Birthday Kool Herc.

Hip Hop's Founding Father, Clive Campbell, better known as DJ Kool Herc turns 54 today. Respect Due. This is the man who essentially birthed the Hip Hop Culture back in the Bronx in the 70's. Aside from throwing some of the first hip hop parties in history, he's credited for developing the blueprint for hip hop music, in which he would isolate the "break" part of a record, and prolong it by continuously looping the section by using 2 of the same records on the 2 turntables. This became the section that the dancers enjoyed most. Because they danced to the break part of the record, Herc began calling his dancers "break-boys" and "break-girls", or simply b-boys and b-girls. Herc also contributed to developing the rhyming style of hip hop by punctuating the music with slang phrases from the DJ's microphone, with classic phrases like: "Rock on, my mellow!" "B-boys, b-girls, are you ready?" "This is the joint!" "To the beat, y'all!" "And you don't stop!" For all his cultural contributions, he is credited as the Father of Hip Hop, and an icon and hero in the beginning of hip hop music and culture.

This man is truly a legend. If he wasn't for him, most of us wouldn't be doing what we are doing today. Pay respect and pay Homage. We salute you, Herc.

Wednesday, April 15

Air Stabs Now Available on NIKEiD.

That's what I'm talking about. For only $112 too. That's also what I'm talking about. The Air Stabs are one of the most comfortable Nikes ever. I just whipped these bad boys up real quick on Nike ID, as part of the Notorious K.E.V. pack. 1 of 1. Limited Edition. Don't be jealous.

I love Nike ID, and you should too. Why buy someone else's shoe, when you can make your own? Feel free to steal my design, just shout me out when you see me in the streets.

Biggie & Co. @ The Hit Factory.

Rare footage of Biggie Smalls, Puff, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Naughty By Nature, and Onyx having a photo session at the Hit Factory circa 1994. This is dope. Big's rocking a Karl Kani hoody, Sticky Fingaz is rolling a blunt, and Puff is barking orders. Classic.

Kanye x NBA Playoffs.

Here is Mr. West's official "Amazin" NBA Playoffs ad campaign. I caught this the other night, and I was impressed. The song is a perfect fit. The NBA's slogan is "Where Amazing Happens." It was only natural. I was just joking the other day when I was at the Laker game, that if I were a rapper I would make event specific songs for specific instances just so that they would use them in commercials, promos, and sporting events...and the royalty checks would roll in forever. Instead of playing the BEP's "Let's Get It Started" every time a basketball game jumps off, they would play my hit song "This Basketball Game is About To Begin." I'd have a football, baseball, and even hockey remix. The options are endless. And it would really make a lot of editors and advertisers jobs a lot easier. Rappers, get at me.

But this is really well done. Shout out to the ad wizards who came up with this one. Dave Chappelle was right, everything does look better in slow motion.

The NBA Playoffs Laker's Championship run starts this Saturday.

Raekwon Explains "The Purple Tape"

At the Rock The Bells Press Conference I had the chance to chop it up with the god, Raekwon regarding his thoughts on the upcoming tour and some of the artists he'd be sharing the bill with like Crooked I (of Slaughterhouse). Of course, Only Built For Cuban Linx (OG and Part 2) came up in the conversation, but I didn't want to ask him the same generic questions about it. Since I'm a lifelong Wu fan, I asked him a question that I've wanted to know since 1995:

Why was the original Cuban Linx tape purple?

Rae goes in on how they came up with the idea and how it's been tied to the album forever. Being a true WU fan, Crooked I throws out his own questions for Raekwon in this East meets West interview. This is some behind the music shit right here.

Scott Storch Arrested For Stealing Bentley.

Classic mug shot right there, Scotty. Where you surprised you got caught, or have you been awake for 46 straight hours? Cocaine is a helluva drug (c) Rick James.

TMZ is reporting that producer Scott Storch has just been booked with grand theft auto (no XBOX). Storch allegedly leased a Bentley but never returned it after the expiration date. It took the leasing company 7 months to find it. Maybe he couldn't return it because he was living in it.

Devin The Dude's Guide to Meeting Women.

This is hilarious. Devin takes 2 interns from Complex Magazine, and hits the streets of New York to help them approach women. The Hood meets the Pick Up Artist. This sounds like a new VH1 reality show. Some of these ladies need to play in the NBA, their rejection game is fierce. I think one of them even threw up the legendary Mutombo finger wag.

Westcoast Wednesday.

This week we expand past Cali, and take you up to the Great Northwest to Seattle, Washington for Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic trunk rattler, "Posse On Broadway." Say what you want about Mix-A-Lot and his other songs, but you can't front, this song slaps. When I had my two 12' sub woofers in my trunk (before they got stolen), I was blowin up blocks with this song. Mix was right, the 808 kick drum made the girlies get dumb.

"At 23rd and Union, the driver broke left/
Kevin shouted 'Broadway, it's time to get def.'"

Tuesday, April 14

True Hip Hop Stories: Special Ed.

D-Nice has done it again. In the latest installment of his True Hip Hop Stories, he talks to Special Ed about his classic and career defining song, "I Got It Made."

"I'm your idle, the highest title. Numero Uno."

Ed also speaks on what he's been up to for the past few years since he first dropped in 1989. Ed continues to talk about the current state of hip-hop, and the lack of respect for the culture from all angles. Strong words. Good to hear that Ed is still doing his thing.

[NEW] General Steele (ft. Smif N Wessun & Stormey Coleman) - “Bucktown Baby”

Boot Camp! Here's some new audio from Steele from SMif N' Wessun off his upcoming project, Welcome To Bucktown, which drops on Cinco De Mayo. The album was inspired by the 1975 Blaxploitation film Bucktown. The soundtrack takes the listener through modern day Bucktown, AKA Brooklyn, as coined by the rap duo Smif-N-Wessun circa 1994, and explores the evolution and current conditions through the eyes of hip-hop Brooklyn artists. Sign me up.

[DOWNLOAD: General Steele (ft. Smif N Wessun & Stormey Coleman) - "Bucktown Baby"]

Show Me The Money.

It's the unemployment theme! This beat is mad fonky. New York emcee, Fokis links up with Mr. eXquire and E-Cashe$ for this recession proof track. That reminds me, I get paid tomorrow. Hell yeah. I also have to pay my credit card bills and student loans. Fuck that.

Artist of the Week: PAC DIV.

The new school Fat Boys cover the tough topics, such as the importance of a good cologne. Seriously. They also talk about their upcoming projects: Their mixtape, Church League Champions, as well as their debut album which are both dropping this year. As the homie E-Dub would say, Cali is definitely active.

And for your downloading pleasure, here's a dope cut from a new mixtape called Cool Guys Always Finish First, presented by in conjunction with DJ Don Cannon. It has tags and gets cut off, but you know what, fuck it. The 2:09 are worth it.

[DOWNLOAD: Pac Div - "Let's Go"]

Redman Freestyle.

In case you didn't know, the Funk Doctor Spock runs through more bars than Lindsey Lohan's drunk ass.

cARTer to Guest Host on HHO.

All this week, the big homie cARTer will be guest hosting on Hip Hop Official. The Houston native will be popping up in a number of our shows to give his own unique twist and flavor to the program. He'll set it off by introducing our Artist of the Week segment, so stay tuned for that. If you haven't already done so, go download his incredible dope project, The Carter Family Reunion, which he dropped in connection with and Go download it HERE.

Janelle Monae - "Many Moons" [LIVE]

Janelle rocks another spellbinding live performance for the HHO cameras down at our SXSW showcase last month. She's hands down one of the most unique performers since...well, since ever.

You Can Name Nas's Baby.

Nasir Jones talks about the possibility of having the fans submit names for his unborn (and unnamed) child with Kelis. Too bad Ether Boy is already taken.

You can also check out Nas headlining this year's Rock The Bells Festival, coming to a Live Nation venue near you.

Monday, April 13

Eminem Covers XXL.

Marshall Mathers gets the cover treatment for the June issue of XXL. In the article he talks about some pretty personal topics including his drug addiction and Proof's death.

“Everyone felt his loss, from his kids, to his wife, to everyone. But, for some reason, in hindsight, the way I felt was almost like it happened to just me…Maybe at the time I was a little bit selfish with it. I think it kind of hit me so hard. It just blindsided me. I just went into such a dark place that, with everything, the drugs, my thoughts, everything. And the more drugs I consumed, and it was all depressants I was taking, the more depressed I became, the more self-loathing I became…By the way, I’m just now at the point where I’m better talking about it. It took me so long to get out of that place where I couldn’t even speak about it without crying or wanting to cry…Proof was the anchor. He was everything to D12. And not just the group-for me, personally, he was everything.”

Courtesy of Rap Radar.

U-N-I Interview.

The homies from U-N-I talk about what motivates them musically. Y-O says he still works his regular 9-to-5, driving rugrats around Los Angeles. Everyday I'm hustlin.

Shout out to Bambu for the cameo.

Sunday, April 12


Since today is Easter, a.k.a. The O.G. Resurrection, it seems only right to bump this classic joint from Common [Sense] today. Resurrection is one of my top 10 albums of all time. Put that shit in your tape deck today.

Thursday, April 9

The History of Q-Tip.

The Abstract Poetic breaks down how his career started back in 1985 with the Jungle Brothers, and then gives you a rundown of his history from then until now. If you're a Tribe fan in the slightest, then this is a must watch. And of all the 4,876,284 million people that I've met in my lifetime, only 6 of them weren't fans of A Tribe Called Quest. So I'm pretty convinced you'll be watching this joint.

[VIDEO] Method Man & Redman - "Ayo"

Saukrates on the hook. These dudes still got it. [PAUSE.]

Blackout 2
coming soon.

Rock The Bells 2009 Press Conference.

We brought you the lineup freestyle. And now here are the highlights from the press conference where they announced the official lineup for Rock The Bells 2009. KRS-One, Damian Marley, Raekwon, and Tech N9ne in the building.

[VIDEO] The Grouch & Eligh - "Say G&E"

New video from the Living Legends duo Grouch and Eligh. I can't front, between 1997-2000, I was one of the biggest Living Legends fans ever. The Grouch was that dude. Nobody else in hip-hop was on their independent grind and coming with the type of introspective music these cats were bringing. They knew how to connect with their fans, and they did it themselves. These guys are the definition of paying dues. Do your homework. Respect due.

Grouch threw up the free DL on his Twitter:

[DOWNLOAD: The Grouch & Eligh - "Say G&E"]

Throwback Thursdays.

Wu-Tang Clan - "Can It Be All So Simple"

"...You know everybody talking about the good ole days, right? Evvvverybody - the good ole days, the good ole days. Well, let's talk about the good ole days."

Some 1993 exoticness. Kickin the fly cliches.

Wednesday, April 8

[NEW] Rick Ross ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & T-Pain - "Mayback Music 2"

This is one of the most anticipated songs of the year, and according to the Bawse, the realest shit ever wrote. Every one does their typical routine. Kanye flashes, Ross acts Bossy, T-Pain autotunes, and Weezy says weird, off the wall, pause-worthy shit like:

"All black Maybach, I'm sitting in the asshole."

To each their own. This song is still massive. BAWSE.

[DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross - "Mayback Music 2"]

Courtesy of Low Key.

Mistah F.A.B. Interview.

One of Oakland's finest talks about one of the many misconceptions about hip-hop: You're not . He also talks about his upcoming album, The Bus Ride which is a deep and introspective voyage through his life and a testament to his city, Oakland. But don't worry, it is guaranteed to slap up and down the boulevards. Take a ride F.A.B...

[NEW] Rick Ross (ft. Foxy Brown) - "Murda Miami"

Ross and his Ill Nana link up for this '09 Bonnie & Clyde track. BAWSE. Deep Than Rap in stores April 21. BAWSE.

[DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross (ft. Foxy Brown & Masspike Miles) - "Murda Miami"]

Courtesy of Nahright.

Rock The Bells 2009 Lineup Freestyle.

Supernatural does what Supernatural does best, and freestyles the entire lineup for the 2009 Rock The Bells Tour. Headlined by Nas & Damian Marley, the roster also includes The Roots, Common, KRS-One, Slum Village, Raekwon, RZA, and so much more. To peep the full roster, let Supernat tell ya in this video.

[VIDEO] U-N-I: "Hollywood Hiatus"

World premier of a dope new video from Thurz and Y-O for their lead single from their latest album, A Love Supreme. Simple yet clever. Fun and original. This song gets me hyped for the sunny summers is Los Angeles. CA all day.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Kurupt - "We Can Freak It"

"...bounce, rock, roller skatin...dippin' through your hood on custom Daytons"

Rock The Bells 2009 Lineup Anounced.

Headlined by Nas and Damien Marley, and featuring the Roots, Common, Big Boi, Slum Village, KRS-One, Raekwon, RZA, Slaughterhouse, Tech N9ne, and Reflection Eternal. Hip hop, hip hop, and more hip hop. It's gonna be crazy, and HHO will be there every step of the way to bring you all the action.

Stay Tuned...we'll have the video of Supernatural freestyling the lineup shortly.

Tuesday, April 7

[MIXTAPE] Diz Gibran - "Soon You'll Understand"

Presented by Crooks & Castles. Produced by Moonshine. Intended for your eardrums.

I've been listening to it all morning, and it's doper than Amy Winehouse's blood stream.


[VIDEO] Eminem - "We Made You"

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. You already know. Em's back to his old tricks with his over the top videos and over the topper lyrics. Nobody is safe. Shots fired at Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba, Bret Michaels, and of course....Sarah Palin.

Artist of the Week: Jadakiss.

Al Queda Jada talks about his new album, The Last Kiss, which coincidentally hits stores today. Actually, it's no coincidence. We knew his album was dropping today, that's why we made him Artist of the Week. See how that works? That's called good planning and foresight. And staying relevant.

So after you watch this video, go cop The Last Kiss, which includes guest sppearances from Mary J. Blige, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Ne Yo, Nas and Ghostface Killah.

Kid CuDi Interview: Part 3

And ya don't stop. Here's Part 3 of our Kid CuDi interview series in the streets of Austin, Texas. He's joined by his friend, mentor, and legendary producer 88-Keys, who has been supporting him and providing sage-like advice since the jump. Also, we happened to have the cameras rolling when CuDi meets fellow Ohio-native and beatsmith extraordinaire DJ Hi-Tek for the first time ever. Dope moment. I think Hip Hop Official might have just helped broker a production deal between these two. If Tek produces a track for Cudders upcoming album, you know where you saw it first. And I want my finders fee.

Friday, April 3

Kid CuDi Interview: Part 2

Mr. Man in the Moon talks to HHO about the message behind his smash hit single, Day N Nite. He also opens up about carefully crafting his debut album. Dude is serious about his music. He's not just trying to entertain you, he wants to take you to new heights. It'll be interesting to see if he can accomplish that. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Kanye is behind him. Ummm. PAUSE.

STAY TUNED. More from CuDi coming soon.

Thursday, April 2

Paid Dues 2009 Wrap Up.

We hit you with your All Access pass to the biggest independent hip hop show on the planet. The show was off the chain and the fans mos def got their money's worth. Check the interviews and performances from Atmosphere, Tech N9Ne, Brother Ali, Living Legends, and the most anticipated group on the bill, the super group Slaughterhouse.

Asher Roth x The Cools Kids- "Black Mags" [LIVE]

Your favorite college slacker performs the song that introduced Asher to the masses started his ascension to stardom. It also allowed us old heads relive our fondest college memories. High quality video and clean audio on this one. We're called Hip Hop Official for a reason. Leave it to the professionals, kiddo.

UPDATE: My fault. I posted the wrong the video with the wrong name. This is the Asher Roth x Cool Kids collabo that we set up for our SXSW showcase. Exclusive content right here...enjoy.

The SXSW Live Cypher.

We dropped Part 1 (above) a few weeks back. Now the rest of the cypher has hit the internets! Ya'll ain't ready for this one. The best part about this cypher is that it broke out in the middle of our interview with Tanya Morgan. One thing you know Von Pea was imitating Don Cornealious, and the next thing you know mic are getting wrecked in the streets of Austin, Texas. Featuring Homeboy Sandman, P.CASSO. Fresh Daily, Tanya Morgan, and 88-Keys.

PART 2: Fresh Daily, 88-Keys and Don Will

PART 3: P.Casso, Ilyas and Von Pea from Tanya Morgan

PART 4: Homeboy Sandman, Von Pea from Tanya Morgan, and Fresh Daily.

Janelle Monae - "Violet Stars Happy Hunting" [LIVE]

Janelle does what she does best, and tears down the stage live at our SXSW showcase. If you've never seen her perform live, sit back, click "PLAY" and prepare to be mesmerized. Don't worry, we got that high quality audio and multiple camera angles. No camera phone nonsense going down here. Accept no imitations!

Bun B Interview.

Bun talks to HHO about reppin the for the south and carrying on the UGK tradition.

R.I.P. Pimp C.

UGK's final studio album, 4 Life, is in stores now. Cop something.

Throwback Thursdays.

Watch more Whut? Thee Album videos on AOL Video

Redman - "Tonight's Da Night"

..."I'm after the gold, and after that the platinum."

Red is hands down one of my fav 5 emcees of all time. Somewhere between Biggie, Common, Q-Tip, and Andre3000. Yo, I said my 5 favorite, not top 5 of all time. Jesus, get your own blog.

[PHOTOS] U-N-I Release Party @ The Viper Room.

Last night we attended UNI's album release party for A Love Supreme at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. It was a great look for L.A. and hip hop in general. The house was packed from the windows to the wall. You name em, they were in the building. Everybody and their momma was there....and yes, even Y-O's mom was in attendance. It was a beautiful thing. Shout out to Thurzday, Y-O, Chris London, Evidence, CurT@!ns, E-Dub, Eazee, Chris Focus, El Prez, Dale Danja, Cook Classics, Greg The Dude, 6th Sense, Shawn Chrystopher, Basicali, DJ Lady Sha, H.O.P.E., Bambu, Verbs, Val the Vandle, Hallway Jay, Meka, Devi Dev, Tamika from VIMBY, and I know I'm forgetting people, so shout out to you too. Special shout out to the tall dude with the long hair who got it crackin in the mosh pit. That dude had the most fun all night.

U-N-I performed for damn near an hour, rocking songs from their first album, Fried Chicken and Watermelon, as well as their Before There Was Love Mixtape, and of course the new album, A Love Supreme. Check the photos below.