Friday, January 30

From Radio, To The Video, To Arsenio.

Here's A Tribe Called Quest performing "Scenario" live with the LOTS on the Arsenio Hall show back in 199something. This is one of the most classic of classic TV performances in hip-hop history. I remember watching this shit live and jumping around and doing that "high knee stepping" dance that they're doing. (Sidebar: This move was all the rage in the early 90's and would be ultimately perfected by Treach). This performance was pretty much ahead of it's time, and Arsenio was the shit because he let hip-hop acts perform on his show when nobody else would give them the time of day...

Also, Check out Busta Rhymes doing his best Where's Waldo impersonation.

"Gangster's Don't Ask Questions." (c) Lil Wayne

...But evidentially they answer them. Weezy sits down with Katie Curic (also something gangsters obviously do) for an All Access Grammy Special, which will be airing before the Grammy show. This is a preview of the interview that is sure to rock the nation. Or not.

Regardless, I think Wayne is off his rocker, and I don't think the mainstream world is ready for that. This will be interesting.

El Prez & Dale Danja - Perfect Strangers EP

Here's a free download of the new project between El Prez and Dale Danja called the Perfect Strangers EP. It features appears from FCC fam, including Convinced, Tunji, Chris Focus, Shawn Chrystopher, DNEZ & C-San, as well as the song the world is talking about, "Hammerman."

HHO will be dropping an exclusive live performance of that song later today. So come back for your FCC fix.


Tomorrow Night.

Hip Hop Official is sponsoring the FCC Lift Off event featuring Convinced, El Prez, Chris Focus, and Inverse. It's going to be off the hook, we'll be there covering all the festivities. The event marks the official launch of the Fresh Coast Collective, the Mass Appeal 2009 Remix, and DJ Spintellect's Terminator Mixtape, and El Prez and Dale Danja's Perfect Strangers Ep. I'm telling you, too much to cram into one night, but we're going to make it happen. And in case you don't know, E-Dub has the rundown on the dress code. Yes, fools, wear a collar and leave the fitted at home.

[NEW] Raekwon ft. Ghostface & Crooked I - "Yes Sir"

Here's a collabo gem that will appear on a project called “The Live & Direct Show” which is being put out by Stenge-O-Matic from the groups Anotha Level. Yes, THAT Anotha Level. The Live and Direct Show will also features T.I., Glasses Malone, Akon and many more. Check for that to drop Feb 19th.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon ft. Ghostface & Crooked I - "Yes Sir"

[NEW] Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, and Lil Wayne - "Renaissance Rap" (Remix)

Q-Tip? Yes, Busta Rhymes? Yup. Raekwon? Fo Sho. Lil Wayne? Why the hell not. Q-Tip enlists some heavy hitters to remix one of my favorite joints on The Renaissance. This is a heat rock. I love when remixes make sense.

DOWNLOAD: Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, and Lil Wayne - "Renaissance Rap" (Remix)

B-Real Interview.

The Cypress Hill front man sits down with HHO to talk about breaking out on his own to drop his new (and first) solo album, Smoke N Mirrors. Damn, it's crazy to me that B-Real has never dropped a solo joint until now. I'm looking forward to this one, been a Cypress an since day one. You can't be from L.A. and not get down with Cypress. B-Real's album hits stores Feb 24, 2009 on Duck Down Records. It promises to be very "uplifting."

*I apologize in advance for the spotty audio. Something happened during the recording process and we lost the clean tracks. Please don't hold it against us. Hip Hop Official always brings you that quality production.

Lil Wayne's Tour Demands.

We've all heard stories of rock stars having crazy demands when they perform: a bowl of all green M&Ms, warm ice, KFC, 40 blonde virgins. Well you can add Lil Wayne to the list of musicians who have an outlandish tour rider that lists off ridiculous request after ridiculous request. Who knows if he does this to fuck with promoters, or his head has gotten too big for his own good. Regardless, it's entertaining. Here are some of his demands, as reported by The Smoking Gun, who got their hands on an actual copy of Weezy tour rider. It's not so much that's it weird shit, but outlandish requests that make it seem like his fame has gone to his Codeined up head. To see the entire document, go here. Here are some of the highlights:

-Half his of six-figure fee IN CASH BEFORE the show.

-Demands that he be lodged in the "Presidential Suite" of a "5 star hotel." His room must be at least 1000 square feet, and the living room and bedroom have to be separated by a door.

-Promoters must also be prepared to provide a "chartered Lear JET" for Lil Wayne and his entourage.

-The performer's dressing room needs to be "without oder" and stocked with two bottles of Hennessy cognac ("XO Only!!!"), 2 Liters of Grey Goose, 2 bottles of Patron Platinum. He also requires two bottles of Perrier-Jouet champagne, though his people need to brush up on the spelling of "Perrier."

-As for security, Lil Wayne needs a two-vehicle police escort from the airport, and to and from the hotel and the concert venue.

-Four off-duty cops must accompany him during these travels (while most rappers seek to distance themselves from law enforcement, Lil Wayne describes this rider entry as a "MANDATORY REQUIREMENT!!!").

- While touring overseas, Lil Wayne requires around-the-clock security provided by "FOUR (4) ARMED PERSONNEL."

-He also has a specific sound set up that he requires. He wont just use the shit already installed in the club. If you don't have what he wants, you need to buy it.

Paid Dues Lineup Annouced.

Murs has revealed the roster for the 2009 Paid Dues show in San Bernadino, California. It goes down March 28 a the Nos Events Center. Atmosphere will be headlining the event, and the independent monster Tech N9ne will be featured for the first time at a Guerilla Union event. Blu and Exile are also performing, which will sure to please a ton of cali heads. The rest of the lineup includes:


Thursday, January 29

Wale x Blu x U-N-I

Tonight at the Key Club in Los Angeles. HHO will be there to cover the event. Will you be?

Wednesday, January 28

[VIDEO] Jadakiss - Letter to B.I.G. (ft. Faith Evans)

[NEW] Raekwon ft. Ghostface - "Criminology 2009"

The Chef and Tony Starks revisit a classic track for Rae's upcoming album Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 (Supposedly it's on he album, but who the fuck knows with this thing. This album is like the Lock Ness monster of hip-hop...nobody knows if it really exists or if it's every going to show itself). Regardless, there's a pretty dope beat flip going on right here. Albeit, the original is a fucking monster, so this can't touch that version. But you'll probably like it if you've taken the time to read this.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon ft. Ghostface - "Criminology 2009"

Thanks to the 2dopeboyz for this one.

Artist of the Week: El Prez.

Hailing from Inglewood, California, it's the HHO Artist of the Week, El Prez. Take notice, the El Presidente is making moves and making a name for himself in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. As part of the FCC fam, he's been putting out projects left and right, including his Perfect Strangers EP which drops TODAY right here, so come back and get your fix. In the meantime, download his Daily Show mixtape and bump that all day.

DOWNLOAD: El Prez - The Daily Show (mixtape)

Westcoast Wednesday.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "Catch A Bad One"
Oooooooooooh Weeeeeeeeee this was my joint. This is one of those songs that I will be able to recite word for word until I'm dead. I'm dead serious. Del stays underrated as one of the illest cats in the west. The verbal gymnastics in this one are vintage D-E-L. I think this was the start of his shrooming and psychedelic days, so the drugs were working just well enough to spark mad creativity, but he hadn't completely lost his mind yet.

This song was on his (dope!) album, No Need For Alarm, which I remember buying on cassette in 1993, and it introduced me to Hieroglyphics crew. This was the first album that they appeared on. Shortly after, Souls of Mischief changed hip-hop when they dropped 93 'Til Infinity. See you get more than free music from this blog, you also get tiny nuggets of hip-hop wisdoms sprinkled amongst long winded rants and run-on sentences.

Tuesday, January 27

Mick Boogie presents U-N-I: Before There Was Love (Mixtape)

The people waited. Thurzday and Y-O plotted. Mick Boogie mixed. Anticipation grew. Tracks leaked. Bloggers blogged. The wait ended.

U-N-I teams up with mixtape extraordinaire Mick Boogie to bring you the prequel to their next album, A Love Supreme. This mixtape is 27 tracks of hip hop euphoria, featuring almost every rapper you can think of (and some that you can't). But don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself...



1. Mick Boogie Intro
2. Cali Soul f/ Shawn Jackson and Hope (prod. by Dibia$e)
3. See LA f/ Damani (prod. by Faahz)
4. Cast’ Em Out (prod. by Dibia$e)
5. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 1
6. On Tour f/ Bambu (prod. by Ro Blvd)
7. Think About It f/6th Sense & Vandalyzm (prod. by 6th Sense)
8. Half Off f/ Evidence
9. Run Son f/ El Prez, 310, C-San, & Casey Veggies (prod. by Ro Blvd)
10. Stakes is High (prod. by 6th Sense)
11. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 2
12. Beautiful Day Remix f/ Big Pooh, Evidence, Aloe Blacc, Kes Kaos, Mickey Factz, Fashawn, & Theo (prod. by Dibia$e))
13. Yesterday (prod. by Ski Team)
14. Hey Neighbor (prod. by Ro Blvd)
15. Wildin’ f/ Chen Lo & Tunji (prod. by Ro Blvd)
16. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 3
17. Castle Vee Re-Up f/ Black Milk (prod. by Dibia$e)
18. Arcade Fly Remix f/ Wildabeast, 6th Sense, Buff1, Donny Goines, Fashawn
19. Night Nurse (prod. by Cook Classics)
20. Relax f/ Fashawn (prod. by FredNukes)
21. Return f/Talib Kweli (prod. by Bannon)
22. Mainstream Consumers f/ Free Speech & Bambu (prod. by Ro Blvd)
23. Monster f/ Shawn Jackson (prod. by Jaguar Skills)
24. Vitamin B f/ CurT@!n$ (prod. by Bannon)
25. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 4
26. Start My Day f/ H.O.P.E. (prod. by Ro Blvd)
27. Herb f/Co$$ & Bad Lucc (prod. by Ro Blvd)

Shout out to IllRoots and 2dopeboyz.

Jay-Z - "Money Goes"

Here's an emancipated track that was apparently left off of Hova's American Gangster album, according to Just Blaaaaaaaze. His guess is as good as better than mine.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z - "Money Goes"

Props to TMI via Nahright.

Idle Warship Live in Long Beach.

Talib, Res, and Graph tear down the stage in the LBC. Snoop would be proud.

[VIDEO] Method Man - "Bring the Pain"

Is it real, son? Is it really real, son? Let me know it's real, son, if it's really real.
Something I can feel, son. Load it up and kill one. Want it raw deal son, if it's really real.

This is hands down one of the G.O.A.T. boxer entrance songs of all time. I think Iron Mike came into the ring to this song once and I always lost my shit. Imagine how the other boxer felt. So gangster.

[NEW] U-N-I - "Night Nurse" (Remix)

The dynamic Inglewood duo links up with Cook Classics to remake one of my favorite reggae joints of all time. And they came with it. It's not easy to flip a classic. This track will appear on the Vimby Mixtape, New Classics which is supposed to drop sometime this month. Also, U-N-I's mixtape with Mick Boogie drops later today. Check back in for that, for sure, for sure.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I - "Night Nurse" (Remix)(prod. by Cook Classics)

Link courtesy of 2dopeboyz because Thurz is too big of a punk to send it to the rest of the FCC. It's cool, two can play that game. *plots revenge*

Monday, January 26

[NEW] 6th Sense & Wildabeast are… Both Nice - Arcade Fly (rmx) f. Buff1, Donny Goines, U-N-I & Fashawn

Fuck that's a long title. But it's worth it. This track is fire. For those slow thinking followers of the blog (I don't discriminate), 6th Sense and Wildabeast are a duo also known as Both Nice. It's clever, I know. 6th does the beats, and also rhymes. Wildabeast is a beast. They did a song called "Arcade Fly (Remix)" in which they asked fellow emcees Buff1, Donny Goines, U-N-I, and Fashawn to jump on and murder. This is that track. Mission complete.

DOWNLOAD: 6th Sense & Wildabeast are… Both Nice - Arcade Fly (rmx) f. Buff1, Donny Goines, U-N-I & Fashawn

*Both the link and art were swagger jacked from FCC compadre Shake.

[VIDEO] Tek (of Smif N Wessun) - "Spread My Wings"

I only listen to the Boot Camp Clik on 2 and night. So I love when new Boot Camp stuff hits my computer, and you should too. Bucktown.

[VIDEO] Digable Planets - "Nickel Bags"

I need this song to get me through the my Monday. In fact, I could use a nickel bag myself. Actually, a quarter of kush would do me proper.

TiRon - "Throwin My Money" [LIVE]

West Coast MC and 2009 B.E.T Rookie of the Year, TiRon, drops a live performance of "Throwin My Money" in the HHO Lounge. Act like you know.

[VIDEO] Cool Kids - “Pennies”

Mass Appeal 2009 Remix.

One of my favorite Gangstarr tracks of all time gets a make over by some of the westcoast's finest crop of new emees: Convinced, El Prez, Shawn Jackson, and Tunji from Inverse. The internets having been waiting for this joint for a long time. The wait is over. The FCC is knocking down doors.

DOWNLOAD: Convinced ft. Shawn Jackson, El Prez, Tunji - "Mass Appeal 2009"

Here's the order:

1. Shawn Jackson
2. Tunji
3. El Prez
4. Convinced

Let the debate begin on who had the best verse...because they are all fire.

Below check out El Prez talking about how the project came together.

Thursday, January 22


This is one of the illest shirts ever. Spotted at Kanye's blog.

Unofficial Guide to the Saigon & Joe Budden Beef.

We all love beef. How could you not? It's enticing. It begs for our attention. Even vegetarians can't deny it's alluring qualities...

So for the past few weeks Joe Budden and Saigon have been going back and forth, throwing jabs, and dissing each other on wax mp3, blogs, radio, and internet videos. To me, the shit is straight comedy. So being the investigative cat that I am, I decided to do some research and put together the Unofficial Guide to the Saigon & Joe Budden Beef. This is so all of you at home can follow along and keep score. Pencils up.

Now to understand any good beef, you need to understand it's roots. Why do these dudes hate each other? What is driving them? At the start of almost any beef is either (A) a woman, (B) money, (C) a diss, or (D) a perceived diss. In this case, if you said "D" you would be correct. Give yourself a point. This whole thing started way back in November 2007 over a perceived diss, follow along....

During a BET freestyle, "Jump Off" Joe Budden dropped a punchline in which he referenced a newly infamous Saigon and Mobb Deep altercation at SOBs in which Saigon punched Prodigy and ran out the door. Here's the Budden line that set it off:

"As soon as the wife's gone, they jump on the python/
She ain't know I'm out to Hit and Run, like I'm Saigon.
(c) Joe Budden

Was it a diss? Joe says no, but Saigon took it as one, and that's where our story begins.

Later that month, Saigon went on the air with Lip Service on Shade45 Radio and gave a drunk interview in which he talked about all kinds of fuckery including running after the Mobb Deep fight, Prodigy's jail time, and then threatened to slap Nelly. Oh, and punching girls in the face. He was obviously catching feelings about Joe's line. So the next day, Budden called into Real Late with Peter Rosenberg to talk about Saigon. This was step one in getting the beef cooking.

So some back and forth shit talking went down in various interviews, and the beef seemed to linger, marinate if you will. But nobody said anything on wax. Saigon threatened to kick Joe's ass. Joe Budden always kind of ignored it, acting like Sai wasn't even worth it. Talk, talk, talk.

Fast forward to last week [>>]

Joe Budden put out a song called "Letter to Saigon" to address the beef and clear up the confusion.

Joe Budden - "Letter To Saigon"

However, it didn't clear anything up at all. In fact, it only made Saigon madderister. He appeared in a video promising to battle Joe Budden, and then proceed to beat him up at first sight.

Well, Saigon kept his word and started the battle. He responded with a Budden diss, and that sparked this whole thing. The onslaught of diss tracks and responses bombarded the internet. Here they all are in order...

Saigon - "Underachiever" (ft. Prodigy)(Joe Budden Diss)

Highlights include shots at Budden's bad breath, his album flopping, claims of other men sleeping with his girlfriend, threats of beatdowns, and accusations of Joe's son being gay. Topped off with a soundbite of Prodigy saying Joe Budden sucks.

Joe Budden - "Pain In His Life" (Saigon Diss)

Joe fires back with a punchline riddled track and pretty much destroys everything Sai said. Highlights include poking fun at his appearance on Entourage, his relationship with Just Blaze, and jail stint with the line: "He went in a tight end and came out a wide receiver."

Saigon - "Pushin’ Buddens" (Joe Budden Diss)

Saigon jumps some classic Wu beats and ups the ante. Highlights include claims that Joe bit lines, Joe getting dropped for Def Jam, more gay son references, more beat down claims, and then jumping on Joe's "Pump It Up" beat.

That brings you up to speed. Joey says he's not finished. He's got something planned for Saigon. And really, this could go on forever. So who do you think is winning this battle? Is this battle even worth all the attention? Does anyone even care? All this beef is making me hungry.

*all music links courtesy of Nah Right.

The Jim Jones Experience - Part 1

The Dipset Capo sits down with HHO's Shani Kulture to talk about his upcoming album Pray IV Reign, his Pop Champagne record, and well, other Jimmy nonsense. The is an exercise in blunted interviewing, and you will not be disappointed. Enjoy.

Check for Part 2 soon.

[DOWNLOAD] Keelay and Zaire - Prelude To Drive EP

Who wants free music? You do of course. Download the new EP from production duo, Keelay and Zaire, called Prelude To Drove EP.

The EP features Torae, Supastition, Khizman of DMP, Nightclubber Lang of Boom Bap Project, T.Sky, Tiffany Paige, Khill and The entire Sole Vibe crew. This is the lead up to our Album "Ridin High" again coming out on Feb. 24th


[VIDEO] Ice Cube ft. Young Jeezy - “I Got My Locs On”

Locs >>> Stunna Shades

High Five Inauguration!

Featuring some familiar hip-hopish faces: Common, Nelly, John Legend, DMC, and more. Like Mos Def says, high fives are at an all time high.

Spotted at Cynicole's.

Wednesday, January 21

Artist of the Week: TiRon.

Meet the up and coming Cali artist, TiRon, who's creating a crazy buzz for himself with his string of dope collabs and refreshing lyrical content. This dude stays true to himself, and it's reflected in his engaging style of music. I mean this dude made a song about being stuck in the "Friend Zone." Who can't relate to that? Peep the interview, and then peep some of the good music.

DOWNLOAD: TiRon - "Sydney" (ft. Ayomari)
DOWNLOAD: TiRon - "The High"

The Lever 2009 Mixtape by DJ Sean G.

Featuring the likes of Pac Div, Diz Gibran, Kanye West, Common, Clipse, Jay Elctronica, and more. Basically more hip-hop than you know what to do with. So Fresh and So Clean.


Jay-Z - "History" [Live @ Neighborhood Ball]

Hova performs "History" for the first time for a few million viewers on the most historically significant day of our lives. No pressure. I'm still in shock/awe/disbelief/ecstasy/peace over the inauguration of Barack Obama.

[NEW] Jay Electronica & Che Grand - "Hagler" (Remix) in Marvelous Marvin, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Che jumps on the Jay Elect track that was produced by Denaun Porter .

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica & Che Grand - "Hagler"

Courtesy of Nah Right.

New U-N-I.

You've probably already heard it because the world's most famous blogger, Kanye West, already threw this up on his spot. But Yeezy and his ghostbloggers ain't got nothing on the FCC. Besides, U-N-I is fam, and spread love is the FCC way. These tracks will appear on the Before There Was Love mixtape presented by Mick Boogie.

DOWNLOAD: UNI - "Castlevania" (Remix) ft. Black Milk (Produced By Dibiase)
DOWNLOAD: UNI - "Run Son" ft. El Prez, Three 1 Zero, C-San & Casey Veggies (Produced By Ro Blvd)

Q-Tip - Live on Conan O'Brien.

The Abstract Poetic performs "We Fight/Love" which happens to be one of my favorite joints on The Renaissance. It would have been better if Saadiq was there to sing the hook. It would also be better if the audio quality didn't suck. Oh well.

Westcoast Wednesday.

Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Dogg) - "Deep Cover"

The song that introduced Snoop Eastwood to the world, and also let undercovers know what happens to them. And ya don't stop.

Tuesday, January 20

FCC presents: CONVINCED - 2 for 1 Tuesdays.

Better late then never. The blog suffered today because of the MLK day off yesterday and Obama's inauguration. I'm not complaining. Everyone knows this is Obama's Tuesday, nothing else even matters. But Convinced is still letting the hip-hop world that he gets it in every Tuesday. Here is his latest 2 or 1 Tuesday...

DOWNLOAD: Convinced - "It's Just Music" (Produced By J Trax)
DOWNLOAD: Convinced - "Think Large" (Produced By J Trax)

Don't forget about the FCC Liftoff show that's going down Saturday, Jan 1st and will feature Convinced, El Prez, Chris Focus, and Inverse. I'll be there. You better be.

K'Naan Interview.

Check out this 2 part interview I did with Somali born emcee/poet K'Naan. This dude has a really unique back story and has already lived an incredible life. From surviving war in his bullet-riddled homeland, to migrating to the States without speaking a word of English, to recording his album in Bob Marley's house. Makes you wonder what you're doing with your life, huh? His next album, Troubadour drops on February 24th.

Check out part 2 below...

Blacksmith TV: Talib @ Rock the Bells

In the third episode of Blacksmith TV, Talib tries to make it to his set at the New York leg of Rock The Bells tour. He also rides a bike. I need a bike.

Props to Tunji for the video.

[NEW] Jay-Z - "My President Is Black" (Remix)

This needs no introduction. In fact, I don't even feel like typing anymore than this current sentence, so just stop reading and listen to jay-Z rap about Obama. That's a winning combination.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z - "My President Is Black" (Remix) [Clean]

Courtesy of OnSmash.


Relive history.

Friday, January 16

[VIDEO] Q-Tip - "ManWomanBoogie" (Ft. Amanada Diva)

Here's the next video from Q-Tip's album, The Renaissance, directed by Rik Cordero. Too bad it's from my least favorite song on the album, but let's be honest... Q-Tip's worst song >>> Most rapper's best song.

Dibiase x Haircut SOUNDCLASH

This is where I was last night. Echo Park. The Root Down. Little Temple. Dibiase. DJ Haircut. Soundclash. Dibiase and Haircut go beat for beat at the Root Down's 5th annual Soundclash. Diabese dressed like a ninja and came with that raw shit. Haircut dressed like a funky insurance salesman and came with that clean shit. So who won? The people in attendance, that's who.

Biggie Day.

Since Notorious hits theaters today, I wanted to throw together a dope little B-I-G, P-O, S-T. We got a little of everything, some interviews, some mixtapes, some music videos. It's like a BIG grab bag full of gems. Act like you know. Above is a rare interview Big did in 1994 after Ready To Die drops. He also happens to be wearing Indiana Jones' hat, so there's that.

But wait, there's more! Act now and you can have the following mixtapes...

DJ Mike Nice - Brooklyn Bullshit

DJ Mike Nice releases possibly one of the most monumental mixtapes in years. When he says he is “The King Of Da Crates” he means it. This one includes rarity after rarity including Biggie rapping at age 12, Jay-Z at 17, and numerous Big Daddy Kane demo’s and too much more. The rare, unreleased exclusivity of this tape is truly something to be impressed by.


DJ Semi & DJ KG - Forever

DJ Semi teams up with DJ KG for this Notorious B.I.G. blend tape that I promise you won’t be disappointed with.


Still not satisfied? About some videos? You want videos? We got videos!

Notorious B.I.G. - "Warning"

Notorious B.I.G. - "One More Chance (Remix)

Biggie and Method Man - "The What" [LIVE]

...and last but not least...two Biggie remixes from Astronote. One features Talib Kweli, the other featuring Buff1 .

DOWNLOAD: Notorious B.I.G. - Young G’s [Astronote Remix] (Ft. Talib Kweli)
DOWNLOAD: Notorious B.I.G. - Niggas [Astronote Remix] (Ft. Buff1)

And if ya don't know, now you know...

Yung Berg = FAIL.

Just watch the video. It's gets better and better and better and better. This dude fails at life. He's in the news every other week for getting punked, or saying something retarded. You don't get street cred by shooting yourself in the foot. Yung Berg is the Plaxico Burress of the rap game.

Wednesday, January 14

[NEW] U-N-I (ft. Shawn Jackson) - "Monster"

Y-O, Thurzday, and Shawn Jackson connect like Voltron with fresher sneakers for this brand new joint. This one appears on U-N-I'S upcoming mixtape, Before There Was Love. You can bet your ballskin that I've have a download of the mixtape right here when it mmmmm, DRRRRRRRROPS.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I (ft. Shawn Jackson) - "Monster"

Westcoast Wednesday.

Tha Alkaholiks - "Next Level"

"Everybody diss, 'cause you can't bust this...
You gotta bad name like Dick Butkus"

Tash, J-Ro, and E-Swift. Three of the most slept on groups in Westcoast historydom. The beats. The rhymes. The live shows. They held it down like fat people on an airplane. And people barely mention them when talking about dope westcoast artist. It's a damn shame. These cats taught me a very important life lesson: 40 ounces of malt liquor weren't just for ganster rappers, anybody could enjoy them. Thank you, Alkaholiks. You made my Freshman year of college that much more enjoyable.

The Might Mos.

This is a 2 for 1 Mos Def post, since Mos is a 2 sport kinda guy. First up, the next single from Mos Def's upcoming album, The Ecstatic, which is scheduled to hit shelves February 24th.

DOWNLOAD: Mos Def - "Quiet Dog"

Part 2 comes in the form of a movie trailer. Mos appears in the new comedy Next Day Air, which stars Donald Faison (Scrubs) as a hapless delivery man who finds himself at the center of a drug deal gone horribly wrong when he delivers the contraband to the wrong apartment. Naturally, hilarity ensues. This movie looks like the Black Pineapple Express, except with cocaine instead of weed. It also stars Mike Epps (Top Flight Security), Wood Harris (Avon Barksdale) and Lauren London (sexy).

Next Day Air trailer.

Tuesday, January 13

[NEW] MF Doom - "Ballskin"

The Metal Faced Doom returns from his hibernation to rip this joint to shreds. Yes, the name of this track is "Ballskin." No, I'm not proud of it. But fuck it, what are you gonna do, NOT listen to it? Didn't think so. This one appears on his upcoming 2009 release Born Like This.

DOWNLOAD: MF Doom - "Ballskin"

Courtesy of smokeYYY.

Artist of the Week: Colin Munroe.

Straight outta Canada comes the singer/songwriter/musician Colin Munroe. He first made a name for himself with his remix of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights." I'm not gonna front, somedays I like his version better than the O.G. (Sorry Yeezy). Now Colin is creating a crazy dope buzz for himself with the release of his latest mixtape, Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero, which I can't seem to listen to enough. In the interview, Colin talks about his hip-hop influences, his latest mixtape, and what to expect from him in the future...

And in case you're just turning in your late pass, you can download his mixtape here. Trust me, just do it. But watch this interview first.


"It was all a dream..."

This is my 1000th post. When I first started this blog, I didn't know if I would last past 10 posts. Now I'm sitting on a grand. Not to divert the attention towards me, because this blog is about the music and culture of hip-hop, but I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment. I've met a ton of dope people through these here posts, and formed a collection of like-minded hip-hop fans (FCC) dedicated to bringing you that Freshness on a daily basis. Thank you to all of you who read this blog on a daily basis, or those who just check it out periodically. It would be nothing without you.

In commemoration, check out the my all-time feel good song. And since this in the Notorious B.L.O.G. it would only be right for it to come from Christopher Wallace's all good, baby baaabyyy.

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy"

FCC presents: CONVINCED - 2 for 1 Tuesdays.

Convinced is back on his hustle for 2009. Here is the latest from his 2 for 1 Tuesdays series featuring two brand new joints. last year, 'Vince would drop songs from the archives for this series, but 09 will be all new material. Gotta keep it progressive, you know how the FCC does. Stay tuned, 2009 is our year. Yes indeedy.

DOWNLOAD: Convinced - "Damn My Eyes" (Produced By Los)
DOWNLOAD: Convinced - Dilla Freestyle

Monday, January 12

[VIDEO] Jadakiss (ft. Faith Evans) - "Letter to B.I.G."

Here's the video for Jada's letter to his big homie (which features nothing but footage from the upcoming Biggie biopic). This joint appears on the Notorious soundtrack, which hits stores tomorrow. The movie hits big screens Friday. It's gonna be a B.I.G. weekend.

[VIDEO] Camp Lo - "Double Doors"

New video from Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede. Chea.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Camp Lo - "Double Doors"

Sampology: The Notorious Chapter

DJ Parler continues his SAMPOLOGY series with a mixtape dedicated to The Notorious B.I.G. Inspired by the upcoming biopic & in commemoration of the B.I.G. legacy, this is a compilation of music & the original songs that inspired them. Connecting the dots between your favorite Hip Hop/R&B tracks and the classic hard-to-find gems, each chapter highlights a select artist, producer or genre. Past chapters include: J Dilla, Kanye West, Philly International Records, Jay-Z's American Gangster Soundtrack, and Isaac Hayes. I know you're gonna dig this...



Brooklyn Intro
Victory Blend - Diddy, Bill Conti, B.I.G.
Unbelievable Blend - Honey Drippers, B.I.G.
Kick In The Door Blend - B.I.G., Screamin Jay Hawkins
Juicy Blend - B.I.G., Mtume
Big Poppa Blend - The Isley Brothers, B.I.G.
Ghetto Red Hot Blend - Super Cat, B.I.G., Herbie Hancock
Me and My Bitch Blend - B.I.G., Zapp & Roger
Who Shot Ya Blend - B.I.G., David Porter, Mos Def
Dreams Blend - B.I.G., James Brown, Skillz
Hypnotize Blend - B.I.G., Herb Alpert
Brooklyn's Finest Blend - Jay-Z, B.I.G., Ohio Players
Get Money Blend - Junior MAFIA, B.I.G., Sylvia Striplin
Gettin' Money Blend - Junior MAFIA, B.I.G., Dennis Edwards
Players Anthem Blend - Junior MAFIA, B.I.G., New Birth
Crush On You Blend - Lil Kim, B.I.G., Jeff Lorber Fusion
The Benjamins Blend - Diddy, B.I.G., The Jacksons
Can't You See Blend - Total, B.I.G., James Brown
One More Chance Blend - B.I.G., DeBarge
Ten Crack Commandments Blend - B.I.G., Les McCann
Sky Is The Limit Blend - B.I.G., Bobby Caldwell
Outro (St James Pl & Fulton St) - Roy Ayers, B.I.G.

DJ Rhettmatic - "Pure Funkmode" (Mixtape)

DJ Rhettmatic from the world famous Beat Junkies just delivered his stankin' new mixtape, Pure Funkmode. It's a collection of classic and old school funk laced gems and head noddin breakbeats, and is a perfect way to cast off a case of the Mondays. So put on your dancing shoes and super strut to this bad muthafucka. Plus, how can you not love that cover?


[VIDEO] Das EFX - "They Want EFX"

Today's throwback comes from the most gutterist of gutter rappers...the diggitty Das EFX. This joint is a classic in every sense of the word. And how could you NOT like a song with lyrics are poingant and thought provoking as these:

Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum, hon, I got the old pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
But I can fe-fi-fo-fum, diddly-bum, here I come
So peter piper, Im hyper than pinochio's nose
Im the supercalafragilistic tic-tac pro
I gave my oopsy, daisy, now youve got the crazy
Crazy with the books, googley-goo where's the gravy?
So one two, unbuckle my, um shoe
Yabba doo, hippity-hoo, crack a brew
So trick or treat, smell my feet, yup I drippedy-dropped a hit
So books get on your mark and spark that old censorship

Nuff said.

[VIDEO] B.o.B. - "I'll Be In The Sky"

Here's the video for B.o.B.'s first single, "I'll BE In The Sky" which will appear on his upcoming debut album, The Adventures of B.o.B. If you're not familiar with B.o.B., he's a new artist coming out of Atlanta on the Andre 3000 meets The Knux vibe. But B.o.B. is versatile. He's plays instruments, sings, and raps. Dude is talented for real, though. I'm starting to become a fan.

Props to Legend.

Sunday, January 11

9th Wonder Talks Production.

9th talks about his sound, using Pro Tools and the importance of good monitors. That reminds me, I need a speaker upgrade. Not now, but right now.

Friday, January 9

[NEW] Blu - "Vanity(DeathOfAStar)ptOne"

Blu drops another gem courtesy of his Myspace page. This guy always manages to find perfect sounding beats for his style and flow. That's called harmony, ladies and gentlemen.

DOWNLOAD: Blu - "Vanity(DeathOfAStar)ptOne"

Q-Tip Live Medley.

The Abstract Poetic runs through a medley of "Can I Kick It," "Move," and "Vibrant Thing" live at the MTV Woodie awards. Tip is one of the dopest live performers I've ever seen, and that's all I'm going to say about that. In the legendary words of my man Buddy, Q-Tip is the black Mick Jagger .

Saturday Night: Oddisee x Trek Life x Gio Basicali

Tomorrow night my dude Gio Basicali is performing with Oddisee and Trek Life at the Terrace in Pasadena. Fall through for some good times and dope hip hop music. I'll be there.

Here's a taste of what you can expect...

DOWNLOAD: Trek Life ft. Oddisee - "Hold Me Down"

*YES, I know there's a typo on the flyer, no I didn't make it. Whatever, Hip-hoppers be havin' dat mo badder grammar anywayz

FCC EXCLUSIVE: Chris Focus - "Success"

The homie Eazee just unleashed this new track from Chris Focus, who plans to come with a new tack every week as part of his brand new series, Focused Fridays. Damn, the FCC stays making music. If you're not familiar with Chris Focus, it's time to learn something. He's is an up and coming emcee from the City of Angeles who is starting to make a name for himself in this brand new wave of dope LA music. Yessir.

So peep this joint, and stayed tuned for some more...

DOWNLOAD: Chris Focus - "Success"

FCC EXCLUSIVE: El Prez - "Hammerman"

FCC representer El Prez flips a super dumb classic record and turns it into a banger. Who would have thought? Hammer never sounded so good. This one will appear on the Perfect Strangers EP featuring Dale Danja. And in a few weeks I'll have an interview and live performance from Prez himself, you don't want to miss that one.

DOWNLOAD: El Prez - "Hammerman"

Thursday, January 8

[VIDEO] Buff 1 - "Dream Streets"

And now for something compltely different...

Here' a new video from the homie Buff, but it's not your typical rap video. In fact, it might be the video of the year (Sorry Scarface). Some people actually try to make a difference with their voice. Pay attention and you might be inspired. Life is what you make of it.

Here's what Buff said about this one:
“This video is truly bigger than hip hop. Its timeless and defies region because homelessness is a problem everywhere and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I’m blessed to be apart of something so powerful, shout out to Kareem Edouard.”

[VIDEO] Scarface - "High Note" (NSFW)

You're a fool for this one, 'Face. Scarface created the most porno rap video since...well, since maybe ever. If Scarface is really retiring, he's going out on top. (no pun)


Zion I Interview.

The Heroes from the City of Dope talk about their new album The Takeover, which hits stores January 26th. As always they blend the classic hip-hop soul with futuristic electro sounds. Don't sleep on these cats. Amp Live on the beats. Zumbi on the raps.

Below I've included 2 tracks from their upcoming album. Aight.

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Zion I - "Antenna"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Zion I - "Juicy Juice"

[VIDEO] Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz - "Piano Lessons"

Dope track! Produced by Black Milk. Off his "Unsung Hero" Mixtape which is just as dope, and avialable for download on the righthand margin of this fine establishment ------------->

Or here. Which ever is easier.

Tuesday, January 6

Biggie Demo Tracks.

This needs absolutely no introduction. Here are 2 tracks from Biggie's original demo before he signed to Bad Bay. I know some of you might have heard these before (I know I did), but these are better quality and dowloadable for your iPod pleasure. They both appear on the upcoming Notorious movie soundtrack, which drops next Tuesday. Movie hits the B.I.G. screen January 16th. I'm ready to die.

The "Microphone Murderer" track is over the same sample that Kane used for "Aint No Half Steppin." "Guaranteed Raw" sounds like the skeleton beat for "Gimme The Loot"

DOWNLOAD: Notorious B.I.G. - "Microphone Murderer"
DOWNLOAD: Notorious B.I.G. - "Guaranteed Raw"

Courtesy of X.

Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead.

New York DJ/Producer, Minty Fresh Beats, threw together a pretty dope Jay-Z x Radiohead mash-up album called Jaydiohead. I can't tell if it's better than Viva La Hova, but if you are familiar with Jay-Z and are familiar with Radiohead you kind of know what you're getting yourself into. Plus, who doesn't love a Jay-Z remix album? Here are 10 cuts for your listening pleasure. Enjoy this one.

DOWNLOAD: Jaydiohead

The Wire: 5 Season "Rap" Up by Skillz.

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. All five seasons of HBO's hit series, The Wire, "rapped" up... in 5 minutes by the king of Rap Ups, Skillz. It's fresh because they even flipped the show's theme song for the beat. FYI: The Wire is the best show to ever grace the television since the existence of television. Yeah, I said it. No, you can't disagree.

If you haven't seen the show, you probably won't enjoy it as much. If you've never it, but plan on watching the show (Nicole), don't watch this because it spoils the entire series. Consider yourself warned.

DJ Premier Speaks On Nas, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne

Primo knows the deal, straight up and down. When you hear him talk, you can tell that he gets it. He's a fan of hip-hop and been a part of this culture his whole life. Good interview right here.

His idea for the next Nas album = Classic. That needs to happen.

[NEW] Eminem (ft. Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent) - "Crack a Bottle"

The internets are going crazy over this one. The rough draft leaked a few weeks back under the name "Number One", and now the final version has made it's way onto the blogosphere (what a dumb fucking word). Anyway, it's supposed to appear on Eminem's upcoming album, and it features Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. It's produced by the good Doctor himself. Is this the year that Aftermath resurrects itself? If Dre (finally) drops Detox and Em returns to himself comes out with his solo album, it will be hard to say no. Get this while you can, it WILL get pulled down before you know it and you'll be left empty handed and heartbroken.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem (ft. Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent) - "Crack a Bottle"

Link courtesy of Nah Right.

Monday, January 5

[NEW] Asher Roth (ft. Jim Jones) - I Love College (Remix)

You couldn't pick 2 completely opposite people to put on the same track, but evidentially Jimmy is a big fan of Asher and threw this little remix together. Capo talks about his one semester of college life. I'm sure he learned a lot.

Fun Fact: Asher is coming through on Thursday for an interview. Yup. Hip Hop Official bringing you that newness for '09.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth (ft. Jim Jones) - I Love College (Remix)

Courtesy of Rosenberg.

Skillz Rap Up 2008.

I know I'm a few days late, but fuck it. I was on vacation. Here's Skillz legendary yearly Rap Up for 2008. He touches on everything from the past year in hip-hop including Rick Ross's past, 50's beef, Yung Berg's chain, Kanye's auto-tune, and of course the moment of the year, Obama. It's one of the best Rap Ups I've ever heard. Props to Skillz.

DOWNLOAD: Skillz - 2008 Rap Up

[VIDEO] Black Moon - "How Many MC's"

I needed some Black Moon in my life today. Maybe you do too.

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Unbelievable" (Live)

If this won't brighten my day, nothing will. Here is some rare live Biggie footage from 1994 where Big Poppa goes over Mad Lion's classic "Take It Easy" instrumental. (What ever happened to that guy?)

Biggie Smalls is the illest.

[NEW] Mickey Factz - "Thinking Out Loud"

Mickey lets his heart bleed over Kanye’s Say U Will.

DOWNLOAD: Mickey Factz - "Thinking Out Loud"

[NEW] U-N-I ft. H.O.P.E. & Shawn Jackson - "California Soul"

Inglewood's finest links up with Shawn Jack and H.O.P.E. for an instant classic. I love the song they sampled for this one. "Like a sound you hear, that lingers in your ear..." (c) Marlena Shaw.

But on the real, and not to sound like a hater, but what's with the Dilla horns and adlibs on the track? Maybe it's an ode to him, but it kinda feels like Jay-Z recycling Biggie lines. It's don't sound right. That sound should be reserved for Dilla (and sometimes Madlib). But that's just me. Regardless, the song is cool.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I (ft. H.O.P.E. & Shawn Jackson) - "Cali Soul"

Jay-Z, Kanye West, & M.I.A. - "Swagger Like Planes" (Mick Boogie RMX)

Mick Boogie does what Mick Boogie does and whips up a mash up featuring 2 of the biggest songs of 2008. It works because they both say "Swagger" repeatedly. I hope that words dies.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z, Kanye West, & M.I.A. - "Swagger Like Planes" (Mick Boogie RMX)

Common's First Vlog of 2009.

Something tells me that Com is still working on this whole video blog thing. Dude can't even finish eating before turning on the camera? Oh well. Hopefully his next few vlogs will be better than his last album. Zing.

Diddy Blog > Common Vlog

eMC ft. Ladybug Mecca - "The Show"

If you're not familiar with eMC it's Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, and Stricklin. In other words, 4 dope emcees. They added the always fly Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets) to the mix, so you already know before clicking Play that this is worth your next 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year.

Wake up, wake up, wake up. It's the first of the month. I hope everyone had an amazing 2008. 2009 is here and I'm feeling good, I hope you're feeling the same and hangovers are at a minimum. I've taken a small hiatus due to the holidays, but I'll be back in full effect starting Monday. Time to make moves. 2009, time to shine.