Wednesday, October 14


One of Dilla's finest remixes of all time is this week's Westcoast Wednesday. The Pharcyde's "She Said" (Jay Dee Remix) appeared on their sophomore album, Labcabincalifornia. This is a perfect joint for this rainy Cali day.

Thursday, October 1


Cliggity Classic joint that will briggity break yo niggity neck. Most of you will riggitty-recognize it instantly, as it's that classic biggity-bum rush music from the niggity-nappy headed duo striggity-straight from the sewer.

You can't front on these dudes. They were mad original. Even when we couldn't understand what they were figgity fuck they were saying.

[VIDEO] Chali 2Na (ft. Beenie Man) - "International"

A few weeks ago Chali got our Artist of the Week treatment. Now the Manphibian is giving you a brand new video. Now that's golden. This video makes me want to hit the Caribbean. I need a vacation.

Alchemist Interview.

This dude is hilarious. And talented. The man with the golden touch touches on last album, Chemical Warfare, as well as his upcoming album with Evidence called Step Brothers. He also gives Hip Hop Official the little known secret to his production success. Oh yeah, he's also nice at Ping-Pong.

Common - Universal Mind Control [Original Video]

Here's the original (and unreleased) version of Common's video for Universal Mind know, before Hype Williams took control and put all those strange animated robots in it and made Common act weird.


You might have heard about a little contest we had a few months back called our Artist of the Week contest. Basically, we run a segment every week spotlighting a different artist that you need to take heed to if you're a real hip hop fan. We get countless emails and about artists can get featured on our channel, so we decided to give them an opportunity. We opened our doors to independent, up-and-coming hip hop artist to enter a chance to be crowned the next Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. Our inbox got flooded with entries, and we selected the best 16 to go head-to-head in an elimination style contest. Four rounds later, Rhode ISland native, Jahpan was the last man standing. Here's his story...

[VIDEO] Consequence (ft. Kanye West & John Legend) - "Whatever You Want"

New joint from the G.O.O.D. music team.

50 Cent Warns You Against Fat Joe's Music.


Curtis is a fool for this one. If you missed Part 1, where 50 was rushed to the hospital after listening to Fat Joe's latest album, peep it here.

[VIDEO] The Roots - "How I Got Over"

Here's the brand new video from the world's greatest house band. It's the first single off the Roots next album, How I Got Over, dropping October 20.

Fashawn - "Life As A Shorty" [Live]

Fash blesses the HHo studios with a live performance of a cut from his upcoming album, Boy Meets World. Trust me when I tell you, get this album.

[NEW] De La Soul - "La, La, La"

These dudes still got it. This one appears on the upcoming NBA Live 10 Soundtrack.

[DOWNLOAD] De La Soul - "La, La, La"

Courtesy of 2dopeboyz

Tupac Shakur: The Lost Footage (Parts 3-4)

More exclusive footage of Pac from his 1996 VIBE magazine interview. In Part 3, he talks about how Puff Daddy knew about his infamous shooting at Quad Studios. He also speaks about his prison stint(s). In Part 4, he talk about leaving the streets, falling in love and black people's second favorite president of all time, Bill Clinton.

[NEW] Big Boi - "Fo Yo Sorrows" (ft. George Clinton)

Fiiiiiiiiiyah. Daddy Fat Sacks teams up with Mr. Funkadelic himself. Too Short even makes a quick cameo. From Big Boi's upcoming album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. This is pimp. If this is any indication of what his next album is going to sound like, then it's going to sound very good, my friends.

[DOWNLOAD] Big Boi - "Fo Yo Sorrows" (ft. George Clinton)

Courtesy of 2dopeboyz.

[PREVIOUSLY] Big Boi Interview w/ HHO.


Word...Life. O.C. was nice with his. And cotdamn, this song goes hard. Buckwild is a fool for this beat.

[VIDEO] Mr. Hudson - "White Lies"

Sorry, but this cat is tight. I can't front, and neither should you.

[VIDEO] TiRon - "Throwing My Money"

We can ALL relate to this one. Spending money we don't have, not because we're trying to stunt - but just because we can't help it. Lights being cut off, gas tank on empty, bill collector's knocking on your door. Damn. I'm throwing my money...

[PREVIOUSLY] TiRon - "Throwing My Money" live in the HHO Studios