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BIll O'Reilly Flips Out -- The Dance Remix


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"50 Cent Burnt Down My House"

What the hell is going on here. The Long Island house that 50 owns, but his ex-wife and ex-son lived in was burnt to the ground this morning at 5 A.M. Six people were in the house, but nobody was severely harmed, but his ex Shaniqua Tomkins and 10-year-old son Marquise were taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. She is blaming 50 for the fire, claiming "if he can't have it, no one can."

Dix Hills Fire Dept. Chief Larry Feld told Newsday of the scene. "I would say there is a strong -- a strong, strong -- possibility that it is suspicious."

Here's where it gets juicy...

As previously reported, the home has been part of a venom-spewing court battle between Curtis and Shaniqua Tompkins. After purchasing the home in January 2007 for a reported $1.4 million, 50 attempted to evict Tompkins and his son last month. Fif demanded that Tompkins leave or pay $4,500 a month in rent.

During a deposition on Monday, someone in 50's entourage trashed Tompkin's lawyer's office which led to a police report being filed. This reportedly resulted in the fight spilling out into the street. TMZ caught the end of the fight on camera.

...and now, 4 days later...her house is burnt down.

Shaniqua Tompkins is now claiming that 50 threatened to kill her, and that he was behind this. The lawyer says she heard "someone" come into the house this morning at 4 AM, shortly before the fire broke out around an hour later. 50 is denying the allegations. You can't make this stuff up.

[INTERVIEW] Tech N9ne: Part 2

Check out part 2 of our interview with Tech N9ne. If you missed Part 1, here's your late pass. Tech has a new album dropping July 1st called Killer. He's also currently on tour with Paul Wall and Ill Bill on the Fire and Ice Tour. Get in where you fit it.

Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing

How do you listen to Nothing? Find out today as 10.Deep and Wale (our current Artist of the Week) Present the highly anticipated “Mixtape about Nothing”, a tribute to one of the greatest shows ever to grace the small screen, Seinfeld -- the show about nothing.

Download here.

1. “The Opening Title Sequence” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
2. “The Roots Song Wale Is On” f. Chrisette Michele (produced by ?uestlove & James Poyser)
3. “The Feature Heavy Song” f. Bun B, Pusha T and Tre from UCB (produced by Best Kept Secret)
4. “The Freestyle (Roc Boys)”
5. “The Perfect Plan” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
6. “The Kramer” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
7. “The Crazy” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
8. “The Vacation From Ourselves” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
9. “The Remake of A Remake (All I Need)” f. Tawiah (produced by Mark Ronson)
10. “The Grown Up” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
11. “The Manipulation” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12. “The Artistic Integrity” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
13. “The Star”
14. “The Skit (Untz Untz)”
15. “The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature (It’s The Remix baby!)” (produced by Osinachi)
16. “The Bmore Club Slam” (produced by Scottie B)
17. “The Chicago Falcon Remix” f. The Budos Band (produced by Mark Ronson & Eli Escobar)
18. “The Hype” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
19. “The End Credits” (produced by Best Kept Secret)

Thursday, May 29

For a Limited Time Offer, You Can Own Death Row Records!

For a cool $24 Million, you too can start and own your own gangster rap music label, complete with hit records! Now, you're asking yourself, "Self, what does $24 million dollars actually buy me?" Glad you asked. For a limited time, once-in-a-lifetime offer, Suge Knight will throw in the master recordings of legendary gangsta rap musicians Tupac Shakur! Dr. Dre! And Snoop Doggy Dogg!

Act now, and you'll receive these hit records at no extra cost!

"Ain't Nuthin' But a G-Thang"

"Gin & Juice"

"California Love"

and many, many more!


Suge is getting cleaned out. After filing for bankruptcy in 2006, a judge has ordered that all assets for Death Row be auctioned off to the highest bidder on June 24. The minimum starting bid is a measly $24 mil. This is not a joke, all he Death Row masters are going up for sale. If were Daz and Kurupt, I'd pool my money together and get in line. But seriously, if Dre doesn't pony up and claim those masters, he's slippin.

Lil' Wayne Hates DJs, Loves Himself

I heard this yesterday, and it just popped up on YouTube. Foundation magazine, which is based on the Mixtape game, was interviewing Weezy and they asked him about mixtapes. He threw a tantrum, started buggin out and then proceeded to end the interview. As he stormed out, its reported that he threw a magazine at the interviewer's face. And this is the greatest rapper alive?

How is this dude gonna say "Fuck mixtape DJs?" If it wasn't for mixtapes, this dude would barely have a career. That's how he made his mark and got the following that he has today. i just don't get it. This is some typical big-headed, high-and-mighty, ego-tripping, rapper bullshit. Put down the syrup, Dwayne.

[VIDEO] Kanye West - "Flashing Lights" (Original)

Kanye actually shot 3 separate videos for this song. He didn't intend to release them all, he just didn't like the first two, so he scrapped them and made the one featuring Rita G with 'Ye tied up in the truck. So, this one is the first one he shot. He wasn't feeling it so he shot the next one below. Must be nice to have money to burn on that much video tape...

Kanye West - "Flashing Lights" (Second Version)

Wednesday, May 28

Dirt Nasty x Andre Legacy x Hip Hop Official

Hollywood Hip Hoppers and all around party animals Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy (2/3 of the Dyslexic Speedreaders) came through Hip Hop Official to party like it was 1980. We chopped it up, and they performed a couple songs for us. Keep it locked for those videos jumping off real soon.

In the meantime, get hip to these guys.

[NEW] Bash Bros - "Rock The Spot (Remix)" feat. Big Pooh, Sean P, Rakaa, Charlie 2Na, et al

Ooh wee, now this is heater. The beat is sinister, and the line up is bananas. The Bash Bros are the duo of Lefty and Piseas from the Bay Area. This is the remix to the single "Rock The Spot" from their upcoming album, Main Event. It features Sean P, Big Pooh, Reef the Lost Cauze, Verbal Kent, Motion Man, and Charlie 2na. It's good to hear Motion Man on a track, haven't heard anything from him in a minute. This used to be the cut right here.

Bash Bros - "Rock The Spot (Remix)"

Mics get ripped in this order:

1. Lefty
2. Sean P
3. Rakaa
4. Reef the Lost Cauze
5. Piseas
6. Verbal Kent
7. Motion Man
8. Charlie 2Na
9. Big Pooh

[VIDEO] Channel Live - "Hip Hop Nation"

Channel Live...remember them? Well, they're back with this song featuring SFive, called Hip Hop Nation, where they're talking about the music they love. Peace to KRS-One.

T.I. Brings Reality Show to MTV

So MTV is going to follow Tip around has he completes his required community service, tries not to get arrested again, and prepares for his one-year prison sentence next spring. The network plans to air the show some time soon after T.I. goes to jail in early 2009.

Talk about flipping a bad situation into a money making scheme. As long as it's not an hour or T.I. claiming that he's turned his life around, and that he's doing this for the betterment of the community then it might be watchable. I hate when people use the media to make themselves look good by doing by hyping up the fact that they are doing shit that they are required by federal law to do.

"Motherf*ckers always want some credit for some shit they supposed to do." (c) Chris Rock.

Jay-Z Interview with Live Nation

Live Nation made Jay-Z rich(er), so now he has to do mandatory press for them. Here's the first interview. He talks mostly about touring overseas and performing live (it's a Live Nation interview), and it's put together kind of like an EPK, so it moves a little slow. But if you like Hov, you're already watching it.

Artist of the Week: Wale

Yesterday I posted Wale's new video and single, and informed you that you need to get up on this cat. Here's an interview I did with him where he speaks on his new album, what he brings to the table, and Rockin' the Bells this year.

BONUS: Here's a Rocky inspired track off the upcoming mixtape dropping Friday...The Mixtape About Nothing.

Wale - "Eye of the Tiger"

If that's not enough, I have another track for ya'll. This is Wale featuring Skyzoo paying homage to a classic WWF wrestler with the song title.
Wale & Skyzoo - "The Hacksaw Jim Duggan"

We in the building.

[VIDEO] RZA - "You Can't Stop Me Now"

Here's the new RZA video for his single "You Can't Stop Me Now." It's all green screen, and based on the concept of Bobby Digital's new album cover. Video is directed by Rage and Todd A.

BONUS: I got the hook up, you can download the single here. The album version features Inspectah Deck, but he is absent from the video.

[NEW] Common feat. Pharrell - "Universal Mind Control" (No DJ)
This is that automatic. Here it is.. the CD quality, dirty version with no DJ tags of Common's new single featuring Pharrell. Bump this in the club. Turn up your radios. Move those behinds.

Common feat. Pharrell - "Universal Mind Control"

Tuesday, May 27

Say Hello to the New MP3

It's called the MT9. Some are referring to it as Music 2.0. Whatever you call it, this will change the way you listen to music.

Korean computer engineers are introducing a new digital music format that has separate controls on the sound volume for each musical instrument.

The distinctive feature of MT9 format is that it has a six-channel audio equalizer, with each channel dedicated to voice, chorus, piano, guitar, base and drum. For example, if a user turns off the voice channel, it becomes a karaoke player. Or one can turn off all the instruments and concentrate on the voice of the main singer as if he or she is singing a cappella.

The first thing I immediately thought of was sampling. Producers are going to have a field day with this. Imagine being able to isolate a certain element of the song and load it into your MPC or sampling software? That bananas. Producers and DJs spent years digging for breaks in records just to use the drums. This new music format will be able to isolate those drums in seconds. DJs will be able to turn down the vocals and, boom. you got an instrumental. The possibilities are endless.

Oh yeah, and just like MP3, these are easily shared.

Unlike other digital formats exclusively used by big companies such as SK Telecom, Audizen allows users to copy the MT9 files, making it a more attractive format. ``It's like having a CD or cassette tape. Once you buy it, you can lend it to your friends. We don't want to be too fussy about DRM (digital right management),'' he said.

To read the full article, click here.

[NEW] Busta Rhymes - "Don't Touch Me (Remix)"

Hotdamn, this remix features everybody and their grandmother. It's the remix for Busta's head banging single "Don't Touch Me" featuring Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil' Wayne, Nas, The Game and Big Daddy that order. The beat pretty much assures that everyone brings the heat...yes, even Spliff Star.

Throw the water on em...

Busta Rhymes - "Don't Touch Me (Remix)"

Slick Rick Pardoned

So, this happened on Friday, but I was on vacation. So I'm late, but not as late of the governor of New York. Slick Rick was pardoned by New York Governor David A. Patterson for crimes he committed 17 years ago. Better late than never. Rick was convicted of attempted murder and weapons charges in 1991, in which he served 6 years behind bars. Essentially, this pardon prevents The Ruler from being deported from this great country - something's he's been trying to avoid for years and did a short jail stint in 2003 and 2004. And they say the government never does anything right...

The NY governor gave Rick the free pass because his pristine clean rap sheet over the past 10 years, and his extensive community service with the youth, to counsel them against violence. Rick's always been about the children...

[VIDEO] Wale - "W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E."

Here's the official video for Wale's track "W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E." which is a remix of the Justice track "D.A.N.C.E."

For those of you not up on Wale (pronouced Wall-eh), he's and up and coming emcee from D.C., and was put on the scene by Mark Ronson. He just signed with Interscope, and is working on his debut album, but while you wait for that, his mixtape drops May 30th. He's featured on the Roots new album, and you can find him on the upcoming Rock The Bells Tour. This dude has some serious buzz, and he being billed as one of the next to blow. So get hip to him now so you can brag to your friends that you knew about him way back when...

His style is percussion heavy, up-tempo boom bap. if you're familar with D.C. go-go, he's got a little of that flavor in his music as well. Regardless, it's New School Realness. He's also a sneaker head, but who isn't these days?

BONUS: Here's a track off his upcoming mixtape ironically titled, Mixtape About Nothing.

Wale - "The Crazy"

Ali Vegas - "That's Nothing" (Live)

It ain't nothing for the Prince of New York, Ali Vegas, to come through and drop a song for Hip Hop Official. Here's the single "That's Nothing" produced by Scott Storch.

A fun fact about Ali: He's signed to Rich Soil Entertainment, which is the label run by childhood friend and L.A. Laker Lamar Odom.

Thursday, May 22

[INTERVIEW] Tech N9ne: Part 1

We caught up with Tech N9ne as his Fire & Ice Tour rolled through L.A. He let us onto the bus and we chopped it up for a good hour. This is Part 1 of a two part interview with the Kansas City, Missouri mic wrecker. For those of you not up on Tech, he's a highly successully indie artist on the label Strange Music, and has a cult following like no other - throwing highly entertaining and crazy ridiculous live shows. Tech is one of the illest and most original rappers in the business, and you never know what to expect out of his mouth. Part 2 of the interview is coming next week, so stay tuned for that.

All Killer, no filler.

Atmosphere Live on Conan

Atmosphere performs the song "You" off their new album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold. I just saw them live for the first time in L.A., and I gotta say I was impressed. Slug has a great stage presence, and really connects with the crowd well. If you have the chance, I recommend you make time for an Atmosphere show.

[NEW] Common feat. Pharrell - "Universal Mind Control"

This premiered yesterday on Power 106 in Los Angeles, courtesy of DJ Skee and DJ Reflex. This is the first leak of Common's upcoming album, Invincible Summer which drops this year. Common teamed up with Skateboard P to drop this old school, Afrika Bamabataa inspired track. It's on some electro-funk hip-hop...perfect summer music.

This was ripped from the radio, so it has the DJ tags on it, but it's still listenable.


Common feat. Pharrell - "Universal Mind Control"

Wednesday, May 21

Pool Party at the Standard Hotel

This is what summer time in Los Angeles is all about: a pool party at the legendary Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, featuring 9th Wonder on the wheels of steel, and Pacific Division and U-N-I rocking the mic. No one can do it better.

Tell your friends to get with my friends, and we can be friends. Shit, we can do this every weekend.

The REAL Doctors Advocate: Part 1

There's a real dope interview over at HipHopDX with Bruce Williams, who was Dr. Dre's right hand man for over 15 years. He shares some ill stories about the Death Row days, Suge Knight, the 1995 Source Awards beef, and how Snoop Dogg's Doggstyle was unfinished. Say word?

Here's an excerpt:

He made the game different and nobody could stop him or top him because he had those ears. Even when an album wasn’t finished, it was dope. Everyone always asks why does it take him so long. He will - still to this day, in the studio - go over a song word for word to make sure it is pronounced exactly right. You’ll be listening to it and say that you don’t hear any difference but he does.

To read Part 1 of the article, go here.

[NEW] Saigon - "Gotta Believe It" (Prod. Just Blaze)

Why does Saigon look so happy? Well, the Brooklyn rapper, as seen on Entourage, has officially been released from Atlantic Records, which in his case is a good thing. He was trapped on the label, handcuffed by a bad deal for almost 2 years, as they tried to push him to create more club friendly party songs when he was trying to stay street. Saigon fought back, but Atlantic didnt budge. They showed no support and gave him zero to no promotion and marketing. He was stuck and his album was shelved. Saigon took matters into his own hands, and took legal action to shake the spot. Now he's free. He's still rocking with Just Blaze, and he's still planning on releasing his album, The Greatest Story Never Told.

This is his new beginning...

Saigon - "Gotta Believe It" (Prod. Just Blaze)

[INTERVIEW] Blue Scholars

Hip Hop Official linked up with the Seattle duo, Gio and Sabzi, who make up the Blue Scholars. These dudes provide some real conscious and lyrical hip-hop.

Tuesday, May 20

[NEW] Nas - "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)"

New Nas off the new album with the new title. The new album won't be called the N-Word anymore, but that doesn't stop him from focusing on the word.

Nas - "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)"

Freestyle 101: Ali Vegas

The Prince of New York blesses G4 with a freestyle.

Omar Cruz - "I Hang With My Dogz" (Live)

The Latin Lyrics Assassin, aka Omar Cruz, came through the studio to perform for Hip Hop Official. Check out the exclusive live performance of his street banger, "I Hang With My Dogz"

Nas Changes Album Title

It looks like this wont be the album cover. It's being reported that Nas is being forced to change the controversial name of his next album, which was blunty titled Nigger. Even though Def Jam said they backed Nas completely with the title, there was no way that the parent company, Universal was going to let that fly. As of now, the album is untitled.

Nas spoke to MTV about the increasing pressure to change the title.

"Everybody is trying to stop the title," Nas stated. "Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title. Who knows what's gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what that title will be?"

[NEW] Little Brother - "Black Light Special" (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

It's good to hear Phonte and Pooh spitting over a 9th Wonder track again. Those three dudes outta North Carolina made some of the freshest music together circa 2002 - 2005. This is one of the bonus tracks off their mixtape with Mick Boogie, And Justus For All, that Little Brother is re-releasing on June 10.

Little Brother - "Black Light Special" (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

[INTERVIEW] A Tribe Called Quest

We got a chance to link up with A Tribe Called Quest for an interview a few weeks back. We talked about an array of topics including, what it's like headlining Rock The Bells after all these years, what still inspires them, and what's next on the menu...


Friday, May 16

[INTERVIEW] Kidz In The Hall

The Kidz in the Hall talk to Hip Hop Official about their new album, The In Crowd. It's in stores now, go get that sh*t. But watch this first...

The Do-Over (aka The Best Weekly Party in L.A.)

The jump off is this Sunday.

This is by far the best event in L.A., hands down. It's an all day Sunday Funday party put on by the good people at Stones Throw. It's outdoors, it's FREE, it's filled with dope music, sexy people, BBQ, and beautiful vibes. Surprise guest DJs have included: 9th Wonder, madlib, DJ Spinna, Diplo, DJ Rhettmatic, DJ Melo D, Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc, and House Shoes.

Trust me when I tell you, this is where you need to be on Sundays.

[NEW] J-Live (feat. Oddisee & Posdnuos) - "The Upgrade"

Since it's Friday, I'm dropping an extra goodie on you. This is a gem off J-Live's new album, Then What Happened, which drops on BBE on May 27th. J-Live has always been one of those emcees who I checked for because he always delivery solid releases. I feel like he's slept on hard, and has paid his fair share of dues. He's been critically acclaimed, but never really gotten his deserved shine. His style is straight unadulterated hip-hop, in this day of unoriginality. I'm really feeling the upbeat soulfulness of this track, and I wanted to share it with you.

J-Live (feat. Oddisee & Posdnuos) - "The Upgrade"

[NEW] Jean Grae (feat. Busta Rhymes) - "Love Thirst (Remix)"

This is the remix to Jean's fsingle of her upcoming collabo album, Jeanius, which is produced entirely by 9th Wonder. The remix features Busta Rhymes.

Jean Grae (feat. Busta Rhymes) - "Love Thirst (Remix)"

What's dope about her album, is that it will feature different covers that all pay homage to classic 90's albums.

A Day with The GZA

The GZA takes his son to work for the day. Pitchfork spent a day with the Wu-Tang's GZA/Genius as they get haircuts, eat pizza, and rock the mic.

Wu Tang is for the Children.

Es Musica Sexy Photo Shoot

Our sister channel, Es Musica, did a photo shoot with their sexy hosts Miriam and Sandra.

If you like Latin music, and want the latest news, music videos and artist interviews, check out Es Musica

[NEW] Immortal Technique (feat. Diabolic & Ras Kass) - "Payback"

I saw this over at the Xclusives Zone. Another Immortal Technique track for all you heads. Happy Friday

Immortal Technique (feat. Diabolic 7&Ras Kass) - "Payback"

This Is the Guy Who Knocked Out Suge Knight

Meet Glenn the Barber. This might be the last time you ever see him.

Foxy Brown Doesn't Like Her Own Music

So Foxy released a statement stating she was "devastated" by her latest release, Brooklyn's Don Diva. Yeah, devastated that it didn't' sell any copies, and you have mad lawyer fees to pay back. I feel you, Fox.

She sent a statement to Miss Info explaining what had happened was...



Why do people still type in all CAPS? Seriously?

The Ill Nana also revealed that next month, Koch Records will be re-releasing Brooklyn's Don Diva with five new records, videos, publicity, mass-marketing and promotion. Come on, Fox, you can't spit shine a turd.

Pete Rock Beats and Breaks Mixtape

One of the greatest to ever do it, Pete Rock has been an icon in the hip hip world for almost 20 years. His sample techniques and ear for finding rare soulful gems makes him one of the most influential producers of all time. From The Bricks has put together a dope mixtape that blends some of Pete Rock's illest beats with the original samples he used.

Download: FDB’s Pete Rock Mixtape

1. Pete Rock ft. Max B & Jim Jones - ‘We Roll’

2. Pete Rock - ‘Pete’s Jazz’

3. Pete Rock ft. Inspectah Deck & Kurupt - ‘Tru Master’

4. Pete Rock ft. Raekwon, Prodigy & Ghostface - ‘Tha Game’

5. Onyx - ‘Shout (Pete Rock Remix)’

6. Pete Rock - ‘Placebo’

7. Nas - ‘The World Is Yours’

8. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - ‘In The House’

9. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - ‘Mecca & The Soul Brother’

10. YGz - ‘Ghetto Celeb’

11. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - ‘Can’t Front On Me’

12. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - ‘What’s Next On The Menu’

Thursday, May 15

KRS-One Book Club

Peep this Hip Hop Official Exclusive. That Blast Master KRS breaks down his list of required reading to get your mind right. Because You Must Learn.

This dude actually makes books seem Hip Hop. Fresh, for 2008, you suckas.

Yo! MTV Raps Pumas

Here's the latest releases from the Yo! MTV Raps and Puma collaboration. They use the classic Yo! color with white, black, and neon green. Every model has wild, attention-grabbing patterns but the high-top First Round definitely stands out with a huge YO! black and pink logo on the tongue. Available at Puma retailers this coming weekend.

White Low Tops

Black Low Tops

Suge Offered $1 Million For Rematch

By now all of you have seen the photos of Suge Knight laid out on the concrete after getting knocked unconscious last Saturday night. Well, a Las Vegas promoter is offering Big Suge a chance at a big payback and even bigger pay day. Promotor Jeff Beacher has offered up a one million dollar purse for a rematch between the Death Row founder and the infamous Los Angeles barber who dropped Suge. A formal invitation was sent to Suge Knight, but the barber has been unreachable. No kidding...he probably went into hiding.

Honey Dips: Tara & Michelle

We have two lovely ladies for the price of none today. It ain't nothing but a gangsta party. Enjoy fellas.

[NEW] Vast Aire - "The Crush"

Keeping it underground today. We got Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox and some unreleased ish. This was recorded for his upcoming Deuces Wild LP, but ended up being cut from the album. From the cutting room floor to your ear drums.

I like references to classic hip hop songs, and the hook is a tribute to Method Man's "All I Need"

Vast Aire - "The Crush"

This isn't a Love Song.

[NEW] Immortal Technique - "The Third World" (Prod. by Green Lantern)

This is the title track from Immortal Technique's new album, 3rd World due out June 24. He goes off on politics, the economy, conspiracy theories, the Revolution and the state of this country. What else would you expect from Tech?

Immortal Technique - "The Third World" (Prod. by Green Lantern)

"And they might even have a black president but he's useless, because he doesn't control the economy, stupid!"