Friday, May 30

"50 Cent Burnt Down My House"

What the hell is going on here. The Long Island house that 50 owns, but his ex-wife and ex-son lived in was burnt to the ground this morning at 5 A.M. Six people were in the house, but nobody was severely harmed, but his ex Shaniqua Tomkins and 10-year-old son Marquise were taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. She is blaming 50 for the fire, claiming "if he can't have it, no one can."

Dix Hills Fire Dept. Chief Larry Feld told Newsday of the scene. "I would say there is a strong -- a strong, strong -- possibility that it is suspicious."

Here's where it gets juicy...

As previously reported, the home has been part of a venom-spewing court battle between Curtis and Shaniqua Tompkins. After purchasing the home in January 2007 for a reported $1.4 million, 50 attempted to evict Tompkins and his son last month. Fif demanded that Tompkins leave or pay $4,500 a month in rent.

During a deposition on Monday, someone in 50's entourage trashed Tompkin's lawyer's office which led to a police report being filed. This reportedly resulted in the fight spilling out into the street. TMZ caught the end of the fight on camera.

...and now, 4 days later...her house is burnt down.

Shaniqua Tompkins is now claiming that 50 threatened to kill her, and that he was behind this. The lawyer says she heard "someone" come into the house this morning at 4 AM, shortly before the fire broke out around an hour later. 50 is denying the allegations. You can't make this stuff up.

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