Wednesday, May 28

[NEW] Bash Bros - "Rock The Spot (Remix)" feat. Big Pooh, Sean P, Rakaa, Charlie 2Na, et al

Ooh wee, now this is heater. The beat is sinister, and the line up is bananas. The Bash Bros are the duo of Lefty and Piseas from the Bay Area. This is the remix to the single "Rock The Spot" from their upcoming album, Main Event. It features Sean P, Big Pooh, Reef the Lost Cauze, Verbal Kent, Motion Man, and Charlie 2na. It's good to hear Motion Man on a track, haven't heard anything from him in a minute. This used to be the cut right here.

Bash Bros - "Rock The Spot (Remix)"

Mics get ripped in this order:

1. Lefty
2. Sean P
3. Rakaa
4. Reef the Lost Cauze
5. Piseas
6. Verbal Kent
7. Motion Man
8. Charlie 2Na
9. Big Pooh

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