Wednesday, May 21

The REAL Doctors Advocate: Part 1

There's a real dope interview over at HipHopDX with Bruce Williams, who was Dr. Dre's right hand man for over 15 years. He shares some ill stories about the Death Row days, Suge Knight, the 1995 Source Awards beef, and how Snoop Dogg's Doggstyle was unfinished. Say word?

Here's an excerpt:

He made the game different and nobody could stop him or top him because he had those ears. Even when an album wasn’t finished, it was dope. Everyone always asks why does it take him so long. He will - still to this day, in the studio - go over a song word for word to make sure it is pronounced exactly right. You’ll be listening to it and say that you don’t hear any difference but he does.

To read Part 1 of the article, go here.

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