Thursday, June 26

MSNBC Thinks Joe Budden is Jay-Z.

The Today Show ran a piece of the next President of the United States Barack Obama and his new Rolling Stones Cover. During the segment, they mention that the Senator enjoys listening to Jay-Z, but rather than use a photo of Hova, the Today Show decides to run a photo of Joe Budden instead.

Now, call me naive, but isn't jay-Z one of the most recognizable faces in music? Even if you don't listen to hip-hop, you know that he's married to one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Beyonce. I mean, not ONE person who works on the Today Show noticed that that photo WASN'T Jay-Z? I'm sure there was a P.A. or intern who could have properly identified Shawn Carter. That's pathetic. I mean, if you google image Jay-Z, you get pages and pages of his face. Not one image of Joe Budden. Come on now, do all black people REALLY look the same?

Well, at least Joe Budden is having a good day. He took a W with this one, his face is getting plastered all over the internet. Ha.

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