Tuesday, July 29

Opio - "Original Lyricist"

Hieroglyphics rhyme sayer, Opio, drops the latest single from his album, Vulture's Wisdom: Vol 1 (in stores now). The video is dope. Shot as Oakland Coliseum, as Opio is on his way to a Raider game as he's rhyming amongst Raider Nation. How can you top that?

I've always been a fan of Hiero & Souls, and Opio proves he can hold his own on the solo tip. His new album is very good, and his smooth flow and wordplay is clever as ever. He's been holding it down for 15 years, and still putting out that classic headnod hip-hop. These cats weren't lying when they said 93 Til Infinity.

DOWNLOAD: Opio - "Original Lyricist"

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