Wednesday, September 24

Artist of the Week: Diz Gibran

Diz Gibran was crowned Hip Hop Official's Artist of the Week. You might not be familiar with Diz's music, but his impact on the culture is unmistakable. This world traveler is a true Renaissance Man: Business man, fashion guru and emcee. From the Westside of Los Angeles, Diz grew up spraying painting walls, rhyming and skateboarding. He made a splash in the L.A. underground scene through such venues as Project Blowed. From there he stepped away from music and delved into the world fashion and streetwear, making a name for himself as co-owner of the Fairfax staple skate shop, Diamond Supply Company.

He's since moved on, and his main focus is his music. And it shows. With connections to all the up and coming local L.A. talent, Diz is part of a collective called "The Great Wall" (which includes Pac Div), and he's starting to make a name for himself...

Peep the interview, and some bonus downloads below...

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran - "City Lights"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD: Diz Gibran - "Truly Yours"

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