Monday, September 29

Artist of the Week: People Under The Stairs

Los Angeles hip-hop representers and lifelong B-Boys, The People Under The Stairs, are the Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. They have a brand new album dropping (today) titled Fun DMC. Thes One and Double K came through the HHO Lounge to talk about their funky new party rockin' album.

As an added bonus, check out these other clips. In the first one, Thes and Double K talk about how they met and started the group. In the second one, they talk about their loyal fans like you.

As ANOTHER added bonus, download a couple tracks from their new album, and then go out and buy that joint. This ain't a welfare line!

[BONUS] DOWNLOAD - P.U.T.S. - "The Wiz"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD - P.U.T.S. - "Step Bacc"
[BONUS] DOWNLOAD - P.U.T.S. - "The Grind"

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