Wednesday, September 24

Public Enemy #1.

It's a debate that we've all had. From the corner, to barbershops, to schoolyard blacktops. From message boards, to house parties, to backyard BBQs. We have all argued over the greatest hip-hop song of all time.

VH1 has entered the argument and compiled its own list of the 100 greatest hip-hop songs, and Public Enemy’s black power anthem “Fight the Power” tops the list. Video Hits One will count down its list in a series of shows starting next Monday (Sept 29). The Top 5 looks like a little something like this:

(1) Public Enemy - "Fight The Power"
(2) Sugar Hill Gang - "Rapper's Delight"
(3) Dr. Dre - "Nuthin But a G-Thang"
(4) Run DMC - "Walk This Way"
(5) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 - "The Message"

Salt ’N Pepa was the only female act in the top 10, with their early hit “Push It.” Widely regarded as the one of the greatest of all time, Jay-Z didn’t make the top 10. Neither did Nas.

Let the debate begin. But in the meantime...listen to Chuck

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