Wednesday, October 29

Daily Dopeness: Just Another Case

Another street classic from under appreciated and rarely mentioned hip hop group, Cru. What the hell happened to these guys? They dropped one album and disappeared from the face of the earth. Maybe it's because nobody bought the shit except for me. When ever I ask anybody about their album, they stare at me with a retarded look like I'm the idiot.

Regardless, the album is pretty dope, and this song is even doper. It features the legendary Slick Rick and one of the smoothest sample flips I can remember. You can't front on this song. If you haven't heard Cru's first and only album, Da Dirty 30, you're missing out. It was criminally slept on and features some real fresh music that nobody has seemed to have heard. Don't be that guy. Know the Ledge.

DOWNLOAD: Cru - "Just Another Case"

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