Tuesday, October 28

M.O.P. Sues WWE Wrestler John Cena.

Excuse the cheesy pun, but M.O.P. and WWE superstar John Cena are getting to rumble in court. Lil' Fame and Billy Danze are claiming that Cena's song, "The Time Is Now," borrows from their hit "Ante Up." Yes, I'm just as shocked as you that a wrestler has a rap song. In a federal lawsuit, they claim WWE's lawyers actually found some person to sign off on the license who was just a lowly receptionist and didn't actually have authority to do so. See, I always knew the WWE was fake.

This must be the first time a rapper ever sued somebody else for copyright infringement, it's usually hip-hop on the end of this shit stick. The big issues comes down to one non-English line -- "BRRR Abado -- that appears in the the beginning of the M.O.P. song, and in Cena's song three times. The lawsuit asks for destruction of Cena's song and $150K from the defendants. Time for Cena to Ante Up. Sorry, last pun.

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