Saturday, October 25

Phife Receives Kidney Transplant.

This is great news. Phife Dawg's long battle with diabetes took an amazing turn for the better when he finally received a kidney transplant on Friday. The new kidney comes after a 2 year waiting period in which he endured severe health problems and intense dialysis treatment. Phife was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1990 in which he admitting to not taking care of himself and eating the worst possible foods, including indulging in sugar and alcohol.

"Drink a lot of soda, so they call me Dr. Pepper" (c) Phife.

The fight continued for over 12 years when 2002, he was hospitalized after his condition continued to worsen. Now with a new kidney, Phife’s illness is said to hopefully improve dramatically, giving the legendary Tribe member renewed physical energy, which is a true blessing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Phife and his family, and look for the upcoming fund raisinng event HHO is planning with Guerilla Untion to help raise money and awareness for kidney disease.

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M* said...

thats so good. my dad had tha same situation. Man we all gotta look out for our health, and becareful of the bad foods around.