Tuesday, November 25

Artist of the Week: Charles Hamilton.

Who is Charles Hamilton? Well, if you asked him, he might describe himself as a musician, producer, songwriter, lyricist, psycho, hippie, and genius. If you glanced at his myspace page, you might describe him as a unique individual with a healthy obession for Sonic the Hedgehog and the color pink. XXL magazine has pegged him as one of the top freshman of year and someone to keep your eye on. Call him what you want, but make sure you know the name. This kid (he's only 20) has been making a splash on the internet, dropping song after song after mixtape after mixtape with a swiftness. You can't stumble on your favorite blogsite without seeing a link to download one of his latest projects. It is all part of a master plan that he calls "The Hamiltonization Process." We had a chance to catch up with him to talk about his mentality behind the music, his unique sound, and of course, what's the deal with Sonic The Hedgehog?

And coincidentally, the same day Charles was named HHO's Artist of the Week, he also dropped another mixtape today with DJ Skee called Intervention. Looks like it's his lucky day. So if you're unfamiliar with this dude, now is your time to get in the know. Hit the link after the cover and download away. It's all good, it's free.

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton - "Intervention" Mixtape.

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