Wednesday, December 10

Daily Dopeness: Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress.

File this under: Dope artist from the mid-90's that disappeared from the face of the Earth. Seriously. What the hell happened to the Boogiemonsters? They put out one album as a group in 1994, and the another album in 1997 as a duo after 2 members left the group. Then the disappeared like Jermaine Dupri's hairline.

But you CANNOT front on this joint. This song ran shit in the summer of 1994. Every time it comes on, everyone breaks into the chorus chant: "Da na nuh, da na nuh..." They might not know the song title, the artist, the lyrics, but they know that chorus.

This track is one of my favorite all-time slept on joints. It belongs in Serta Hall of Fame.

DOWNLOAD: The Boogiemonsters - "Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress"

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