Tuesday, February 24

Run DMC on Reading Rainbow.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. Yesterday I find Levar Burton on Twitter, and now this? Talk about childhood memories, get your reminisce on with me. It's like I hopped in a Delorean and set the flux capacitor to 1986. On the real, I used to look FORWARD to this show, and always got mad geeked when that gangster ass psychedelic theme song started.

(Fun fact: Did you know Chaka Khan sang the OG theme song? Seriously. This show was fucking epic. That's like Alicia Keys lacing the intro for Dora the Explorer.)

Reading Rainbow was way iller than the crap they have on TV for kids nowadays. That's all mind control, brain washing and flashing lights. It's designed to keep your children QUIET and glued to the TV so you don't have to babysit them. No wonder kids grow up with ADD and inability to think for themselves. There's a reason they're called television "programs." They're conditioning these kids to be sheep.

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