Monday, March 9

Draze - "The Notorious, Life After Death"

Draze salutes Brooklyn's finest with a Mixtape Movie in which Draze steps into the role of Christopher Wallace and tells his story from a first person narrative. It's actually well done, and perfect for today.

Every year at this time, the hip hop community takes a moment to commemorate the life, the genius, and the legacy of the Notorious BIG. This year, in honor of the late great emcee, Draze salutes Brooklyn’s finest with a Mixtape Movie titled, “The Notorious, Life after Death” featuring DJ B Mello.In his own words Draze says, ”

I’ve always been a Biggie fan, so this was my way of paying homage. I tried to channel his energy as best I could. The greatest honor for me was hearing someone say it was even half way believable.”

Shout out to E-Dub for the heads up.

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