Thursday, March 5

Eminem To Release 2 Albums This Year.

After a long hiatus, Eminem is rewarding his fans for their patience - as he plans on dropping, not one, but 2 albums in 2009. The first album Relapse, after much speculation, now has an official release date of May 19th. Em says he hopes to release Relapse 2 towards the end of the year. This will be the first time the real Slim Shady has released an album since 2004. I guess he wants to make up for his 5 year layoff.

"A lot of people were expecting 'Relapse' to drop last year," said Eminem. "I was one of them. Then Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out 'Relapse 2' will let everyone get all of the best stuff."

Em also plans to debut the video for his first single "Crack A Bottle" on April 7th. I'm sure the internets might get a sneak peak before that.

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