Monday, March 16

[NEW] Ghostface & DOOM - "Chinatown Wars"

Remember when Ghostface hit the scene in 1993, and wouldn't show his face in the first few videos? And then of course DOOM hasn't shown his face since he was in KMD. I guess they are the 2 dopest masked rappers of all time. (Sorry Plies)

These 2 have had a project in the works for ages, and here's a leaked track. DJ Premier made good use of his name and "premiered" this track on his radio show, and then DJ Green Lantern came through with the mp3 version, as well as a remix. What more can you ask for?

[DOWNLOAD: Ghostface & DOOM - "Chinatown Wars"]
[BONUS][DOWNLOAD: Ghostface & DOOM - "Chinatown Wars" (Remix)]

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