Friday, March 13

[NEW] Lid Law - "Huh...What?"

Working for Hip Hop Official, I'm flooded with music every single day. Truth be told, most of is too difficult to get in to. Either it's not my style, doesn't grab me, or is just plain wack. But every so often, I stumble upon somebody I've never heard of and it actually grabs my attention. This is one of those times. I got sent this track from an artist named Lid Law, gave it a listen and to be honest, within 7 seconds I couldn't stop nodding my head. It's nothing flashy, nothing gimmicky, just some straight forward hip hop shit. Sometimes that's all you need...

Let's get back to the essence.

[DOWNLOAD: Lid Law - "Huh...What?" (Prod by The Pro-duk-tion-ix)]

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