Monday, March 9

Top 10 Biggie Videos Of All Time.

In tribute, I wanted to run down my favorite videos from the late great Christopher Wallace. He essentially took rap music videos to the next level, to a point where they started to get mainstream play on a channel that wasn't fucking with rap music (MTV). There's no question that his music videos changed the game, and influenced countless rappers (for better and for worse). With that being said, here is my list of the great V.I.D.E.O.S. from B.I.G.....and don't worry, I'm a certified Biggie Smalls expert. You can check the credentials.


We set it off with Total's song featuring Biggie. The video was directed by Hype Williams, who has mastered the use of flashing lights in his video, long before Kanye thought of it. Big also happens to drop one of the sickest lines in his arsenal on this one:

"My raps lines is like land mines,
One suits fill the room."


The Junior M.A.F.I.A. steps in at #9....I know, this countdown is going to be thick. And why is everyone in this video wearing leather jackets?


Back to back Junior M.A.F.I.A. In this one, Biggie takes shots at his wifey, Faith Evans, in this classic Hype Williams video. So why is this number 8, you ask? The videos losses points for the buff dudes with no shirts feeding grapes to Lil Kim and Salt N Pepa. I imagine Puff let that fly...


Arguably, one of the greatest remixes of all time, and the way Big sets it off is unmistakable. I remember the first time I heard his verse, I rewinded that shit like 6 times in a row. I never made it to Craig Mack's verse. Sorry, Craig. Black and white videos are always dope, and this one is iconic. Biggie with the extreme close up. Puffy with the "Warriors" reference. LL Cool J with one pant leg rolled up. And possibly, the last time anyone ever heard from Rampage.


Biggie's most uplifting song, and one of the most creative concepts for a music video (courtesy of Spike Jonze). Biggie had passed away, so they decided to have Biggie and all his friends portrayed by kids. The concept matches the message behind the song so perfectly. This is one of the most underrated music videos of all time. And the young version of Busta Rhymes is hilarious.


Big shows off his storytelling prowess in this one, as he tells an intricate and paranoia-filled tale of a phone conversation he had about people trying to kill him. Classic. Any time you hear this beat drop, you automatically begin to chant, "Who the fuck is this...pagin me at 5:46 in the morning, crack-a-dawnin'"


Biggie links up with his wifey, Faith Evans for this classic that had all the ladies begging for another change. Biggie took his player image to the next level in this, and the image of him in the Kangol hat and Versace glasses might be his most memorable and iconic. The cameos are thick in this one, from Mary J. Blige to Heavy D.


It's the video that introduced the Notorious B.I.G. to the masses and told the story of how he went from ashy to classy. This is probably my favorite Biggie song of all time, and one of the best feel good rap songs in history. Every time I hear it, it puts me in a great mood. And if ya dont know, now you know...


It's Biggie's personal anthem, and another hype williams classic. This is the video that made you wanna throw your hands in the air...and essentially mad slow motion a staple in every rap video ever.


It's one of the biggest hip-hop videos of all time. It had it all: a big budget, million dollar yachts, dancing honeys, and even a car chase in reverse. It was the last video biggie ever shot, and it goes down in history as his best.

Rest In Peace.

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