Friday, March 27

What Ever Happened To: The B.U.M.S.?

On this edition of Forgotten Fridays we reminisce over you, B.U.M.S. (a.k.a. Brothas under madness) The Oakland duo of Evocalist & D. Wyze, stepped on the scene in 1994 with their single "Elevation (Free My Mind)" (above). A lot of you might not remember these cats, but they slipped a classic Teddy P track for this smoothed out underground hit. They signed to Priority Records were backed by Sway and Tech from the legendary Wake Up Show, as well as the Baka Boyz who were another Cali DJ radio team on KMEL. With a major label support, some radio rotation and many freestyle appearances on what was to become the most popular Hip Hop radio show in the world, The Wake Up Show, The B.U.M.S. seemed like they were destined for greatness, but it wasn't in the card for them. Their career was short lived. About one year short to be exact.

Their debut album, Lyfe'N'Tyme, was released on Priority Records in 1995 and didn't do much commercially. I mean, I bought it, but I think I'm the only person I who even owned it. It was mad decent, and there were some standout tracks, but I think they well victim to the ghetto. Gangsta Rap music was the shit at the time, and nobody was really messing with conscious music at the time. In fact, I don't think anyone has really messed with conscious music at any time (commercially speaking, of course.)

The biggest irony in this whole affair, was the message behind their biggest song, "Elevation." If you listen to the lyrics, it's about the pitfalls of the record industry and references wack gangsters rappers who have no longevity in the rap game.

I gotta free my mind (yo as a matter of fact)
I gotta free my mind (we're not goin out like that)
I gotta free my mind (we got the power to stay)
"Other rappers, they went slip slidin away"

Oooops. Looks like they ate their own words. That must cause some horrible indigestion. But it wasn't all for nothing, they did leave their mark, while minimal, it will always be memorable.
For labels MC's come and they go, but B.U.M.S.
we leave our mark for hip-hop's devestation
In our strive to stay alive for my record's elevation

Besides their album and music video, the B.U.M.S. have left very little trace of their existence. No website. No MySpace. No wikpedia entry. If anyone has any more info regarding the whereabouts of the B.U.M.S., please contact us immediately. We need your help.

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