Thursday, April 30

Eminem's Next Video To Debut On Cinemax.

That's gotta be a first. Em's next single, the psychotic "3 A.M." will debut on Cinemax this Saturday at 10pm ET/PT. Yes, on cable. You broke muthafucka's are shit outta luck.

After you watch the trailer (above) you'll understand why. The music video for “3 a.m.,” the third track to be released from Eminem’s forthcoming album, Relapse, was directed by Syndrome. It will air just prior to Cinemax’s Saturday night pay television premiere of the horror film, The Strangers, starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman and will continue to air on the network throughout the month of May. I'm surprised it's not airing right before the late night sexy time Skinemax starts. You know what I'm talking about.

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