Monday, April 27


The Fugees - "Ready Or Die"

Alright ya'll, it's time to expand. If you're a follower or regular reader of this fantastic blog, then I'm sure you've noticed that we have our daily segments (Westcoast Wednesday, Throwback Thursdays, Forgotten Fridays) and we wanted to add another day to the roster. This time around, we decide to dedicated a day to shine some light on the beautiful side of hip hop, the ladies. From MC Lye to Lil Kim, we've had a plethora of femcees hold it down amongst the men and provide classic contributes to the this culture. All too often, they get unfairly overshadowed by their male counterparts, so starting today and continuing every Monday, we're gonna bring you a new video starring some of the dopest ladies in the game. We call it "Miss Mondays."

We set it off with probably my favorite female emcee of all time, and one of the most beautiful and angelic voices I've ever heard, the lovely Lauryn Hill. Most people recognize her for her singing, but on the real, her mic skills are far too underrated. She made The Score a classic for me. Go back and listen to it, all her verses stand out and provide the most quotables. I know she made her cheddar and fame from her singing, but I still remember her as L-Boogie from the Nappy Head crew. Come on, Lauryn, can we ever get another rap song outta you? Just one, and I'll leave you alone. You're too talented to stay in hiding.

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