Thursday, April 23

Throwback Thursdays.

Kool G. Rap (ft.Nas) - "Fast Life"

...This is one of my favorite songs from 1885, and a true slept on classic. And to top it off, this video is also incredible for multiple reasons:

1. The awful acting in the beginning. It's comedically bad. How did Nas ever end up in Belly? Didn't Hype watch this video?
2. The awkward handshake between Nas and Kool G. in the beginning. Why didn't they re-shoot that? Was that really the best take?
3. Kool G. Rap running on the treadmill in Timberland boots. And jeans.
4. Kool G. Rap's multi-syllabic rapid fire flow on his opening verse is one of the most amazing things ever. And he does it all with a lisp. Incredible.
5. Nas's opening line in his verse is one of my favorite's of all time. It's simple, but so gangster.
6. Nas looks so uninterested in being in this video. There's probably 47 other places he'd rather be at that moment in time.
7. Nas wearing his socks in a sauna.
8. The awkward "Staircase" scene where Nas and Kool G. look like they're about to get married to each other as they walk down the steps.
9. The bassline in this song is ridiculous. It melts my eardrums. In a good way.
10. The dance that the guy who sings the hook does at the end of the video. I need to add that to my arsenal.

Looking back, this might be one of the worst videos ever. Most videos are supposed to make the song better. This does the complete opposite. If you had never heard of Kool G. Rap or Nas in your entire life, and somebody made you watch this video, you would lose respect for them based on this. But in a weird way, it makes me appreciate the song even more. And you should too. So here's the downloadable version to go bump in your whip.

[DOWNLOAD: Kool G. Rap (ft.Nas) - "Fast Life"]

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