Thursday, May 14

[NEW] T.I. (ft. Mary J. Blige) - "Don’t Forget"

This sounds like a song from a guy who's headed to prison. Seriously. It's not like this is going to be his last song ever. But it almost comes off that way. I mean, the hook is pretty blatant:

"Don't forget.....
To remember me"

First of all, that doesn't really make sense. "Not forgetting" and "remembering" are the same exact thing. It's like a double negative or something. But not. Maybe it's a double positive. Regardless, it's redundant. But don't worry T.I., you're only going to prison for a year and a day. Rappers disappear for much longer than that and stay relevant. (Eminem). And besides, you can start blogging from your cell in ALL CAPS and come up with crazy wild-out conspiracy theories. It worked for Prodigy.

[DOWNLOAD]: T.I. (ft. Mary J. Blige) - "Don’t Forget"

Courtesy of the NMC.

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