Wednesday, May 13

Snoop Dogg Pulls His Weed Card.

Yesterday cops in Norfolk, VA got a tip that a suspicious package arrived in the mail from Canada to the Norfolk Plaza Hotel, where Snoop and and his crew were staying. The cops smelled something fishy kushy, so they monitored the package that was addressed to a member of Snoop's entourage, then swooped in and arrested the dude for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

That's when the Doggfather showed up in the lobby and told cops the weed was for him, and then flashed his medical marijuana card. We don't know if the card worked. The dude whose name was on the package was arrested and cops are still investigating. Let's see if Snoop is able to take the rap (no pun) and let his homie slide free. But yo, for real, who sends weed in the mail? Everybody knows that the easiest way to get caught. So I've heard.

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Anonymous said...

weed over another country's border = bad idea (especially in the u.s. where weed is made out to be crack). mail weed in the same country = no problem.