Tuesday, June 2

BAD IDEAS IN HIP-HOP: Spencer Pratt.

Alright, so I've been trying to have a different segment for every day of the week. Miss Monday, Westcoast Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Forgotten Friday. Well, Tuesday was the only day that eluded me. It's been bothering me for months. Anyway, I got sent this video this morning and almost fell the fuck out my chair. It's horrible. It's hilarious. It's so bad that it's almost good. So it got me thinking about how bad of an idea this, and then BOOM it hit me. Every Tuesday I'm gonna highlight a different BAD IDEA IN HIP-HOP. I'll present it to you, and then we can all laugh at how ridiculous it is, and then go bump some Wu-Tang or something. It'll be fun.

So we set it off with reality TV star douche-bag, Spencer Pratt, and his debut rap video "I'm a Celebrity." I guess this is the theme song for his new reality show. It looks like an Animal Planet commercial to me. I mean, he's rapping to an iguana. While dressed like he's gong on a jungle cruise. Hey Spencer, David Hasslehoff called and he wants his safari outfit back. What I can't figure out about this song is this: Is this kid serious? Or is he completely fucking with us and laughing all the way to the bank? And What's worse? I don't know, but I do know this is a horribly bad idea.

DISCLAIMER: Spencer Pratt is NOT Hip-Hop. He is just trying to be Hip Hop. I will claim him to be such, this is for fun.

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