Tuesday, June 9


And could be facing a long, long, looooooong sentence. The Harlem rapper was found guilty today for his involvement in a robbery that left one man dead. Max faces LIFE IN PRISON after a jury convicted him of, “aggravated manslaughter, two counts of felony murder, three counts of armed robbery, and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery.”

Max, born Charly Wingate, was accused of being the mastermind behind a $30,000 heist targeting two wealthy men. Reportedly Max conspired with his step brother Kelvin Leerdam, and his girlfriend Gina Conway, who served as the prosecution’s secret weapon in the case against him. She turned on Max, testifying against Max in return for a shorter jail sentence.

Max is currently being detained in Bergan County Jail awaiting sentencing, set for July 31. He is facing life behind bars. Max is no stranger to prison bars, he has already served 8 years in jail, from 1997- 2005, for a seperate robbery charge. But facing life is prison is no joke. Looks like the Harlem wave is coming to an end.

Max's attorney Gerald Saluti said he has already filed a motion for a judgment not withstanding the verdict – a precursor to asking for an appeal – assuring fans that “We’re gonna keep fighting and fighting until we win.”

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