Wednesday, June 17


Long before Xzibit was Pimpin' Rides or hunting aliens, he was making dope music. Before he was rapping with Dre and Snoop he was making moves with the Likwit Crew alongside King Tee, Defari, and Tha Alkaholiks. His first album, At The Speed Of Life, dropped in 1996 and produced his first hit single "Paparazzi" and one of my favorite X-to-the-Z songs, "The Foundation" (below).

Not only is the beat off the chain (it was produced by DJ Muggs), but I love the message in the music. The concept of the song is Xzibit rapping to his 2 year old son - telling him what to expect in life, how to act, what to watch for, and how to be a man. You know, laying the "Foundation."

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