Friday, June 5


What's your man got to do with me?

On this edition of Forgotten Fridays we reminisce over you, Positive K. The Bronx born rapper scored a major hip-hop hit with 1992's "I Got a Man." The song peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1993. Between the infectious disco sample, the back and forth rhyming, and catchy hook, it was undeniable. I was always wondering who the "female" was on the track, but it turns out that Positive actually did the female parts, and pitched his voice up. Clever. Honestly this joint was my jam back then. And the video is a classic, despite being corny as all hell now.

The song is featured on his debut album, The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills, which dropped on November 3, 1992 on Island Records. With the single "I Got a Man" making waves in the radio, he was also doing underground compilation appearances, guest spots on other hip-hop artists' albums (like his duet with MC Lyte "I Ain't Having That"), and even worked with Big Daddy Kane on the single "Nightshift". Despite reviews calling the album more than a fluke hit, it lacked perseverance on the album charts, leading him to become a dreaded one-hit wonder.

Little know fact: His album is the first recorded instance of the phrase "drop it like it's hot", which appears on the song "Ain't No Crime". Whatchu you know about that, Snoop?

So after his debut release, he pretty much off the rap radar (shouts to YN). I guess he didn't have enough skills to continue paying those bills. He did release a 12" record in 2001 called "Supreme Alphabet" but I think that's the last time his voice was heard on record. Have no fear though, because evidently Positive K is still available for booking club dates and tours. According to this awesome promo, you better hurry though, because dates are filling up!

According to his website, or as he calls it, his Web Crib, he seems to still be involved in the music industry, after he kept his Creative Control label in operation, signing and cultivating new talent. So there's that. There's also a song on his site called "Heat Rock" which appears to be new. Maybe. I'm not "Positive." Hahaaaaa. See what I did there?

But that's all I could dig up on the dude. If anyone has any more info regarding the whereabouts of Positive K, please contact us immediately. We need your help.

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