Wednesday, July 8


What you know about this? No seriously...does anybody know a damn thing about G-Mo? In fact, have you ever HEARD of G-Mo? If you're like me, you bumped this underground tape during your sophomore year of high school, and you thought it was pretty dope. The only thing I knew about G-Mo was that he was from West Covina and he liked ballin'. But honestly, that's all you needed to know.

Back in 1995, I bumped the shit out of his album, Ballin 4 Life. I mean, yeah I was 16, and yeah he's not the greatest rapper ever. But fuck, the songs slap. The music is straight G-Funk, and I'm from Cali, so that funk runs in my bloodstream. I can't even help it. So, this shit brings back memories for me, and hopefully opens your ears to new classic (to me) Cali music.

G-Mo - "Ballin"

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