Monday, April 28

Jay-Z disses NBA player

Hova is taking, not at 50 cent, not at Weezy, not at the Game...but at DeShawn Stevenson.


Exactly. The diss track is the latest chapter in the ongoing feud between NBA star LeBron James and Washington Wizard guard DeShawn Stevenson. The basketball beef started when Stevenson, a role playing shooting guard, called King James "overrated."
When asked to respond, LeBron said that would be like rap icon Jay-Z responding to a one-hit wonder like Soulja Boy, "It doesn't make sense." Ouch.

Stevenson then invited Soulja Boy to game 3 of the teams' current playoff series to heckle James. Now, instead of James responding, he let his homie Jigga do the talking, releasing a freestyle backing LeBron and dissing Stevenson over "Blow The Whistle" instrumental.

Listen to the song here.

The NBA, Where Rap Superstar Team Owners Dissing Bench Players Happens.

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