Friday, June 20

Common says Fall is the New Summer.

Common's upcoming album, specifically Invincible Summer, is being pushed back to, ummm...the Fall. The album was set to drop in the summer (hence the clever name), but it's new release date is slated for September 23rd. Please tell me he's going to change the name. I'll feel mad stupid bumping an album made for the hot ass summer in October.

His new album will take a new direction:

“You can expect some fresh music that you’ve never heard from Common before…definitely a new sound. The inspiration came from me being out at them clubs. I said I want people to feel my music in that way… Not only do they know Common as this conscious artist who brings thoughtful lyrics, but we can dance to some of his music, too, and just smile and let go of our problems.”

The first single is the Pharrell produced track "Universal Mind Control"

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