Friday, June 20

50 Cent - "Sincerely Yours" Mixtape

Curtis is getting is old school on. This new mixtape is a collection of Fif spitting over classic R&B beats. I don't know what to even say about this, so I'll let he music speak for itself.

I'll admit, it's a dope idea. I mean, who doesn't love classic R&B jams? 50 has always had a good year for music and he picks some great classics to rock here (even though they have ALL been sampled already), but I really can't listen to this dude yelling at me for 12 straight tracks. I'd rather cool out and listen to the originals while sipping ice cold lemonade on my porch, ya nahmean?



1 I’m Rising to the Top
2 Moonman
3 My Heart
4 Don’t Stop 50’s Music
5 Before I Let Go
6 Thanks A Lot
7 This is For You
8 When I Get Out
9 I Wanna Be Your Favorite
10 That Girl
11 Cruising Music
12 My Name Ring Bells

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