Friday, July 18

GZA/Genius - "Paper Plate" (50 Cent Dis)

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The GZA sharpens his killer flying guillotine and takes aim at Curtis.

Straight from the press release:

His new album, Pro-Tools arops Augeust 19th, and the first leak track, "Paper Plate," finds GZA going at the Vitamin Water mogul, 50 Cent.

With "Paper Plate," GZA is in top form, a true veteran showcasing the incomparable style that has defined witty battle rap for the greater part of a decade.

Spitting 104 bars of straight heat, GZA cuts the legs out from under the G-Unit impresario, reminding us all how sweet beef on wax really sounds. Using metaphor and lyrical imagery (and without employing a single curse word), GZA gives it to us "burnt & crispy."

True heads stand up...The Genius has finally returned.

DOWNLOAD: GZA/Genius - "Paper Plate"

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