Tuesday, July 29

Peanut Butter Wolf - Area Codes Mix (The 888 Podcast).

Peanut Butter Wolf is at the forefront of the L.A. music scene. As the CEO of Stones Throw Records, he has his fingerprints on some of the illest music, parties, and trends surrounding the urban subculture of the Mecca of Cool (aka Los Angeles).

This Stones Throw Podcast is the precursor to PB Wolf's 888 Tour.

In Los Angeles, from Aug. 1st til Aug 8th, Peanut Butter Wolf will play 8 straight nights, and 8 different venues, playing 8 different genres - never repeating the same song. He's done this the last three years, first the 666 Tour, and then the 777 Tour last year. These are undeniably some of the best parties in Los Angeles. The twist this year is that Wolf will be VJ'ing the parties - that is, spinning music videos. Let's call this the warmup act: a mixtape of old school rapp from beyond the 5 boroughs, all from different Area Codes. See if your hood is represented...


Track List:

FUTURE - The Prelude (Westville, NJ, 609)
MR FRESH & MASTER TMD - Ghetto Life (Oakland, CA, 510)
TWO FRESH - Mr Tron (Cerritos, CA, 562)
MEMBERS ONLY CREW - Be Your Own Man (Stanford, CA, 650)
B-ICE COOL - Messengers Of Fact (Richmond, VA, 804)
THE SWINGING MC - Yodelay-Dee-Hooo (Philly, PA, 215)
HARDCORE INC - Talkin’ In Rhythm (Pitts, PA, 412)
MC ROD - Do This (Houston, TX, 602)
MC HERC - I Am Doing It (Pahokee, FL, 561)
24-7 POSSE - Shoot Ta Thrill (Jacksonville, FL, 904)
MC E ROCK - Lyrical Grafitti (Fort Worth, TX, 214)
EMCEE QUALIFIED Q D - Is Def (Birmingham, AL, 205)
SPIKE VST - Let’s Do It (Miami, FL, 305)
DJ BABY T & DEVIOUS D - The Beat Is Funky (New Orleans, LA, 504)
LYRICAL PROPHECY - You Can’t Swing This (San Jose, CA, 408)
MD MINK LOVE - I’m The Motivator (Baton Rouge, LA, 504)
AWESOME L - Hellafied Talk (Chicago, ILL, 312)
DADDY D - Motherfussin (Spencer, OK, 405)
GREG D & THE NEW STYLE - It’s Def (Akron, OH, 330)
CRUSH FORCE - Me & My Levis (SD, CA, 619)
ELITE FORCE - Romance And A Chance (Detroit, MI, 313)
DETERMINATION - Hope & Not That Dope (Fort Worth, TX, 817)
BREWTOWN HIP HOP - N-Sane (Milwakee, WI, 414)
MC PADLOCK - Gotsa Come Up (Pomona, CA, 909)
NATIVE BLACK - Little Ditty (Boston, MA, 617)
AZIATIC CHECK - Out What I’m Sayin (ATL, GA, 404)

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