Wednesday, July 30

We Be to Rap, What Key Be To Lock.

Fuck a simile and a metaphor, Digable Planets stepped their grammar game up and dropped analogies. A Key is to Lock, as Digable Planets is to Rap. Brilliant. I wonder what Butterfly scored on his SAT? And why the hell was his name Butterfly? Granted, the whole crew had insect names, but he couldn't think of a doper insect that a butterfly? I know the Beatles and Flea were taken, but what about June Bug or Dragonfly? And nobody questioned his choice? I would have said something. Homies don't homies have wack ass nicknames. That might be one of the Top 10 worst rap names of all time. Seriously.

Anyway, this is an old school video of Digable Planets performing "Rebirth of Slick" on In Living Color. Digable was, is, and will always be one of my favorite rap groups, and in my opinion always overlooked. They were so smooth with it, and the Jazz-influenced vibes they provided were so cool. I miss the days when being cool was actually cool.

This performance only features the first 2 verses f the song. Doodle Bug was cut off when Fox rudely cut away to commercial. Damn you Fox, fucking up my shit again! Nas was right about you, you no good good-for-nuthins. Watch your back, O'Reilly.

Video courtesy of MOD.

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