Thursday, August 28

4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Lil Wayne Stays Home.

Lil Wayne is in trouble again after missing a court date...because of his pearly whites. Evidently, all that syrup he's sipping is rotting his teeth because Weezy had an emergency dental work procedure in which he had numerous root canal surgeries - prompting his dentist to urge him not to travel. And because he couldn't travel he couldn't go to Arizona for his scheduled court appearance. I hope he got a doctor's note.

He was supposed to appear in a Yuma County (Arizona) court, facing a few charges here and there, including:

(1) possession of a narcotic drug for sale.
(2) possession of dangerous drugs.
(3) misconduct involving weapons.
(4) possession of drug paraphernalia.
(5) transportation and/or sale of a narcotic drug.
(6) transportation and/or sale of a dangerous drug.
(7) damn.

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