Wednesday, November 26

Jay-Z To Perform at Obama's Inauguration?

Rumors are circulating that Jigga Man is in talks with Team Obama to grace the stage and bless the mic with a performance at Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration on January 20th, 2009. Hold up. This is epic. No seriously, a rapstar performing at a Presidential Inauguration? Think about that. Did you ever think you would read a sentence like that? If this goes down, Barack Obama will officially be the coolest muthafucker on the face of the planet.

Look, I'm not the biggest jay-Z fan, but I do like his music and appreciate his next-level talent. But this goes beyond just being a fan. The simple fact that Obama would ask Hov to perform shows how in tune with the people our future president really is. He could have asked Bruce Springstein or the Rolling Stones or some other typical legendary performer, but he stays true to himself and despite the possible backlash, he rolls with Jay-Z. This would be a first for hip-hop and a first for the country, and I believe a microcosm of things to come under his tenure in the White House. Obama thinks differently and sees the big picture. He just gets it. Bottom line. This needs to happen. Yes We Can.

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