Wednesday, December 10

[NEW] N.A.S.A. (ft. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li) - "Gifted"

Kanye rapping > Kanye autotuning.

This song would be dope even without Kanye, but his verse solidifies it. The beat is on some Electro Euro-Pop stuff, but it works for me. Sometimes I wanna bounce to that. Don't judge me.

You are probably wondering, "Who the fuck is N.A.S.A.?" Well, N.A.S.A. stands for "North America South America" and they are an international collective of musicians spanning a wide spectrum of musical genres, centered around Squeak E. Clean (Sam Spiegel) and DJ Zegon (Ze Gonzales). They have done crazy collaborations with a bunch of different artists from different genres, like Ol Dirty Bastard, Fatlip, Talib Kweli, Tom Waits, Kool Keith, Talking Heads, Chuck D, and now Kanye West. It's not really hip-hop, but it's far from wack.

DOWNLOAD: N.A.S.A. (ft. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li) - "Gifted"

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