Friday, January 30

Lil Wayne's Tour Demands.

We've all heard stories of rock stars having crazy demands when they perform: a bowl of all green M&Ms, warm ice, KFC, 40 blonde virgins. Well you can add Lil Wayne to the list of musicians who have an outlandish tour rider that lists off ridiculous request after ridiculous request. Who knows if he does this to fuck with promoters, or his head has gotten too big for his own good. Regardless, it's entertaining. Here are some of his demands, as reported by The Smoking Gun, who got their hands on an actual copy of Weezy tour rider. It's not so much that's it weird shit, but outlandish requests that make it seem like his fame has gone to his Codeined up head. To see the entire document, go here. Here are some of the highlights:

-Half his of six-figure fee IN CASH BEFORE the show.

-Demands that he be lodged in the "Presidential Suite" of a "5 star hotel." His room must be at least 1000 square feet, and the living room and bedroom have to be separated by a door.

-Promoters must also be prepared to provide a "chartered Lear JET" for Lil Wayne and his entourage.

-The performer's dressing room needs to be "without oder" and stocked with two bottles of Hennessy cognac ("XO Only!!!"), 2 Liters of Grey Goose, 2 bottles of Patron Platinum. He also requires two bottles of Perrier-Jouet champagne, though his people need to brush up on the spelling of "Perrier."

-As for security, Lil Wayne needs a two-vehicle police escort from the airport, and to and from the hotel and the concert venue.

-Four off-duty cops must accompany him during these travels (while most rappers seek to distance themselves from law enforcement, Lil Wayne describes this rider entry as a "MANDATORY REQUIREMENT!!!").

- While touring overseas, Lil Wayne requires around-the-clock security provided by "FOUR (4) ARMED PERSONNEL."

-He also has a specific sound set up that he requires. He wont just use the shit already installed in the club. If you don't have what he wants, you need to buy it.

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