Tuesday, February 24

[NEW] T-Pain ft. Kanye West - "Flight School"

Wow. I would have never imagined I'd enjoying hearing two guys with fake voices on the same track. Talk about auto-tune overload. But hold up, wait (c) Nate Dogg.

This song is motherfucking crack bananas. The vibe is undeniable. T-Pain keeps is low key (thank God), and Yeezy ditches the auto-tune for his verse (thank Jeebus) but still rocks it on the hook. But here's the thing...auto-tune works in the right atmosphere and on the right track. They nailed this one like Jesus. And I'm hard to please.

[DOWNLOAD] T-Pain ft. Kanye West - "Flight School"

This one falls out of the sky courtesy of Splash who's been on his Robin Hood grind as of late. Pay your respect.

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