Tuesday, March 17

[NEW] U-N-I : "My Life"

When the fellas previewed the upcoming A Love Supreme album for me, this track definitely stood out. First off, the bass line sample is automatically recognizable for any Mobb Deep fan. But they took this to another level. The overall vibe is an uplifting, feel good, heartfelt groove oozing with introspective lyrics. It's beautiful. This is the kind of song that you keep in your rotation for a long, long time. Chicken soup for the soul.

It's crazy to see how far Thurz and Y-O have come from their first album, Fried Chicken & Watermelon. Just last year, Hip Hop Official was one of the first outlets to give these cats shine, as our Artist of the Week last June. This was way before they were on every website and blowing up these here internets. And today, they are one of the hottest groups anywhere. Busta Rhymes shouts them out at concerts. They're taking meeting from record labels. They're about to achieve their dream. Big up, fellas. And you, the fans, will blown away by their upcoming album that drops March 31st. Trust me.

[DOWNLOAD: U-N-I : "My Life"]

And as an added bonus, because I know you all love free shit, here's a video from the Love Supreme sessions with the engineers talking about the making of this specific track. Some good stuff right here.

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